We must GET RID of Harry Reid at ANY cost in 2010, and we need YOUR help Kos

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    I submit this for the approval and enjoyment of my fellow Dharma Bums as a challenge, not just to Kos, but to each and every Progressive in our nation. It is time to stop bitching about Harry Reid. It is time to do something about him politically.

    So what are you gonna do?

With Love,


By At All Costs I mean POLITICALLY of course.

Not just Kos, we need everyone”s help, but I address this directly to Kos, among others whose aid we will need to pull this off.

    Republican filibuster? Democrats have 60 voters. There is no Republican filibuster, just a Democratic one. The problem is Reid’s inability to keep his caucus together. His office can’t even be honest about Reid’s leadership failures. Fucking liars.

    I’ll take a Chuck Schumer-run Senate with 57 Democrats (bye bye Reid, Lieberman, and Lincoln) than a Harry Reid-run one with 75 Democrats.

by Kos

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     I need your help, Kos. Are you tired of Reid? Really? Then help me do something about it.

     How I propose to take down Harry Reid and an open dialogue below the fold.

    I need your help, Kos, because your voice can reach farther than mine, and you have greater power than I do. I want to politically DESTROY Harry Reid in 2010, I want to defeat him and send a message to the spineless Bush enabliing Conservative coddling excuse making Senate that THIS COULD BE YOU, and I need more than just your help, Kos, I need all the help I can get.

    Harry Reid CAN NOT be Too Big To FAIL. He has FAILED enough already. For the sake of the Progressive Movement, for the sake of America, we MUST GET RID OF HARRY REID

    Why we MUST take down Harry Reid is obvious. To put it short, he sucks ass, but the more precise reason is that Harry Reid is giving away the 2008 elections by giving power to Republicans that they would not have in an attempt to make excuses. Why does Harry Reid need excuses, because he is a corrupt bastard and a horrible leader, and the Democratic party would be waaaaaay better off without him.

    Though I am no expert, I propse 3 ideas to start with on how to get rid of Harry F#$king Reid.

1.    GOTV/Phonebank in Nevada AGAINST Harry Reid.

     I believe the ENTIRE Netroots and Democratic party should kill two birds with one stone and GOTV against Sen. Ensign AND Harry Reid at the same time. Both are corrupt, both do NOT represent their constituents and neither of them arre fit for office any longer. Tell Nevada voters to dump them both. I admit the fact that I suck at 11 sided chess but I am awesome at the 2 sided kind, and like any good chess player I understand that sometimes a loss is a win. Therefore, I agree with Kos when he says I’d rather have 57 Dems and Schumer in charge, and since Dems outnumber Republicans in Nevada by a robust 100,000+,  I think we should appeal to these Nevada Democratic voters that it is vital to the future of our party that we DUMP HARRY FU#$ING REID.

    2.      Fund Campaign ads by Democrats AGAINST Harry Reid

A hat tip to DKos user waydownsouth for this diary from yesterday, titled Must-See Ad from Nevada questioning Reid’s strength

    Donate to maintain these ads with Act Blue here

    This is just one example of what we need to do to OUST Harry Reid from his Senate seat and his position as Senate Majority Leaner.

3.     Contact your Senator and tell them to DUMP HARRY REID

     I will not tell you what to say to your Senator about Harry Reid, I just want you to call your Senators and tell them what you really think about Harry Reid.

     I will suggest that you tell your Senator you want Harry Reid OUT as Majority Leader, and I leave it to you to suggest a replacement.

     Contact your Senator here

    Timid, weak, corrupt or just F#$king It Up On Purpose, for these reasons and more we must GET RID of Harry Reid and MAKE SURE he DOES NOT win re-election in 2010. I DO NOT suggest donating to his Republican challenger. I DO NOT suggest helping the Republicans in this race anymore than necessary, but we MUST get rid of Harry Reid in order to send a message to this Senate and the Democratic party, as well as the Republicans, that We The People are NOT to be trifled with.

    For the sake of the Progressive Movement and our Nation,l I urge every last one of you who read this to imagine a Senate lead by anyone other than Harry Reid, and then I urge you to do something about it.

    As for me, I think we should urge every Democrat in Nevada to vote out BOTH of their Senators. We may lose Harry’s seat, but we will gain a new, better leader in our party. If anyone has a better idea, please, feel free to share it, but I think that, barring a primary that can be won, we must urge voters to vote FOR whatever Republican that challenges Harry Reid for his seat.

    It is too late to fix this relationship. It is time to say good bye to Senator Harry Reid. Good bye and Good Riddance.

    And we need your help, Kos. You and everyone else.

Thank you,


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  1. MinistryOfTruth

    now who can help me do this?

  2. TMC

    but you are going to get flamed at DK for even suggesting that a Republican would be better that Reid who probably is a DINO. I’ll try to be around to help you out over there but i am running out of patience with the place. I’m only commenting to maintain TU status, to help out you and a few others.

     If we can’t primary Reid out of office the least that the Democratic Caucus should do is remove him as Majority Leader. He has been totally ineffective. They need to stop making excused for him.

  3. cassiodorus

    your diary really does bring out the hard Orange Right — you’ve got Seneca Doane and dvogel001 (who btw does not believe that ecology is a science) arguing hard against you… note the general scare tactic they use: “The Republicans will win in 2010!”  When in doubt, scream and shout, run around in circles, panic.

  4. Allison In Seattle

    any different to replace him with.

    Nor do I think the elites would let anything different happen.

