Happy Pony Joy Rainbows! And spies

Wherein I simply cannot, in the face of THIS much stupidity, keep from lowering myself to personal attack. Mea culpa. Hopefully it will serve some higher purpose, But how can one NOT respond to this level of blatant hypocritical insanity, when one is one of the targets of it?


From the Fearsome Cedwyn at Daily Kos, Blog General and SpyMaster Extraordinaire:

Your humble narrator’s opinion is that elevating the negative above the positive is damaging in the long-term, to all our causes and goals.

And how does this Leading Light of the of so Pragamtic Obamacrats wish to implement this “Positive Vision” of blogging?

By conspiring in “secret” to game the system at Daily Kos. By literally “targeting” people to “diminish their influence.” By organized spying on other blogs. By throwing out their standards of reccing to gain advantang and game the system. All of this is being attempted by establishing a private Facebook group, explicitly to stage what can only be called ….a hostile takeover of Daily Kos ….

Daily Kos is not in the midst of a pie fight from what I can discern. It’s in the midst of a paradigmatic overhaul that equates to a hostile takeover. I’m just not down with that. It doesn’t represent me.

In yet another stunning display of hypocrisy from the Obamacrats….

Even as s/he is condemning (unnamed, unspecified, to a level that can only be called Conspiracy Theory) OTHER people for trying to “takeover” Daily Kos….. s/he is actively working to stage just such a hostile takeover.

From the ineffectively (lol) “secret” site:


The “Positive Vison” of Cedwyn is thus revealed….The method of positivity suggested is to target, spy on, and defeat other Progressive Bloggers.

Including poor little Docudharma, Scourge of the Intertrons.

THESE are the saviors of the Democratic Party, lol, people who can’t even manage to click a button to make their secret conspiracy to game a blog private. THESE are the people who will lead us to political effectiveness by being “positive,”…..as they conspire to defeat other progressive bloggers.

Because obviously….it is not Republicans that are the real problem with the world, it is not corrupt Democrats who are the real problem with the world, it is not a broken political and economic System that is the real problem with the world, it is nopt war, hunger, and Climats Change that is the real problem with the world…..

….it is other progressive Bloggers that are the real problem with the world.

If only Cedwyn and company can find a way to effectively target and destroy other bloggers….THEN, and only then, will all the problems of the world be solved.

There are just NO words that can adequately describe this level of complete inanity and insanity. All one can do is marvel at the hypocrisy, intellectual dishonesty and complete and utter obtuseness and ineffectiveness of these folks, who somehow delude themselves that they are bright enough to be “The Ones in Charge.”

When they can’t even pull off a conspiracy to game a freaking blog…without tripping over their own stupidity.

Oh Please, save us Cedwyn! Save us from ourselves with your brilliant plotting and spying! On us. And we in turn promise, in return for your attacks on us saving us from ourselves…. to only write about our government and the Democratic Party in glowing and positive terms!

Happy Pony Joy Rainbows!

Because EVERYONE knows that The Powers That Be will put aside their corrupt agendas and do exactly what we say! if only we are positive enough and nice* enough!

*Excerpt from the essay titled…..nice

How could they resist our niceness? Surely when we properly communicate the idea of niceness, all the mean and bad people will get this nice idea….

And stop being mean and bad!

All the Senators who are voting the wrong way will see how nice we are and change their votes after being overwhelmed buy our niceness.

Heck they will become so nice that they will even give the Insurance companies, and energy companies and MIC companies, all of their “campaign contributions” back.

After all that would be the nice thing to do if they are now joining the nice lobby and rejecting all those other lobbies.

That pay them millions of dollars.

So that those Senators will be nice to the insurance companies and other not nice folks.

It is what a nice person would do, isn’t it? When confronted by so much niceness, it would only be nice to do what the nice people ask them nicely to do.

Instead of doing what those people who pay them millions of dollars ask them to do instead.

You are a nice person right? And if a BUNCH OF REALLY NICE PEOPLE CAME UP TO YOU AND ASKED YOU NICELY to do what they wanted you to do…

Instead of doing what the people paying you millions of dollars wanted you to do…..

YOU would give up those millions of dollars, and join with the nice people, right? Give up all that funding that allows you to stay in power ….so you can get all that funding.

You would give all that up and do whatever the nice people ever so nicely ask you to do.


And then, once all of us  nice people have shown all the Senators and Congressmembers how much nicer it is to be nice….

Then we can go to the source and convince…through the power of niceness…the polluters to stop polluting, the bankers to stop preying on the middle and lower classes, the military to stop going to war and killing people. (People who are probably very nice, when people aren’t trying to kill them.)

The insurance companies too, they will stop being mean and start being nice too!

After all what is more important to these folks? The trillions of dollars they get to rob and steal through controlling Senators and the legislation they pass by not being nice….or being nice?

Surely if we ask them nicely, they will give up all that too, and start being nice.

If we can just show them the way, I am sure they will join us in our nice coalition.

And if we are nice enough, if we do it right…..we can even save the planet from catastrophic climate change! Because all those potentially nice polluters, like the oil companies making record profits off of killing the atmosphere, will be happy to give up those profits and start working along side us nice folks to save the planet for our kids and cute little, nice, grandkids. The cute little nice grandkids who may not have a habitable planet if we aren’t nice enough to the oil companies to stop them from destroying their future.

But what if I am wrong about that?

What if they decide to keep polluting and killing and robbing and stealing even if we are like, SUPER nice to them? What if being nice doesn’t work?

Then what do we do?



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  1. buhdydharma


    For we are but babes in comparison to your mighty mental prowesses!

  2. Edger

  3. Heather

    If you have one.

  4. Nightprowlkitty

    … from the Dem party establishment how?

    I saw that last night and am still flabbergasted at both the stupidity and the hypocrisy.

