Oh-oh, Lady Libertine in trouble?

Comment on LL’s account…

Hubbie here, Lady MOT is out of touch due to surgery. More later, prayers please.

That’s all we know, so wing those good thoughts and prayers out posthaste, maniacs!

On Dragons Wing…



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  1. Nightprowlkitty

    May you have a complete healing … and thank you to LL hubbie for letting us know!

  2. Diane G

    I carry you in my heart even more than usual today!!!

  3. MinistryOfTruth

    Prayers and best woshes to you, M’Lady.

  4. Joy B.

    …headed your way, sunshine, fresh air, playful deer, indigo buntings, virtuoso larks and prayers, Lady. I’ve seen them work miracles.

  5. crystaljim

    Be well, Be strong  

  6. CrustyPolemicist

    To let her know that a good person needs the protection of her mantle.  

  7. Edger

    for a complete, quick, & uncomplicated recovery, LL. Get well soon!

  8. TomP
  9. Alma

    Just focus on getting better. We’ll keep the work going here until you return. Heck we’ll even keep it going after you return.  Wouldn’t want you to have to do it all. 😉

  10. tahoebasha3

    your surgery.  Heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery!  Hugs!

    Some ponies for you!

  11. randgrithr

    Feel better soon, LL. We NEED you!!!

  12. Rusty1776

    I miss you and hope you feel better soon.



  13. davidseth

    May you be well.

  14. Knucklehead

    Don`t scare me/us like this.

    I will send a healing White Light to surround you, & protect you.

    We await your healthy return.

  15. Shaharazade

    we all send you healing energy. Your spirit is strong and you energy is full of love and light. Get well and come back with your torch held high. Love to you, your an inspiration.

  16. Something The Dog Said

    We need you round these parts!  

  17. mint julep


  18. dharmasyd





  19. Ekaterin

    I hope to see you back here SOON!  

  20. lezlie

    may the forces of the Universe come to your aid.

  21. Underdog
  22. bubbanomics

    thinking of you and wishing you well (and soon).

  23. Joy B.

    HEY, HUBBY!!! Still sending prayers. Any news?

  24. serendipity

    strength and peace for her husband at this stressful time.  Prayers and best wishes being sent their way.  

  25. Knucklehead

    Yes Is it possible to get an update on the situation.

    For “hubby” all my best wishes.

    In the meanwhile your ‘smiling’ little girl needs special reassuring attention.

  26. Night Owl

    U2 hubby.

  27. Lady Libertine

    Thank you so much for all the thoughts & prayers.

    I’m home now from hospital, sister typing as I dictate; I suffered two broken wrists!    Ok except for wrists. Had surgery yesterday, good drugs, crappy nurses aids.  Great to be home, will catch up in next day or two – a lot to read!

    Sorry hubbie scared you, what a nut.  I fell, not car wreck.

  28. Heather

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I wonder if this stuff really works. lol

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