Lasthorseman Presents Believe It Or Not

Precursor Googles

Anomalies of Denver International Airport

Alex Jones “Endgame”

Project Eschelon

If nothing else it’s far more entertaining than any episode of “24”.…

Perhaps I am only sitting here conversing with the guys in sublevel 5 sector five( Hi guys) but seriously I can in fact stay on the Apocalyptic horse, and yes I have noticed the continuous unexplainable whizzing of the hard drive on the computer I am typing this message on right now.

Even if Benjamin Fulford is a total ruse the number of people not accepting the computer generated Sim City paradigms is increasing.

Yes, I know even for this place this post is alot.


    • RiaD on May 19, 2008 at 4:32 am

    i will watch them all tomorrow when i have the capacity to take in what deagle is saying….looks very very interesting so far


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