    I shouldn’t be flabbergasted by now.

    I’m going to have to work on that.

  5. ek hornbeck


    So they think clapping harder is going to save Tinkerbell?

    How Cass Sunstein of them.

  6. Edger
  7. Night Owl

    from Cedwyn:

    “it’s going to take some getting tricksy to really diminish the worst of the bad influences.”

    from urban dictionary:


    Adj. Describing the means for females to normally get what they want out of a male partner. They do this normally with either a seductive or foretelling charm of things to come.

    “Yeah, my girl friend was very tricksy last Saturday. She got dinner and a movie, and I got a lonely night afterward.”

    Pretty much sums up the establishment Dem playbook right there.

  8. Edger

    “Other” progressive bloggers? Surely you don’t count Cedwyn as “progressive”, no?

    A surge and ethnic cleansing to save the raghead hippies from themselves is what he’s hoping will turn his debacle into a marketable example of all things goodness and light.

  9. Lady Libertine

    hate to have to run out on the drama but I do have to scoot for a bit. Poor TMC having to miss it too, being called away as she was on more important matters. :-/

    here’s more of the same Have fun kids. Dont hurt yourselves.

    Yes. And hypocrisy isn’t against … (6+ / 0-)

    …the rules either.
    But a few users who have blasted Slinkerwink’s perfectly acceptable use of Twitter are themselves members of a Facebook group and other groups that work to get diaries on the Rec List. How do these users have the gall to keep raising this issue against her given their own activity?  

    by Meteor Blades on Fri Jan 15, 2010 at 10:12:49 AM CST

  10. Big Tex

    This is the first I’ve heard of this.  How positively Nixonian.  And hypocritical, given the amount of flak that slinkerwink in particular has gotten.  They can say what they want about slink as far as her efforts to get diaries on the rec list over there, but she’s never encouraged people to conspire to keep diaries OFF the rec list, or to monitor the activities of community members in other fora.

    The Obamabots have succeeded in gradually turning DKos into a toxic sewer.  I haven’t been active here at Docudharma before but from what I’ve seen I think I’m more at home here and FDL.  Anyway, thanks for posting this.

  11. davidseth
  12. keirdubois

    But this shit Cedwyn’s slinging is vile, ugly, and dumb.

    Stay classy, Ced.

  13. AndyS In Colorado

    Gee, that is what I want to read, 24/7.  I think you’ve misjudged them budhy.  After all, all you have to do is genuflect appropriately and preface every sentence with “I love Obama and would never ever try to criticize him .. but” and then you can say anything you want.

    It is highly entertaining to talk about how our Leaders are Just and Wise most of the time.  And, don’t forget, the Obamanauts don’t have their own version of Fox News on which to do this.  You have to give them some slack, because being amongst themselves only reinforces the meme that Our Leaders are Just and Wise and it doesn’t make any new converts.

    After all, the Republicans also go for Our Leaders are Just and Wise, just different guys.

    So, in order to reach new people with Our Leaders are Just and Wise (of the proper sort) necessitates they take over at least one mega blog.  This way, they can try to convince people that Our Leaders are Just and Wise, and if you don’t agree, you can be called a traitor to the Democratic Party and a Naderite.

    Shakespeare said it, The Play’s The Thing.

    I said once that Daily Kos was not ever supposed to be Daily Obama.  But, hey, if they want it to be Daily Obama, and sacrifice any dignity and independence they once had to become a complete apologist blog, that’s their affair.

    But how would spying on me or us work to diminish our influence?  I don’t even go there anymore.  Are they going to (gasp) try to intimidate me?

    Nothing at all like a Republicanesque cult of personality there.  Nothing at all.

  14. DawnoftheRedSun

    Daily Kos has become a pathetic caricature of itself.

    And the right still thinks Daily Kos is a ‘far left’ site.

  15. jeffroby

    The Obamabots have succeeded in gradually turning DKos into a toxic sewer.  I haven’t been active here at Docudharma before but from what I’ve seen I think I’m more at home here and FDL.  Anyway, thanks for posting this.

    We have two choices here (a third, if doing nothing is your idea of a good time).

    (1)  We can fight fire with fire, go there en masse.  If pig-wrestling is your idea of a good time.

    (2)  We can go there, expose this stuff vigorously for a limited time, and suggest to the better elements that if honest, principled discussion is their idea of a good time, they might want to spend more time here.

    I hate to cede the battlefield to anyone.  Kos has a certain niche in the world that is very valuable.

    But we ultimately have to trust our own strength.  Is history on our side or not?

  16. TMC

    and probably shouldn’t be. I’m tired and hot.

    How fucking right wing, Rovian. They have the nerve to call themselves Democrats. They’ve done nothing but use dirty tricks right out or the Rove play book. I thought this kind of crap would get you banned from Dkos. I guess not.

    And what about the so-called stalking rule if this is their plan? Great job, MB. Sorry I can’t hang out and play

    Somebody needs to wake up and smell the manure. Right now all I can smell is death. Later, guys when I’m not so tired and pissed.

  17. Edger

    8 minutes ago…

    The Democratic Party is self destructing

    We are in HUGE TROUBLE. Indeed, I think the democratic party is facing electoral annihilation.  This isn’t 1994 or 2006.  This is a wave of epic anger that is heading our way that has never been seen in American history. Indeed, the GOP lost just 50 seats in 2006 and 2008 along with 15 senate seats combined. We could lose that in 1 cycle.

    The Mass. disaster has put me right over the edge into despair.  What do we do? DO SOMETHING. Use the power of this website. Maybe senate and house progressives should split from the main democratic caucus to show the so-called “centrists” and right wing conservadems that they will not stand by and allow the party to be taken over by corporate interests.  Maybe, faced with a rebellion, the leadership will wake up.  I suppose massive protests at the offices of the senate and house leadership might also work.

