Not ready to “Make Nice”

The music is easy music but the underlying motivation for having posted it is one of great unease.

JeffLieber opined on DD that it is our own fault we have no influence on government.

THEY are avoiding us because they simply do not think that we — the FAR LEFT — can be reasoned with.

THEY believe, and somewhat rightly so, that we are much more interested in clinging to our self-righteous fury then in being able to manage our disappointments and seeking compromise so they show up when its time for the cash or the grass-roots jolt of energy and then disappear when it comes time to legislate.

THEY believe we are the extremists, no more “reality based” than those at Little Green Footfungus because every slight seems to wipe away YEARS of good governance on issues we care about.

I will counter below, as OPOL did brilliantly in his own counter-essay. I’ll let his delineation of the crimes stand. He said it perfectly, and spoke for me on that account.

We have to deal with these guys…and not by making nice with them.  These people are dangerous.  Our laws are meant to protect us from people like this, and we need to see that they do.  This is no time to look the other way.

Do I want truth and reconciliation?  No sir!  I want trials and convictions.  We can talk about reconciliation after we’ve settled a few accountability issues.  How about someone taking responsibility for a change?

The video will tell you I’m not ready to make nice either.

I want to start backwards with the last sentence I quoted from Jeff.

THEY believe we are the extremists, no more “reality based” than those at Little Green Footfungus because every slight seems to wipe away YEARS of good governance on issues we care about.

Seems to?

Did not a sweep of a pen just shatter years of hard earned environmental laws created painstakingly to protect our lands?

Did not the Bushites wreak havoc on CONSTITUTIONAL law, making Habeas Corpus, fair trials and torture all the exact opposite of their intent?

These are not “slights” and if objecting to the dissembling of the very Laws of this Land is seen as extremist, then the converse must be true. It is Patriotic to allow the Law of the Land to be abolished.

I see not why any thinking person would buy into that framing.

Who owns the framing? Whomever owns the Media. Who owns the Media? Mostly rich elitists with far-right agendas that support amassing power for themselves and convincing the People it is in their own interests to support them in that quest. They have made it treasonous to uphold the Constitution.

One has to understand that the far right has been angry with us far longer than we have been angry with them. From “dirty hippies” in the 60’s for wanting out of an unwinnable invasion to everything the Coulters and Limbaughs have spewed these last dozen years, they rage at us.

So, while I understand there is no love gained by calling them racists and homophobes, the fact remains that we cannot convert racists and homophobes by playing nice. Hate does not convert by platitudes.

I do agree that acting for change is more than name-calling and self-righteous anger. But anger and righteousness is definitely where it begins.

I do not believe for a moment they show up for the money during elections and abandon us in legislating because we cannot be dealt with.

They do it because there is even more money to be made in legislating in the interests of those with the deepest pockets.

The ONLY way to stop that, is to NEVER re-elect anyone who changes their colors with their voting record, no matter what their pretty rhetoric and snazzy ads may say.

The only way to preserve any semblance of government is to remember we are self-governed.

We could all be carrying daisies and singing Kumbaya, and they would still not deal with us.

It isn’t about the anger, as Molly Ivans always said, “Follow the Money!”

We need our anger, for anger means we recognize the truth about wrongs being done to us, and wrongs being done in our name. Anger motivates us to not be complicit by inaction.

It does take more than anger though, it takes a commitment to being heard, and offering reasoned solutions. It takes the fortitude to stand up and keep the pressure on our government, and make real the threat of withholding our votes from those who do not “work” for us.

….and sometimes it takes Revolution.

For slaves cannot “Make Nice” with their owners no matter how hard they try.

People should not fear their Government, the Government should fear its People.



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  1. Diane G

    from WWL as my “Sunday Morning Over Uneasy” thread.

    Its usually “Over Easy” and a reflectional music selection… but I will not go easy into this dark night.

  2. Edger

    I’ve been saying this for years, and even the “far left”, which is a little bit to the right of me, thinks that I should be more “moderate” and “compromising” and… and… “pragamatic” in other words. Well, screw that. “moderate” and “compromising” and “pragamatic” are synonyms for excuse making and wanting to be liked.

    People should not fear their Government, the Government should fear its People.

    The government should be fucking terrified of people. And it is. Which is why it does everything it can do to spin and manipulate and lie to people. It’s not that complicated, when we think about it a little, is it?

  3. NLinStPaul

    that offers only outrage on the one hand and being nice on the other is a false choice.

    That’s why I really agree with what you said here

    It does take more than anger though, it takes a commitment to being heard, and offering reasoned solutions.

    How about smart persistent anger?

  4. Youffraita

    YELL LOUDER! as buhdy says.  Also thanks for that video, but I’m still fondest of the live one, from the Grammys:

  5. Diane G

    I was trying to make in my “Simple Math” series.

    We really DO have all the Power, they know it, we just keep forgetting it via brainwashing.

  6. Shaharazade

    as the so called left falls for it over and over and all it get them is empty tables and Elmer Gantries on the podium. Strange to me that this is called pragmatic. Their is no need to make nice to these rat bastards, they should not be running around loose let alone in office or on the public stage. Accepting and believing that this is necessary is both cowardly and stupid as it never works.

  7. Edger

    I think a lot of us just walk around with our eyes closed and refuse to see what’s right in front of our noses a lot of the time.

    The unseen lies…

    “In dictatorships we are more fortunate that you in the West in one respect. We believe nothing of what we read in the newspapers and nothing of what we watch on television, because we know its propaganda and lies. Unlike you in the West. We’ve learned to look behind the propaganda and to read between the lines, and unlike you, we know that the real truth is always subversive.”

  8. Diane G

    even if we understand there are lies, people generally fear change.

    I cannot count the times bloggers on other sites have told me to be more positive, and that “It’ll all work out fine”.

    I do, personally, have to take short respites from the endless negativity, and recharge in nature… but them fueled by that I come back even more determined to fight back.

    Most people are too short sited to understand that their enslavement will not come in an obvious fell swoop, but rather like a slow erosion. Its easy to let the little things slide until you have no little things left.

    And thats right about where we are now, that wake up point.

    Bread lines.

  9. Diane G


  10. Diane G

    while exploiting our better natures, while never intending the return of favor.

    Well said Shaharazade.

    They are the terrorists, the neo-cons.

    They have made us in terror in our own land.

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