Open Thread

New Rule: All subject lines must now begin with….heh

You may now start slowly and subtly spreading the word… If you have one or two people you want to invite…go ahead!

I am going ‘off the air’ on Saturday afternoon in prep for the move, but if all goes well I will be back on on Monday. Since I won’t be on Dkos much either, I am going to soon change my sig line to Shhhhh….with a link to DD.

ADVISORY! My absence means that neither OTB or I will be around….she gets back on the third. For this reason I AM leery of getting a whole bunch of people here…if for no other reason than only ek will be around to handle any problems. So please do keep it to just a few people that you trust….and hints and rumors!


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  1. srkp23

    good luck with the move, bd. I will begin by just inviting some of my other personalities that feel particularly skittish at teh Orange.

  2. ek hornbeck

    If you have questions that can’t be resolved transparently, try the welcome_new_users at yahoo email listed in my dK profile.

    I’ll try and check in each morning, but I’m not exactly a morning person (who knew?).  Then again at least twice a day and once more before I go to bed (around 3 am Eastern).

    I’m hoping I can get a new scheduling diary with your current commitments up and running by tomorrow and open threads and news as traffic and developments warrant.

  3. Robyn

    I’ve tentatively entitled it Between the Rock and the Hard Streets.  I thinks it’s ready but first I have to make something to eat. :-)

  4. 73rd virgin

    as a form of assholery.  just sayin’.

    anyheh, blessings on your further travels, and ill be where i am if you need anything. 

  5. undercovercalico

    I was just getting itchy for something new, a few recent events have left me frustruated and there is a calico on my lap right now, a sure sign of approval.

  6. Magnifico

    1. When should ‘Four at Four’ run? I can do anytime between 4 EDT and 4 PDT.

    2. How does the publish “On this Date” work? What do I need to get a diary to fire then instead of being published right away?

    3. Are there draft diaries? If so, how do I get those to work.

    I’m just more than a little confused.

  7. pinche tejano

    there is no such thing as free tacos in Mexico.

    1. 73rd virgin

      i guess im gonna need some boots….

  8. kestrel9000

    I gotta do some whoring
    I could use y’all to vote my blog up….go here
    t3h k357r3l thanks you
    it’s been a slow week, and asswipe rightwingers are rating me down….:( I think…..

  9. 73rd virgin

    it closes at night!!

    it would have had to be howard…..nobody else even cares about our small selves, and our paltry electoral votes.  not even biden, and he’s from here!! 

  10. pfiore8

    stick around? but just check in?

    i think one of the proprietors should be around … for front-of-the-house meet and greet

    and if we haven’t gotten your interest… see where i’m going with this?

    also… can we discuss a little tightening up of the page? diaries i think are too wide… need some boundary… and some consistent look on the FP… it’s so chaotic to look at it and try to separate one piece from another

    and when will comments be made collapsable? i do think if you get 100s of commenters, like buhdy, you, Turkana, or OPOL, it’s hard to keep up

    did you happen to look at my e-mails? or do i take it the ideas were so far afield, you weren’t sure how to respond?

  11. buhdydharma

    Thanks for minding the store!

    It looks like Pf8 will be around too…I advise NOT answering her e-mails so you will have company here,…..her asking you to answer her e-mails!

    I would give you the admin account password….but I don’t have it! OTB probably gave it to me since she is all responsible and shit….I just can’t find it!

    I probably left it in my other pants.

  12. srkp23

    did I hallucinate that you are in Delaware? If you are there, you have an awesome candidate for Congress–dK’s very own possum! Jerry Northington … check out his website. Official announcement and roll-out in teh blogosphere next week, but this is a preview!

  13. ek hornbeck

    It’s a yolk.

  14. buhdydharma

    I cant get banned….


    I think…

  15. ek hornbeck


    More like house sitter (dang cats).

    I’ve received your mail but have not yet evaluated it.  Some of your presentation concerns are controls I’m not very familiar with yet, so it’ll take a while to work out which buttons to push.

  16. buhdydharma

    What a treat!

    And ek is talking about watching the cats up above, lol.

    Pull up a ball of yarn and make yerself comfy!

  17. buhdydharma

    As far as scheduling…well….ek is going to take a stab at that to it looks like!

    I have to run, but be assured…we are all just as confused as you!

  18. ek hornbeck

    Not sure, I’ll have to get back to you.

    Timed Diaries-

    Select the publish on this date button and set the time and date.  All times Pacific.

    That should work.  I’ve seen it work.

    If 4 EDT is as soon as you can, it is what it is.  I was thinking Pacific lunch time would be perfect.

  19. pfiore8

    easy as pie!

    i say road test the timed diary feature, just to BE sure it works…

  20. undercovercalico

    Even though I did not hear much chatter, I am not suprised either. Does somebody get to come into the stadium with a lighted torch to celebrate the upcoming festivites?

  21. ek hornbeck

    How much more do I need?

  22. 73rd virgin

    give you a ‘goose egg’ for that one…

    but i gave you a 4, even though they hurt a lot more on the way out.  damn, that was gross even  by my standards.  damn, i have standards???

  23. 73rd virgin

    so powerful that even he could be banned from it???

    one of life’s eternal questions….

  24. Robyn

    …in Las Cruces on Decemeber 31, 1967.  That would be at the end of the story I just posted.