    And, you know, if we lose 60 house seats and 15 senate seats in November, I think what’s left of the congressional dem leadership, need to travel to the White House and ask for the resignation of the President. Not a committment not to run again but for his immediate resignation.  It’s clear that he is a cancer on the party that is leading to our destruction.  Look at it people. Teddy Kennedy’s seat in the hands of a Sarah Palin ally.  Then, we can nominate someone who knows what the heck he is doing in 2012.

    My loyalty to President Obama comes 2nd to my loyalty to the democratic party.  If we meet doom in 2010, he needs to go.  If his appearance tommorrow pulls this out for Coakley, I’ll concede the problem is not him but the dem leadership but right now I think itS him. His failure to push for the public option, his escalation of Afghanistan, the Geitner appointment, all of it is destroying us.

    It must STOP

    First comment is:

    Yeah right.

    Your account has been inactive for a while and we missed your concern trolling and your superduper democratic bonafides.

    Shoo troll!!

  18. Lady Libertine

    On the more trippy-dippy-hippy side of things, thoughts exist, but only have power when you give voice to them.  So choose wisely which ideas and thoughts you empower.  In bumperstickerese, the concept loosely translates as:

    Think Good Thoughts

    Be the change you want to see in the world

    Create Your Own Reality

    (from C’s dKos diary)

    So we should’ve just let this one go by the by?

    The Obama administration announced Friday that it would grant tens of thousands Haitian nationals Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, an immigration benefit sought for years by Haitian activists, immigrant advocates and South Florida lawmakers.

    The move comes following intense pressure on the administration this week to approve Haiti for TPS in the aftermath of the country’s devastating earthquake.

    This week, Haitian-American activists, immigrant advocates and South Florida lawmakers from both sides of the aisle intensely lobbyed the Obama administration to keep undocumented Haitian immigrants from being deported to an island nation whose economy is in ruins following Tuesday’s horrific earthquake.

    South Florida’s three Cuban-American Republican members of Congress — Reps. Lincoln and his brother Mario Diaz-Balart, and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, sent a joint letter [91 reps signed it] to Obama requesting TPS for Haitian nationals along with immediate humanitarian aid for Haiti.

    Maybe they can do a new letter campaign to all the Congresscritters tellin them to STFU and watch their thoughts more carefully cuz if not, there may just be more of this radical changey stuff happnin.

  19. serendipity

    working so hard to save us from “negative thoughts and words” and (what they alone determine to be) “crappy” diaries.

    Goebbels, Pravda, and the Chinese govt. would be proud of these noble thought warriors, protectors of pure thought! Thank goodness we are blessed to live in a country that allows free speech, as long as it’s “positive” free speech–and as long as the “thought police” agree with the thoughts expressed.

  20. Colorado is the Shiznit

    I stink, I know. I got sucked into, well. I think y’all know where I’ve been. :) I hope everyone is doing well.

    Like I said upthread, I gots the list of “trolls”. Besides me, 2 other prominent Dharma Bums make it on the list. I bet you can guess who they are. :)

    Love you guys! I promise to be back with more regularity once Coakley is re-elected. Goddamnit, Scott Brown is horrendous.

  21. lotlizard

    Prepare to be “cognitively infiltrated” by party hacks and government shills.


  22. Robyn

    I’m not surprised that it has gotten more visible.

  23. sharon

    after not being online for about 24 hours and i’m too tired and have a had a little more red wine than is good for translating military time pst into normal time est and suspect that all of this happened much earlier today and i am very late to the party, but omg i am so glad i got my sister’s network password and checked in.  now how to explain it all to her, someone who doesn’t blog at all and wonders what the hell keeps me on line as much as it does.

    i also have to say that this made my week.  i was getting so downhearted and sick of the nastiness over there – yet couldn’t help but get involved, particularly when they were treating slink like a pinata – that i couldn’t bring myself to comment much here.  i was seriously considering doing what andy did and block dkos from my computer.  but not now, i have to see this play itself out….  it’s just a matter of time.

  24. soilyeti

    Who knew?

  25. TiaRachel

    I’m vaguely curious about the other conspirators, but I think I can guess.  

  26. TomP

    It really has gotten stranger and stranger at DKos.

    They would push Markos off his own blog if they could.  

  27. joanneleon

    I’ve been face palming all week.  So many things don’t add up.  Thanks for this post.

  28. dhfsfc

    It’s insane.  He must have lost people, although my sense is that there are lots of new posters, so maybe there’s some recruitment going on, and DKos has increased hits as a result.

    If not, someone needs to take control.  It’s just an OFA off-shoot at this point.

  29. buhdydharma
  30. buhdydharma

    But wouldn’t publish it if I did.

    I will only sink so far down to their level, lol, and this is about it.

    Iow, I will respond to hypocritical ratfucking McCarthyites, but I refuse to become one.

  31. Colorado is the Shiznit

    I can’t say who gave it to me, because you just know who’s watching, but it’s quite illuminating.

    And I’m on it! Yay!

    /checking thread to see if anyone else already posted.

    E-mail me at msshiz@gmail.com if you wanna know. 😛

  32. Edger

    I’m tempted to post Tickle Me Elmo over there… heh!

  33. buhdydharma

    It is exactly the same mentality…that somehow everything will be ok if All Dissent is Crushed. That if there is no criticism of the problems of the dems, there will suddenly cease to be any problems with the Dems.

    That it is somehow more important to defeat The Left rather than defeat The Right, because then the Dems will….look better, I guess.

    Or….since they are too stupid to defeat The Right, they out of desperation, can only think to attack the Left. Since the left are the ones with the actual solutions and ideas, but those solutions and ideas go against their rigid authoritarian orthodoxy.

