Aug 24

1 Million Strong Against our SOCIALIST Fire Departments

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If you’re on Facebook, you’ve got to check out this group:….

For too long now, fire departments across the United States have been socialist organizations, resulting in taxes on the American people.

FACT: Most Americans never use the socialized services of the fire department. The Obama administration has been very clear about keeping the status quo when it comes to taxpayer-funded fire departments.

It is time to open the fire department up to private industry. We have the best fire departments in the world in the US, but that doesn’t mean that anyone (even non-US citizens) should be able to dial up and have fires put out, etc. There are private companies (Halliburtion, Etc.) who could step in tomorrow and take over every fire department in America and charge the consumer directly.


“Better DEAD than fire truck RED.”

-member D.J. Hostettler

Please tell everyone you know about this group!

This is awesome.   Let’s spread this far and wide!


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    • Inky99 on August 24, 2009 at 3:01 am

    some of them are really hilarilous

  1. the mega millions

    and with those winnings start the foundation of truth

    but it’s too far gone for that

    I don’t have a Farcebook account

    Instead of winning the lottery

    I win the sociopath trifecta

    And patiently await

    The needles of October

    Should my rant be quaint

    Or not totally straight

    Then this would be great

    Meaning I am no saint

    Even now we stand for nothing

    Not torture, not rule of law, not history or common sense but from mere utterances of words or sequences of words I can tell you are bent, your are not me or my kind so you must be sent.

    Come to attention. Click your heels together like the Nazis did.  Cover your upper lip with the two fingers of your right hand and smile, mocking that second anti-christ dictator and all the pain he caused for in the grand timelines of humanity his reign lasted only a short time.  My this current evolution of his tactics also end very soon.

    • RUKind on August 24, 2009 at 5:11 am

    I recall a story about one in VA or NC or SC that charged residents for coverage. There was a much publicized story where someone who refused to pay had the fire dept show up to watch his house burn to the ground while making sure the fire didn’t spread to any paying customers.

    It should be out there somewhere.

    Don’t forget the socialist cops, parole officers and prison guards.

    Socialist teachers, too. And the property taxes for schools!!! Why should childless people have to pay property taxes for schools?

    God bless aMErica.

    • Edger on August 24, 2009 at 5:53 am

    …that all roads everywhere in America should be toll roads operated by friends of Max Baucus, with Goldman Sachs employees staffing the toll booths.

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