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This one is all about December.



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  1. randgrithr

    The Center for Disease Control refuses a CBS investigative reporter team’s FOIA request for state-based H1N1 data in the wake of the announcement of a “national emergency”.

  2. Joy B.

    feeling that there’s a flu out there that IS truly epidemic (but not as deadly as feared), but which isn’t regular A or B or Unicorn. Or, maybe it is Unicorn, just not the 2009 H1N1 they’re testing for. The 60-85% negative rate on testing that is being done doesn’t explain sudden flu-like illness and serious respiratory distress that very much is epidemic right now and feels a heckuva lot like flu (I can say that because we got whatever it is in August).

    Perhaps their 2009 H1N1 test is so crappy it just doesn’t register. Maybe they’re testing the wrong chimeric component of that beastie, and if they tested for one of the other elements it would register. There is an epidemic afoot, even CDC doesn’t trust the testing or they wouldn’t have stopped tracking. I like your name for it best – Unicorn Flu.

  3. Lasthorseman

    and I have to doubt CBS suddenly growing brain cells and or departing from the prescribed Project Mockingbird blacklisted topics list.

    Ask the big question CBS, the vaccine is the bioweapon, made for eugenics purposes, the ultimate “green” solution.

  4. randgrithr

    Yes, the very ailment that made Edger’s life very interesting a couple of whiles ago: Tuberculosis.

  5. Lasthorseman

    None of us have the whole picture.  What about Dr Taubenberg’s reconstruction of the 1918 “spanish” flu.  Or the proliferation of idiotic bio-safety level 4 labs that handle things like ebola.

    What is true? What can I “buy”.  America doesn’t sell what I want!  A mythical creature for a mythical flu.

  6. Edger

    are growing pretty widespread too, I hear…

  7. Edger

    But there are reports out of Indonesia of “cures” for it effected with 10,000 units of vitamin D per day for 9 months or longer. It’s also good for some cancers apparently.

    Sunshine is good for you.

  8. Lasthorseman

    colloidal silver and those frequency zappers not so much as cures but preventive measures.

  9. Edger

    that apparently have been successful. I don’t know of any with anything else but antibiotics…

  10. Lasthorseman

    other than that power of positive thought. Hmmm…..I wrote then cancelled several replies to this and TB is a lung disease….ozone.

  11. Edger

    the antibiotics worked perfectly for me with the strain I had…

  12. Miep

    know how long that at least some cancers have lower incidences in sun belts.

    The docs assume from that, that if you take Vitamin D it will substitute for sun exposure. I suspect they’re missing most of it, and that Vitamin D is just part of it.

    We evolved for a couple-three million years running around outside, and we started out in the tropics, where we could do it year round. Cut out the running around and the outside both, and we get sick. This should not come as a surprise to anyone.

  13. Edger

    probably a lot of truth to that…

  14. Lasthorseman

    They killed off my grandfather’s cows over the original TB I recently learned.  He and my grandmother survived for a time by becoming the local postmasters after the farm fell apart.  Grandpa went to the Olympic games and all but dead people have little influence on the taxing of farm acreage you can’t turn into 1 acre suburban house lots due to title five septic rules.  One can’t sustain a farm producing real food locally when the last uncle in the family wants to sell it off to keep grandma in the nursing home and keep the rest for himself.  You have to totally fuck up the land and the natural drainage functions before finally selling the entire thing off to a yuppie elder housing condo developer. Yeah, I have a true untold story here and it points to the humans are fucked up assholes category.

  15. Lasthorseman

    if you can follow my rants then you must be one of the higher evolution of people on this planet, you must have some purpose, some role to play out or contribution to humanity to make, I say you have, and will continue to do so.  In this we are allies, kindred spirits, so live long and prosper.

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