    Because when it comes right down to it….they HAVE no “positive vision” of their own. No vision, no ideas, no solutions.

    Just blind obedience to a proven to be incompetent Dem Party Leadership…and attacks on those who disagree with them.

  34. buhdydharma

    These guys are hai—larious.

    The Three Stooges of ratfucking.

    Watching them project their paranoid fantasies on others is like rubbernecking at clown cars colliding, but with serious damage being done. You can’t help but laugh, even though it is, underneath it all, a tragedy of the human spirit that folks would do this sort of thing.

    I mean if we WERE going to try to ratfuck daily kos, as they keep (projecting) accusing us of, or at least fearing that we will…..which we don’t….we would at least be freaking COMPETENT at it, lol

  35. Edger

    to make that video play on endless loop I might post it there. 😉

    If I can stop laughing long enough…

  36. ek hornbeck

    nobody goes there.  THAT’S how secret.

  37. Edger

    I’ve been trying to get banned from there for so long…

    Maybe this will work?


    The Tickle Me Elmo is on endless loop. If I vanish suddenly you know where to look for the perpetrators, eh?  😉

  38. Night Owl

    Whistle past the graveyard.

  39. AndyS In Colorado

    the next election.

    When all the people they’ve driven off don’t vote for their guy and It’s All Their Fault!

  40. serendipity

    philosophy and head in the sand attitude re: the mood of the people isn’t working out too well for early contenders…

    State Sen. Scott Brown (R) is proving to be a major challenge for Attorney General Martha Coakley (D), who was heavily favored early in the race; a poll released late Thursday had Mr. Brown leading Ms. Coakley by 4 percentage points.

    or for current incumbents:

    A rough, rough week in the Daily Kos State of the Nation tracking poll for the Democrats. Drops across the board, ranging from an incremental slide of a single point for Speaker Pelosi to a cratering drop of nine points in net favorability for Senator Harry Reid. Republicans, meanwhile, continue gains that have been in evidence for quite some time, owing largely to a resurgence in base loyalty but also evident with Independent voters, as well.

    Instead of (quoting Gen. Honoree, out of context here) “manning up”, and objectively listening to and thoughtfully assessing the “negative” as well as the positive remarks and evaluations of the Democrats’ job performance, the Dem. party, and their blindly loyal supporters are, IMHO, sabotaging themselves.  By further marginalizing people who already feel marginalized; by disrespecting dissenting views; by attacking people who have been past allies and who could be future allies–they are driving away, maybe permanently, people from the campaigns, from donating, and possibly even from voting.


  41. buhdydharma

    to throw ethics and standards on the trash heap part?

    Or the too stupid to carry out a basic plan part?

  42. DawnoftheRedSun
  43. Colorado is the Shiznit

    the bookclub thing on dkos with me. Hmph.

  44. Night Owl

    they tease Progressives with fantasies of a blue nation, but only deliver blue balls.

  45. dkmich

    Ethics and principle are so 1950s.

    I appreciate the sunlight.  

  46. buhdydharma

    don’t know about my secret forum!


  47. TMC
  48. Friend of the court
  49. Heather

    Force me to judge people on their individual comments, like I ought to anyway.

    It’d be so much easier just to whomp the whole group at once.


  50. sharon

    how can i be not surprised and shocked at the same time.  she is so effing transparent, “innocently” suggesting to slink that she and eve start their own blog re health care since they have such a following.  i think it was the first civil thing she has said to slink in months.  that was in the morning.  she published her treatise later that day.  as you said, if it wasn’t so tragic it would be funny.  and yet it is funny if you ignore how said it is.

  51. sharon

    joanneleon was being browbeaten by a couple of them, accusing her of spreading CT and then when i linked to catilinus’ diary and cornysyrup’s admittance of guilt, they then accused her of being irrational when she refused to list names.

  52. Nightprowlkitty

    I think you do a great job of refuting their bullshit.

  53. Heather
  54. ek hornbeck

    I really meant it to sound more whiny than that.

    Dang Intertubz.

  55. buhdydharma
  56. TMC

    it’s buried in the rubble of Port au Prince.

  57. AndyS In Colorado

    That’s the thing.  I seldom mention Obama, because he’s not made himself all that relevant to me.

  58. ek hornbeck

    Thanks guys!  We can use the traffic!

  59. Nada Lemming

    not saying who, post at both places.  We are, and have been, under surveillance for some time.  By these very same McCarthyites.  

  60. keirdubois

    My personal confidence and well-being does not hinge on his superficial successes or supposed failures, and I’m not going to lie to myself about that in order to feel better.

    I cannot feel betrayed outrage for a party or president that I didn’t expect much from in the first place.

  61. DawnoftheRedSun

    that obviously isn’t the case anymore.

    I am all for ignoring them.

  62. AndyS In Colorado

    one overarching topic.  (I also have to add as an aside I am not ready to do that, waging blog wars is so far off the radar of things I need to be doing right now that if I were to get into it, I wouldn’t be here next month).

    Anyway, that overarching topic is issues over people and personalities.

    I always had no trouble with the front pagers talking in realistic terms about this race or that race.  But where I would suggest Docudharma and blogs like it are different is we don’t presuppose that Electing More and Better Democrats is the universal salve to all issues, without even talking about the issues, just electing Democrats.

    What I would say to Daily Kos, in all seriousness, if I could, is, guys, this insecurity about Obama and Democrats — saying you shouldn’t criticize them, even if they’re wrong — in the best analysis only weakens them and drives away possible support.  

    To the extent that one deprecates actual issues for whatever reason one has ceased to be a reality based community and has become a pure political advocacy community.  