  25. srkp23

    to help out Jerry … perhaps we can meet in the flesh and do a little canvassing! :)

  26. 73rd virgin

    i usually only take her to the parade and fair type public events….the door-to-door stuff can get a little intense!!

    my email is in my profile here and at dk.  let me know when/if youll be in the area…im always willing…sadly, not always able..

  27. Magnifico

    I was liking the ‘Four at Four’ title because it helps keep the size from getting out of hand like OND is now. So the title is really my gating factor on when I’d like to post. I figured if 4 was in the title, then I’d be forced to keep it short and couldn’t make exceptions.

    Also, how long of a ‘dead time’ on the front page will there be before and after it posts before another fp diary posts? Is there an ideal pacing for fp posting?

  28. ek hornbeck

    Now THAT would one up Theoria.

  29. ek hornbeck

    we’ve been working on it-


    I get your point.  My intial idea is 3, but 3 is too few stories.

    The rule of thumb is 2 hours between FP posts, don’t tromp on somebody scheduled, stick around for 90 minutes.

    With mulligans.

  30. ek hornbeck

    maybe 3 is just an open thread.

    The other weighty argument was JaP’s that there should be a paper in the morning.  He says it’s the best thing on ET.

  31. Magnifico

    I just looked at the schedule and it looks like you want news at 7:30 AM Pacific! There isn’t anyway I could help with news at that time.

    EuroTrib’s news salon comes up at the same time OND goes up… and about 1/3 of the readership is American. So, ET gets some Americans and the Europeans waking up and posting at the same time. It works for the site.

    What might be an idea is just have news be a section like “Recommended Essays”, just have a section that is ‘The News’ or something and not have it sit on the front page. Then let people, post short news alerts– sort of like MyDD’s Breaking Blue, but for general news? I don’t know, I like editorial filters.

    What I do know is mornings Pacific is time to sleep for me.

  32. ek hornbeck

    Sleep is sleep and what I’d do is set it up after OND for timed morning publishing without expectation of tending.

    Mid afternoon is good for 4 x 4 because you have the day’s major developments pre-6:30 Eastern Network evening news.

  33. melvin

    How come my diary displays wacko in IE – as if align right doesn’t work, although it’s fine in firefox.

  34. pinche tejano

    It’s their version of there’s no free lunch.

  35. ek hornbeck

    Definitely there though, so you’re not seeing things.

  36. Magnifico

    Try getting rid of the align=”right” in the tables. I think then, it should display better.

  37. melvin

    Don’t know why that got left in there anyway.

  38. pfiore8

    i’m just saying because some how that brings me right back to wide stance…


  39. pfiore8

    hola hello dag

    good to see you!

  40. buhdydharma

    But will try to make a big splash with the launch on the sixth.

  41. melvin

    I can’t. Have had this trouble elsewhere too.

  42. pfiore8

    i will go look at mine and get back to you

    i think we’re the only ones here melvin

    hey, do you cats/dogs/both?

  43. pfiore8

    so i hit delete and then save… and sure enough, it said it had  been deleted, but when i went back the little bugger was still there…

    but the original draft i saved 10 minutes before was NOT there…go figure

  44. 73rd virgin

    ‘i would totally stick my foot into jon soltz’s bathroom stall’ would knock ‘i would totally have jon soltz’s baby’ right off the rec list…;)

    i made a dkos comment today about my sorely narrow stance.  i think i have stance envy…

  45. pfiore8

    from keep in your pants

    to the wide stance?

    and my goodness… what is it with  you and Jon Soltz? i told you i have the yenta thing going on… do i need to call that man and intro you both?

    cause you know… i just want you to be happy

    are we going to have a private space to gather? i’d love to show you how cute my dutchman is… maybe i’ll do it before the traffic starts here… i did ask ek if we could delete comments… i have tried to delete my draft diary, but no go…

  46. undercovercalico

    free coffee, or an invite to somewhere shiny and new.

  47. pfiore8

    of a diiary for us when we launch… with your moonshine jar!

  48. 73rd virgin

    its something i say all the time in rl.  but ek had to go and make a whole ‘thing’ out of my comment…so i threw the bathroom stall thing in there as a joke.

    as a matter of fact, i think “toe taps” would be a great subject line for a tip jar.  😉

    the admins may end up with a private space…hell, they may have one already…but participating in something like that smacks of effort, and im decidedly anti-effort.  😉 

    but my email addy is on my profile if you ever have something you want to say to me that you dont want public.

    oh, and there’s always something like photobucket.  if you put a pic in pb, the pic will disappear from your comment if you delete it from photobucket.  or, thats the way its SUPPOSED to work.

  49. Robyn
  50. pfiore8

    my dutchman loves mine…

    so i’ll use that… i knew you’d find the perfect thing

    btw… i canvassed for Howard Dean… in… Wilmington!!!!

    cute little city..

  51. 73rd virgin

    it closes at night!!

    it would have had to be howard…..nobody else even cares about our small selves, and our paltry electoral votes.  not even biden, and he’s from here!! 

  52. 73rd virgin

    i have to go put it where it belongs…

    no more commenting before coffee!!!

  53. pfiore8

    “i care…”

    love Howard… and hated how we turned on him … the scream… give me a big break!

    we can be soooooo stupid, can’t we???

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