Happy Mother’s Day

Sorry that i cant embed this video

(click it…watch it….you know you want to)

It’s of an ABC news report about Ashley White, one of seven middle school spellers who were featured in the documentary ‘Spellbound’.  The film followed seven of the competitors in the national spelling bee, and Ashley represented the ‘pure (and poor) talent’, without the means to receive the type of education or tutoring the other competitors had.

Between her time in the bee and the release of the movie, Ashley’s ambitions were tabled as she pursued an alternate life course.  The release of the movie helped inspire her to re-focus on her previous goals.

Happy Mother’s Day, Ashley!!  and everyone!!


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  1. undercovercalico

    terrific movie.

    Oh. And your flyers are up two now.

    Did you have fun at the musical outing?

  2. RiaD

    kisshugs to the virginettes♥~

  3. kj

    73!  :-)

  4. 73rd virgin

    which is why i was interested in this news vid in the first place…and i thought it was a sweet sentiment for mother’s day…

    my flyers?  they play tonite…and theyre down 1.  the wings are up 2…

    geez..we had so much fun yesterday i dont even know how to describe it.  turns out thing2 does like roller coasters (which, actually, is probably the best mothers day gift i could have gotten 😉  but she was too scared to try the really tall one.  oh, well…

    the boys were fun, half of the girls were awesome, and the other half of the girls threatened all day to ruin everyone’s good time…but we stayed on top of that 😉  the weather was great, the park wasnt crowded, the performances gave me goosebumps, and we took advantage of the lack of lines while everyone else was at the awards ceremony to ride 4 things in a half-hour span….so i dont know if we won anything 😉

  5. pfiore8

    dear 73rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. undercovercalico

    intended to say Detriot. Sad since I watched the game.

  7. 73rd virgin

    go watch the video.  happy mothers day ashley!!

    or…thanks, pf8

  8. 73rd virgin

    hope it was a good one…

  9. 73rd virgin


  10. kj

    has spent most of the day gracing me with her furry self on my lap, or legs, actually.  since i’ve been on-line most of the day, she figured that was the least she could do for me.  

    ah, the joys of cat motherhood.  i feel complete!  LOL

  11. RiaD

    awesome girl!

    i’d not seen spellbound but had heard of it….

    thanks for this 73

    great story!

  12. Alma

    Animals do count too!  

    Today I called my SIL, who doesn’t have children, and told her the last time I was over, her animals asked me to call her and tell her Happy Mothers Day from them.  She has several rabbits, a guinea pig, a cat and I think a crab.  And on top of that all the neighborhood stray animals that come to her house, including skunks and raccoons.

  13. 73rd virgin

    if i allow that detroit being up 2-0 bodes well for my western conference pick, that might suggest that pittsburgh being up 2-0 bodes well for them…and i just cant do that!!

    ill let you know after game 3 if i think the flyers have a chance.  home ice dictates the matchups, and pitt definitely took advantage…we’ll see what happens in philly…

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