    And in the ideal world, Daily Kos was originally meant to be a little bit of both — a mix of issues and political gamesmanship.  When you deprecate talk about the actual issues because it’s supposedly “negative” to do so, or to protect a political figure “just ’cause”, you’ve sacrificed any political independence on the alter of completely disconnected political expediency — even disconnected to the Greater Good we all want.

    (And, yes, I will give many Obamabots the courtesy of allowing that they too might think they want the Greater Good in the person of Obama).

    The irony there is they say we’re the ones who are Not Serious and Not Pragmatic.

    Well, maybe so — who fucking knows, but the long term pragmatic effect of pumping leaders irrespective of issues is simply to put another disconnected, arrogant political class into Washington D.C. – to substitute one set of overlords for another.

  63. Nightprowlkitty

    … clear out is, I think, what buhdydharma is talking about when he says “we’re almost there.”

    They will defeat themselves, with just a little nudge here and there of our pointing out the truth.

    I think in this instance, less is more.

    I’ve noticed that whenever they get a little power, they use it so badly that it backfires.  Yes, there are casualties, but ultimately no success for them.

  64. Lady Libertine

    I saved that MB one just for you, sweetie. “Hypocrisy is not against the rules.”

    But… this is the last thing you need to waste your brain cells on right now! Hope youre holding up well and getting reinforcements soon.

  65. Xanthe

    take care of yourself down there.  Sleep/eat/hydrate –

    Bless you.

  66. TMC

    It’s just frustrating that we can’t get more of it to these people faster. WE can’t use the big choppers because of the debris they kick up..one more frustration. I’m at the hospital in Cite Soleil, now. Many of the staff from France and Canada that I worked with in Gaza are here. Nice camaraderie and we all know how we all work which makes it easier. If I get a chance there are some links I’ll send you later tonight.

  67. TMC

    are right wing talking points and tactics. Disgusting.

  68. ek hornbeck

    I’ve been trying not to overwhelm you with details, details, details.


    Sign up and I’ll teach you the secret handshake that lets you into ghost town.

    The fundamental problem is that only buhdy and I care and we agree so much we hardly ever need to talk.


    Once ever on the phone.  Some recently in email because of developments.

    But hey, look around the place.  I’m not kidding that I’m not an out of control autocrat, but have instead designed from the start a collective anarcho-syndicalist community.

    Silly me.

  69. Rusty1776

    missed it by that much Pictures, Images and Photos

  70. TocqueDeville

    Similar lists have been around for a long time. lol. I know. One used to stalk me. They would send out an alert, txt message I think, and suddenly my diary would be flooded with them, tag teaming me with ad hominem attacks, hijacking my diary with nonsensical posts. Charming. That list included front pagers.

    This is especially troubling though I’m sure nothing new either. I always suspected that the Recommended Diary list was manipulated. I have heard about several gangs using email lists to promote their people.

    What makes Cedwyn so special is she is particularly nasty. We often think of Nazis when we hear about these kinds of oppressive tactics. But they are actually more reminiscent of old Soviet KGB tactics or counterrevolutionary squads in Latin America. Of course, with that crowd, “nastiness” included torture and death.

    But I had read Cedwyn’s propaganda and wondered if she wasn’t a pro. I mean it’s pretty brilliant: “Identity Crisis”?

    This creates the false impression that Kos’s real identity is her vision of it – loyal Obama zombies and no one else.

    She then follows with her half-witted anecdotal evidence to support that view:

    There were a lot of comments to the effect of “I don’t recognize this place anymore.”  

    As though most of the Obamabots were even there when there was a place to recognize (most are pretty new).

    Anyway, the text of Buhdy’s image needs to be transcribed. Can someone do it other than me. Someone who can type. :)

  71. Friend of the court

    or Daffy, even?

  72. Nada Lemming

     it’s time for the Tinkerbell Strategy to be published over there.  I missed this somehow – probably because I was sick and couldn’t keep up.  But I didn’t miss the posts over there that uncovered this.  

    In respect to the Haiti crisis, I’ll wait a little bit.    

  73. AndyS In Colorado

    these people have forgotten the purpose of POLITICAL BLOGS.

    Or maybe they never knew.  Look, I will agree – Bush was probably the Worst President Ever.

    For a blog, the purpose of getting rid of Bush when Bush was in office could have been deemed an overriding purpose of great value — of course, what also flowed from that was holding the Bush administration accountable in a criminal manner so this could not ever happen again AFTER getting rid of him politically would seem to have been in order — but never mind that.  Heh.

    Daily Kos is a political blog.  Docudharma is a political blog.

    Political blogs have a function.

    The function of totally reflexively advocating on behalf of your Leader is a function that is already done!  They’re called things like “staffers” and “strategists”.

    If all blogs were supposed to do is duplicate the function of White House staffers, Democratic Strategists and the like .. well they even have their own BLOGS for that — where the sole purpose is to defend the Administration, the Congressperson or whatever.

    With respect to the Daily Kos world, I am forced to ask a very minimalist but 800 lb. gorilla question — what is your function, Daily Kos?

    That which duplicates the function of that which already exists … dies.

    After the election, they had another possible function, should they have chosen to pick up that gauntlet.  Out of whatever, political cowardice, fear, or just love for Our Leaders — they forgot the function of Speaking Truth to Power.

    And if they do not, we will, or others will.

  74. Edger

    the diary is nowhere to be found…

  75. Lady Libertine

    deleted already.

  76. Colorado is the Shiznit

    said that, but I’m going with I said GOOD DAY sir.

  77. Lasthorseman



    Right gatekeepers


    Current world rulers


  78. BobbyK

     will just become irrelevant.

    If Markos wants his blog to grow in influence he really needs to do some soul searching about the DKos mission.

    The dog has caught the truck. Now what? His mission was short sighted.

    The reality is – if electing more Democrats only delivers Republican Light results, people are going to stop electing more Democrats. Republican-Light isn’t even inspiring to Republicans!!!