    I now think it’s all bread and circuses, while they vacuum money upwards, and most sadly, ignore global warming/ le crise planetaire.

    Couple years ago I’d have been right with you, working hard. Now I think the deck is stacked, and will pass.

    Non-profits will be getting my energy now. And plenty of it. And my garden.

  5. fake consultant

    …replacing reid is not going to resolve the problem here.

    to really get at the problem, consider max baucus. he is raising millions without the assistance of the democratic fundraising apparatus–in fact, he raises surplus money for that apparatus.

    so, how does any senate majority leader compel him to vote on any issue if he doesn’t want to?

    the common answer would be that the leader could remove a senator from a committee chairmanship–but if several senators fail to go along, and reid tries to get too aggressive with all of them, he may well be replaced…by the democratic senatorial caucus.

    dodd, kerry, harkin, and rockefeller would likely all run against reid if given the chance, and each likely knows it; this suggests to me that there won’t be any particularly assertive movements coming from any probable leader in the future, either.

    in fairness, reid might really be taking the hit for a corrupt campaign financing system that’s beyond his ability to fix (after all, baucus isn’t so much against reform, i suspect, but simply bought up). if this is true, replacing reid won’t make a lot of difference.

    i would encourage you to look to this larger issue for an answer–otherwise i think you may end up just as frustrated if reid is replaced.

  6. stellaroo

    we can send all the Obama  teams from  California who swamped Nevada for months because we had CA in the bag! Hell, I can think of hundreds of people who would do it if we got the word out.

    This crook has to go down!  

  7. MinistryOfTruth

    but thanks for the support love.

    There is NO CHANCE of primarying Reid, and writing letters to the other Senators feels good, but does nothing, so I say we appeal to the NV Dems and tell them to LET REID FAIL.

    But If you can come over to the diary at Orange and help out, I’d appreciate it


  8. TMC

    the “best” of the Obama cheerleaders. Just ignore them and don’t get into a pissing match wit a skunk. I love LBJ. Primarying Reid out was not really ever an option. He may lose to one of the Republicans anyway. I lurking. BTW I have the links to Reid’s connections to Abramoff

    Abramoff Reports to Prison; Officials Focus on Reid, Others

    Democrats Also Got Tribal Donations

  9. TMC

    there seems to be quite a few who share your view. Just don’t get into it any further with the rr guy, he is a robot, he lost his argument when he started with the teabagger comparisons.

  10. pfiore8

    but most of the Dem leadership. i’ve been advocating this for a few years. it became apparent shortly after 2006 elections that we elected kinder gentler vampires.

    but vampires, none-the-less.

  11. MinistryOfTruth

    If we can not hold even Harry Fucking Reid accountable, what is to stop the Dems from becoming the R’s without the racism and stupidity?

    I have an idea for a diary “If Dem voters can’t grow a SPINE, do NOT expect much from your Political Leaders”

    I am getting really fed up with the Obama = Unquestionable Fearless Leader people

  12. cassiodorus

    and a big friend of the bankers — in an era in which capitalism is in decline and banking has become legalized thievery.

    He ran a successful campaign last year because this is the way people are controlled in this era.  I voted for him — what else was there to do?

    I can’t claim to know much about Nevada politics.  Are Nevadans paying attention?  When the icecaps atop the Rockies and the Sierras vanish with abrupt climate change, the Colorado will dry up and Las Vegas will become a ghost town.  Obama‘s love of “clean coal” technology will not seem so hot in retrospect either.

    Obama is a sign of the times — and the times do not look good.

  13. Allison In Seattle

    We, or our leaders have timidity and fawning towards the corporatists as our dual banners.

    WOW, what’s not to be proud of?

  14. Nada Lemming

    over there but there are too many Britney Spears wannabe’s to have much of an impact.  

  15. Allison In Seattle

    Curious minds want to know….

  16. Allison In Seattle
  17. Allison In Seattle

    Dang it all.

    Well, I’m sure there’s some good reason for this that we just can’t see yet.

    Like uniting us in community? I’m serious, but it looks so lame in print.

  18. pfiore8

    there must be some reason for it.

    i actually thought, before 2006 elections, when Harry kept the troops quiet about BushCo, that Harry was like those medieval commanders keeping his men from launching their arrows until the enemy was within striking distance. yeah. they would not lose the impact by blathering about bushCo too early in the campaign.

    yeah. i wrote that as a reply to lots of people who were angry or giving up hope on democrats before 2006. really.

    what strikes me as sad, not lame, is the twisted relationships of issues. it’s crazy. like the public option: he’s for it, rahm is against it. no. rahm is for it but thinks the president will not get it. no. we need to mandate insurance (just how does that work?).

    if the dems are NOT investigating and assembling federal grand juries et al into bushCo then i’m pretty sure they are implicated. i’m pretty sure that those in power who brought us this mess are still in control and will do nothing about health care, closing down war, and using OUR OWN TAX money in pursuit of sustainability on this planet and in our lives.

    look again. side by side. bush gets everything he wants. with dems in majority. using the same stupid excuses about republicans.

    dems in majority with dem president. voting like bush is still president AND still using the same excuses about republicans being the problem. now that’s THAT’s lame. i think they’re killing wolves out west. i don’t think we’ve defunded war. or gone after the people who ordered torture.

    we talk about terrorists and do fucking nothing about the drug wars invading our southern borders.

    we talk about terrorists and do nothing about the arms dealers, spawn of corporations playing countries like it’s a fucking risk game.

    look again.

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