So Today’s The Big Day!

Time to start making our marks.

We look sharp, time to be sharp.

When I think about blogging as art I see it as halfway between a Magazine and a TV Channel.  You have an audience for the Gilmore Girls and when they tune in they expect to see it.

But also a Community blog is a team effort, the kind of artistry you see on a Baseball Diamond between 9 people who love the game they play.  Sort of a dance, but competitive.

First day of the season.  Home opener.  Score is nothing nothing and anything can happen.

That said I expect we’ll get our asses kicked and be cleaning up the mess for weeks, but I love this game.

It’s a long season, 162 games at least.  I’m not disappointed in the talent, but we’ve never played together before and you can only expect miscommunication and errors.

It’s all good.

As we learn together we will get stronger as a team.  Pretty soon we’ll be turning those double plays and figure out where the bumps in the field are.  We have the pitching to succeed and the bullpen to close.

Now we just have to start scratching out the runs.

The Batting Order

If you are a Contributing Editor and not signed up at the Admin site yet please do so now.

Contributing Editors without accounts yet-

* breathingstill
* Cronesense
* Jay Elias
* jillian
* ksh01
* noweasels
* occams hatchet
* pinche tejano
* pyrrho
* theevolutionarysieve
* Unitary Moonbat

The way we schedule is like this.  You go to the Admin site and select Scheduling Dharma.  Then select the day you want to post, up to a week in advance.

If you have Admin abilities, you should be able to edit the main post directly.  I can, but then again I set it up so maybe my magical abilities are not a relection of reality.  You can always do what everyone else does-

Leave a message and reserve a time.


Conflicts?  Duke it out.


Please read the Admin Blog Scheduling Dharma before you post to the Front Page.  It’s more for your benefit than anything else.  Someone with a scheduled time is going to drive you down.


Please read Scheduling (Revolutions) for more detailed explanations.

Also remember there are Mulligans to mix a metaphor.  If you can’t do what you said you could, just let us know.  Someone will cover, we have a deep bench.

From Scheduling (Revolutions)


Occasionally you will have compelling content that can’t wait.  You’ll crush someone’s 15 minute old masterpiece like a bug.

If you have a problem getting knocked down the list a notch I suggest a gentler hobby, like Fight Club.  On the other hand we have our rules and persistent violations can result in suspension.  A proper golfer knows when to pick it up and walk to the next tee.

Not that you should delete in deferment, you should just take your lumps.

Welcome to a Bright New Day

I’m excited about this project.  I think we have every chance of creating something special and I’m not going to let temporary challenges stand in my way.  And there will be some, I expect today to be tough all over.

Be of good cheer.  Nobody’s better than you.


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  1. pfiore8

    beautiful day here just a wee bit north and west of manhattan…

    what do you need from us today? anything special? let me know…

    and { { { ek } } } & { { { OTB } } } for the intensive amount of work you both did to make us look soooooooo good on opening day

    thanks guys… and geez… what a day we’ll have

  2. aek all over

    Breaking virtual bottle of champagne over my laptop to christen the launch….

    To the USS DocuDharma! Smooth seas!

  3. andgarden

    and away from the computer for most of the day. Let’s see something good happen!

  4. Robyn
  5. undercovercalico

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    I don’t know what I am doing, where I am going, or how I will get there, but details like that have never stopped me from marrying chaos with charm.

    Am I still doing the pony party thing? When? What do I gotta do to to be an auto erotic publisher? Can somebody please tape up my mouth?

    Going to bed soon then back to work. Call me the super prole.

  6. buhdydharma

    (he said)

    Something on for today, then? Some big dust up or to do? Why don’t you TELL me about these things Holmes?

    Oh, yes….quite right, I remember now!

  7. On The Bus

    PLAY BALL!!!

  8. Shaharazade

    slightest idea what I am doing here , love it want to contribute, thanks to my favorites ever, will be back forever. Thanks so this is where you have been!

  9. Shaharazade

    I can with my Luddite skills give Budhy a pony.

  10. ek hornbeck

    Have you discovered the hidden mysteries of the Turing Test yet?

    Share them through secure channels only, with people you trust.

  11. On The Bus

    I’ve been up since 5 am.  Jumping up and down in excitement.  The suspense is killing me.  I’m so glad buhdy moved up the launch time. 

    & thanks pf8! You are the life of the party here. So warm, peppy and full of ideas.  Smiles and hugs for you…{{{pfiore8}}}

  12. aek all over

    for Pony Parties:

    Thundering Herd (Heard)

  13. pfiore8

    i have NO idea really what you mean… should i go to the forum or is this just lack-of-sleep mystery talk…

    and 73rd has really cute one for 9am… i have noon done… not 6pm yet…

    what pray tell is the Turing Test… is that a test question to check to see if i read each and every one of your news items (cause i didn’t)…

  14. LoE

    That’s the name I like, anyhow.