    Daily Kos could have changed its’ mission after the 08 election and become a site that held the Dems feet the fire, forcing them to deliver meaningful change.

    You’re dead on when you point out that DKos has become a

    “…duplicate the function of White House staffers, Democratic Strategists ….where the sole purpose is to defend the Administration, the Congressperson or whatever. “

    That’s why Daily Kos is well on its’ way to becoming obsolete.  

    Becoming more important are Blogs like this one, where each of us can actually do

    ” our 1/seven billionth… to change the world”

    (From Docudharma’s mission statement)  

  79. ek hornbeck


    Maybe that’s me.

  80. Lady Libertine

    what is that, an outhouse?

    you did try to warn me, Rusty, I know.

  81. TMC

    and finding a way to gat it printed out for the “office” here.

    Everyone here who has seen this is laughing there assess off. Tks.

  82. TMC

    either my user named or password. Is it the same as fro here?

  83. serendipity

    and saw the super-duper secret location.  Now do you have to disappear me???

  84. Robyn

    I haven’t had much to post about lately though.

  85. TMC
  86. dharmasyd
  87. Knucklehead

    “Toothpaste & exploding underwear”


  88. dharmasyd

    …up as of today.  But of the 13 recs all but 2, whose names I don’t recognize, are DDers.

    And I laughed even harder this time.  What’s wrong with those tangelitos?  Have they no humor?

  89. ek hornbeck

    he brought it on himself.

    I tried to warn him.

    I did, I did.

  90. Edger

    Obama speech January 14 (2 days ago)

    At a speech before House Democrats today, Obama previewed the message Democrats are going to take into the campaign against Republicans calling for health-care reform’s repeal. It was feisty, to say the least.
    So, I know everybody in the media is all in a tizzy — “Oh, what’s this going to mean politically?” Well, let me tell you something. If Republicans want to campaign against what we’ve done by standing up for the status quo and for insurance companies over American families and businesses, that is a fight I want to have. (Applause.) If their best idea is to return to the bad policies and the bad ideas of yesterday, they are going to lose that argument. What are they going to say? “Well, you know, the old system really worked well; let’s go back to the way it was”?

  91. Edger

    Obama speech January 14 (2 days ago)

    At a speech before House Democrats today, Obama previewed the message Democrats are going to take into the campaign against Republicans calling for health-care reform’s repeal. It was feisty, to say the least.
    So, I know everybody in the media is all in a tizzy — “Oh, what’s this going to mean politically?” Well, let me tell you something. If Republicans want to campaign against what we’ve done by standing up for the status quo and for insurance companies over American families and businesses, that is a fight I want to have. (Applause.) If their best idea is to return to the bad policies and the bad ideas of yesterday, they are going to lose that argument. What are they going to say? “Well, you know, the old system really worked well; let’s go back to the way it was”?

  92. DawnoftheRedSun
  93. ek hornbeck

    Give an email and confirm password and get back to me and in 10 minutes I’ll have your permissions hooked up.

  94. ek hornbeck

    Welcome to ghost town.

    So named because people don’t follow directions.

  95. Edger

    What can I s-s-say?

  96. Edger

    and read it as him saying:

    So, I know everybody in the media is all in a tizzy — “Oh, what’s this going to mean politically?” Well, let me tell you something. If Republicans want to campaign against what we’ve done by standing up for the status quo and for insurance companies over American families and businesses, that is a fight I want to have. (Applause.)

    At least I hope so…

  97. AndyS In Colorado

    “creating one’s own reality” is bad when neocon Bushies do it, but good when do accommodationist Democrats do it.

    Very nice.

  98. TMC

    I can remember when that would get you “troll on site” status if it didn’t get you out right banned. I can’t believe this right wing garbage is allowed.

  99. TMC

    off to bed. Back to the work in a few hours.

  100. Edger

    Fuck! I mean, Ooops!

  101. TMC

    How did I get here? And what day is it? Never mind which way is up, so long as I remember your left and right, mine is irrelevant. 😉

    First major rule in surgery is that all bleeding eventually stops.

  102. Friend of the court

    it was a trip.  I registered

  103. TMC
  104. TMC

    Oh, darn, I left my electronic proton zapper in NYC.

    You still have to have ek’s secret location to get in the door to learn the secrets of the book of all knowing.


  105. ek hornbeck

    It’s the site we use for scheduling and since it’s mostly buhdy and me right now and we’re so used to it I haven’t bothered to update it since October.

    Because I’m so lazy.

  106. serendipity

    and wish really, really hard that you don’t get everything that you want?  Who could have predicted?

  107. Nightprowlkitty

    Just read a anther great description of what’s actually happening in the electorate that seems to complement what you are saying here (from bruh1 over at the Orange):

    >Except that’s not what this vote means

    I had promised myself I would not post here, but I am not surprised at the tightness of the race. Democrats right now are very clueless.  Your comment illustrates why that is the case.

    On the economic issues the American public is to the left of the party, but have no way given the choices at the ballot to make that sort of protest vote.

    Democrats are pushing more and more far right economic policies like the excise tax that are leaving the voters with choosing between those policies and more far right candidates to register their discontent.

    Tuesday means either way voters do not get what they want, but have no means of protesting with any real way to register that they don’t want either party with regard to policy. And, by the way, least you say other wise, the polls back my position. Not yours. But your frame is what the DLC will use to rationalize doing what they already are doing.

  108. taoskier

    …..” the American public is to the left of the party”.

    The Dem leadership sees the goal as to corral more corporate campaign donations than the the GOP.

  109. serendipity

    “Our base is demoralized.” via the linked post, the NYT report goes on to say:

    Analysis: Senate Race Underscores Voter Anger…

    The ill winds of an angry electorate are blowing against Democrats, the warning signs clear in a closer-than-expected Massachusetts Senate race that may doom President Barack Obama’s health care agenda and foreshadow the party’s midterm election prospects.

    Anti-incumbent, antiestablishment sentiment is rampant. Independents are leaving Obama. Republicans are energized. Democrats are subdued. And none of that bodes well for the party in power…


    Hubris, disrespecting and ignoring those who got them elected, and timid leadership are going to cost the Dems–and all who expected so much from them, IMHO.  

  110. Heather

    Now I have to go and fight with my devil and see who wins.


  111. keirdubois

    Ask me the questions, I am not afraid.

  112. Edger

    who I didn’t know. I should have copied the name too, but I didn’t expect it to disappear so quickly…

  113. taoskier

    …or Illinois?

  114. taoskier

    ….the liberal/progressives can go fuck themselves.

  115. Colorado is the Shiznit

    I’d look up the diary, but that website is friggin’ hopping!

  116. Colorado is the Shiznit

    P.S. You want the list. You do, specifically.

  117. AndyS In Colorado

    I get on everyone’s “list”.

    It’s gotten to the point where I’m insulted when I don’t make the cut.

  118. AndyS In Colorado
  119. ek hornbeck

    In a kind of academic way I’d be interested to know if I made the enemies list.

    Yeah, I’m that vain and don’t care who knows it.

  120. soilyeti

    Inquiring minds want to know…

  121. taoskier
  122. Heather


  123. Heather

    But I appreciate the offer.

    I want to go at this with clean intention. lol

  124. Edger

    it was by Rob83

    It’s number one in my own list of rec’d diaries  

  125. Nightprowlkitty

    … at DKos by a diarist I like, bobswern, trying to debunk any charges against Sunstein.  

    Frankly, I couldn’t even figure out what he was saying.  I do know jay elias is a fan of Sunstein’s from way back and he has no agenda whatsoever.

    But if anyone can make sense of the diary itself, please let me know.

  126. ek hornbeck

    Like 3 here and more on FDL.

    Bottom line- Cass says it’s ok for the government to lie to us proles.

    As long as it’s a Democrat.

  127. Heather

    Site won’t load.

  128. Heather

    No biggie because cardealers do it too.

    He said it was unethical, but basically because the internet and even real life is so full of liars and sneaks that we should be on our toes at all times anyway and shouldn’t be up in arms over the idea that the democratic party is capable of such things.

    That’s my take.

    Jay just wanted to out “meh” him. :) He seems to be saying that the government is capable of much worse so this shouldn’t surprise anyone or cause too much handwringing.

    Also Jay doesn’t think Greenwald’s integrity is wholly intact.

    I disagree with both of them and think they may be agents of Cass Sunstein. :)

  129. Nightprowlkitty

    I get an error message

  130. Lady Libertine

    so its not just you

  131. ek hornbeck

    I’ll try to put up a schedule tomorrow.

    It’s a really great concept if I do say so myself.

    And I do.

    So there!

  132. Colorado is the Shiznit

    Would you like to know if you’re on the list?

  133. Nightprowlkitty

    This is more entertaining than Faust!


  134. Heather

    Quit it!

  135. TMC

    if I’m on it. Doesn’t this shit constitute stalking under their “new rulz”? They are creating a blog hit list. And all MB can say is that hypocrisy isn’t against the rules. This has got to be the worst crap I have ever seen there and I’ve had a uid for almost 6 years.  

  136. Colorado is the Shiznit

    How ’bout you?

  137. Colorado is the Shiznit

    You know who’s on it. :)

  138. Edger
  139. Colorado is the Shiznit

    I talked with the, uhm, person who gave me the list, and he/she informed me that a lot of heavy hitters aren’t on it, simply because they’ve been annoying the shit out of this particular crowd for so long.

  140. Heather

    you were on the list before this list.

    Happy now?

  141. Nightprowlkitty
  142. Colorado is the Shiznit

    Fine. :)

  143. Edger



  144. sharon
  145. Colorado is the Shiznit
  146. Edger

    my email address is in my profile here.

    But really. I don’t care! 😉

  147. Colorado is the Shiznit

    You’re not a good liar, man. :)

  148. Edger

  149. Colorado is the Shiznit

    Hey, I know just who you resemble!

  150. Heather

    I started out sipping.

  151. Colorado is the Shiznit

    I’m having SO much fun with this. I’m “not stable”; it’s such a badge of honor!

  152. Colorado is the Shiznit

    I’m sure buhdy was, too.

  153. Edger

    No. Body. 😉

  154. Colorado is the Shiznit

    I’m so sorry, Edger. Better luck next time!

  155. Edger

    I knew all along they were too broke to pay attention.

  156. Nada Lemming

    aren’t I?  

  157. Colorado is the Shiznit
  158. Lady Libertine


  159. Colorado is the Shiznit

    This one didn’t contain even half the people I thought it would.

  160. Nightprowlkitty

    … and to make things even more surreal, joanneleon wrote some of the best comments today – disagreeing with nyceve.  The mind boggles.

    Here’s the thread.  I was also having cognitive dissonance over nyceve’s diary title and tone and joanneleon’s comments saved my sanity, lol.

    And neither were nasty to the other.  How about that.

  161. Colorado is the Shiznit

     … what is this stuff about CornSyrupAwareness? I saw someone (maybe eugene?) mention it in Cedwyn’s diary, but I have no idea what’s up with CSA?

  162. joanneleon

    I don’t post here that often so I never made the connection between you and conchita — I just knew that we often agreed on issues, diaries, comments, etc. over at dkos.

    That whole thing was unbelievable.  And you’re right, despite the prodding and the accusations, I wasn’t about to be manipulated by these assholes, or to give them any more information.