  15. ek hornbeck

    I expect budhy is sleeping the sleep of the just and will properly ban me for breaking the news.

    Still… this is the show.  Best to put one on.

  16. ek hornbeck

    When it breaks on dK it’s broken.

  17. pfiore8

    Thundering Heard… really like that one

    ek, what do you think? hey 73rd… i’m sure you’ll pop in here too… how does that strike you?

    it’s kind of poetic…

  18. buhdydharma
  19. Robyn

    …to Watch this space.

  20. exmearden

    has an announcement-type front page post to go at that time?

    (question also asked in forum)

  21. ek hornbeck

    with permission, for people to share for autoposting and to avoid community Essays piling up in their history

    The name is Turing Test.

    If you go to the Admin site you’ll find the password in the Backroom and you can share it with discretion.

  22. pfiore8

    you’re really great to do this… and we can have some wonderful screen names and perspectives up on this site

    well done!

  23. LoE

    Mine dK sig is getting stale.  Been thinking I need a new one.  Might as well do so in the meantime, too, as an interim measure.

    Done.  It says:  “Something new”

  24. aek all over

    Twas brillig before, and twill be brillig only moreso.

    Blessings on your new sandbox.  Brought you some shiny new pails and shovels for your homewarming! First scoop is on me!

  25. Zwoof

    what time amigo? 

  26. Robyn

    Oh, time is on my side, yes it is
    Time is on my side, yes it is
    You’re searching for good times
    But just wait and see

    Space-time happened…or will have done.

  27. buhdydharma


    Tougher to make it onto the reclist then, so we will need all hands on deck, but that it when it will get the most eyeballs.

    And Eyeballs are the name of the game.

    I love the smell of Mermen in the morning!

  28. buhdydharma
  29. buhdydharma

    we don’t get clumps!

  30. aek all over

    Be vewwy, vewwy kwiet.  Itth a sekwet weppun.

  31. Robyn

    Overture, curtain, lights!
    This is it. The night of nights.
    No more rehearsing or nursing a part.
    We know every part by heart!

    Overture, curtain, lights!
    This is it.
    We’ll hit the heights!
    And oh, what heights we’ll hit!
    On with the show, this is it!

    Tonight what heights we’ll hit!
    On with the show, this is it!

  32. melvin
  33. 73rd virgin

    as in, how does it “strike” me…keeping up with the metaphor..

    and im so frigging short i hardly get a called strike….i barely have a strike zone…

    but i like it.  ‘herd’, or ‘heard’?  either one looks good.  and, while i dont mind burning my essay for open threads, etc (sac fly, lets say), i think once the ‘turing test’ id catches on, people will know its ‘the open thread’ no matter if we change the name from time to time.

  34. 73rd virgin

    looks like you have a p/p to go with your own id??

    i’d like to do tomorrow’s am version tonite..and ill probably use turing test even though i dont need to…cause ek went to the trouble and all…

    should we stick with ‘pony party’?  if we do…i was thinking that the thundering heard/herd could be for action diaries sometime down the line…but i also like ‘t/h’ for the open thread…

    since we’re ‘your crew’ (ek delegates like a pro, doesnt he?)…what do you think?

    im cut/pasting this into a private message on ddadmin too…

  35. On The Bus

    noon Pacific / 3 PM eastern

    make sure you rec his diary on DKos too.

  36. pfiore8

    why thanks OTB…

  37. exmearden

    I can’t wait!

    Well, I can, but you know what I mean.

  38. pfiore8

    or maybe 73rd has a good idea::: it should be reserved for your action diaries or maybe the name of your FP timeslot… what do you think boss??? it fits you…

    i think it’s too good a name for the recent diary list…

    and truth? damn it, i’ve grown accustomed to the name… of pony party

    ek… don’t say a word!!!

  39. exmearden

    Put me in coach, I’m ready to play…

  40. pfiore8

    and I think this is also about personality and when people start connecting you with your great comments and thread bare (still no FP spot… boo hoo!!!)… they’ll also go to your pony party

    but then ek is right too… do you want to have your diary list overrun by these?

    i think you should put your name somewhere on it… even though you don’t tend it…

    know what i mean?

  41. 73rd virgin

    i think you should put your name somewhere on it… even though you don’t tend it…


    just let me know what you decide….

  42. ek hornbeck

    All the old school things work here.

    It’s like an HTML playground.

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