    The last straw was being accused of hacking facebook, threatened with contacting FB authorities, lawyers and the FBI.  All because the dumbass left her FB group wide open for all the world to read and was too much of a coward to admit it.  I’ll bet her co-members were thrilled with her for that.  But the truth of the matter is they were all dumbasses because they were continuing to post information while, right there in the left margin, it said:

    Privacy Type: Open: all content is public.

    Dumbasses.  What’s worse is that they are destructive dumbasses.

  163. sharon

    i wasn’t sure what to make of eve’s diary and decided i would just stay away from the comments and came over here instead.  guidance is very helpful at this time.  

  164. sharon

    you’re right, joanne was the voice of sanity.  good for her for speaking up.  i do wonder what is up with eve.  i went to a couple of townhall meetings with her this summer and this just doesn’t sound like the eve i rode trains with.

  165. Colorado is the Shiznit

    Damn if you’re not on it. I think that was a mistake on their part. 😛

  166. sharon
  167. sharon
  168. sharon
  169. keirdubois

    Or even me? I bunted for a lame .222 average last season.

  170. Heather

    She seems to be in an angsty sort of state over this.

    I hope she becomes clearer soon, either way, because she is a mighty force and a good person.

  171. dkmich

    so I can help cover their backs.  Here is another informative thread Bob Swern left in one of his diaries.  

  172. dkmich

    so I can help cover their backs.  Here is another informative thread Bob Swern left in one of his diaries.  

  173. sharon

    bruh1 can write and reason circles around cedwyn. what is she nuts to try to take on someone that much smarter than she is??

  174. dkmich


  175. dkmich

    But as you say, conspiring against others is a new low even for that place.  Most of us here are refugees from orange because it has become such a nasty and oppressive place to be for free thinkers and free speech.   It is too bad that dk lost its way. It is hoped that one day, MBs and Kos will wake up.    

  176. dkmich

    He can run the DNC blog and lose his edge, or he can return to what made him rich and his site famous.  Kos doesn’t pay me to care about his blog.  

    I think we should each start a collection of the links that expose this group of brown shirts for what they are.  We can email them to Kos and MBs and just keep dropping them throughout the site since we are there anyway.  Many people don’t have a clue what is going on.   Once they do, I think it will change the environment.  If it doesn’t, it isn’t my problem.

    While I am at it, can anybody explain to me who blackwaterdog is?  I keep asking her where she gets them and why they aren’t linked or credited.  She never answers.  Do any of you know?   I remember the witch hunt they did on OPOL the DFH, and they used copyright violations against him to do it.  

  177. dkmich

    I had higher expectations of the place.  When in replaced the DNC blog, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Markos is at a crossroads.   If he doesn’t return dkos to its mission of reforming the Democratic Party so it deserves and does remain in power, he will undermine his business.  It is hard to be an “edgy left wing blog” when all you do and become known for is spouting main stream, partisan bull shit.  

  178. DawnoftheRedSun

    house staffers” is exactly what makes it so pathetic.

    The White House wouldn’t touch Daily Kos with a ten thousand foot pole.  Obama ran away in 2005.

    They have become freshmen fan boys of the popular seniors…

    And they will never get invited to the party.

  179. dkmich

    Does he really think people are buying his bullshit?  Talk about being in the hands of the insurance companies, nobody does it better.   Somebody ought to read him the story about the little boy who cried wolf.  I turned off Bush, and I’ve turn off Obama.  I don’t listen to liars.

  180. soilyeti

    It is hard to imagine that this isn’t coordinated. Not that EVERYONE is coordinated, but a certain group of shit stirrers get the ball rolling every damn time. Take a look in ANY of slink’s diaries. It is hard to imagine some of them aren’t coordinating it.

    I shouldn’t be surprised. If you are a dem hardliner, I guess it looks really bad when the biggest democratic blog calls you out over and over.

    Their problem is that the disenchantment extends way beyond dkos. The anger at the dems at dkos is just a symptom of a much deeper outrage nationally. Purifying dkos won’t change that. At this point I think Obama will get nadered in 2012. His policies turn off both indies (who stay home or go R in protest) and lefties (who stay home or go 3rd party in protest). The people that are happy (that he is keeping) would have been happy regardless of policy particulars. Oops.  

  181. TMC

    that BWD works for OFA, either as a volunteer or a paid staffer.  

  182. AmericanRiverCanyon

    …  the site, from what I have observed, is completely moderated and always has been.  There is no “community” moderation.  It’s an illusion.

    They know exactly who these site disruptors and right wing troll poseurs pretending to be Democrats spouting the Official Dem Party Talking Points are, and are using them to further the site’s over all point of view.  Of course they do, geez.  It’s just much more obvious now, as they use these identities to enforce message discipline.  

    And for the most part, it works. Most people would rather continue to post rather to admit to themselves that they are neither liked nor disliked, but merely being used.

    It would look really bad to have what is supposed to be the premiere “Democratic” website running off all the various reform topic writers, hence, there is, from what I have observed, a very well organized way to beat the snot out of them by continuing to either troll their diaries by letting certain people continue to abuse them, or by yanking the ratings ability of certain posters (which was done many, many times in the past 2 elections, on the flimsiest of excuses, just for being careless enough to UPRATE somebody they didn’t like.)  There are just enough malcontents and “enemies of the Party” (by their definition)  with serious and well thought out political critique left in to make it look authentic, but that is okay as long as they don’t have a lot of impact nor pull in too many comments.

    Hence you have everybody being really nice this week, and they will continue to be really nice next week.  

    I wouldn’t bother emailing anyone considered site admin or with any sort of editorial capacity.  They know.  They demonstrated this many years ago.

    It’s a trade off. It’s a big site. You can get a lot of views and exposure, if you are willing to deal with the enforcers.

    The bigger the pie fights, the more advertising revenue clicks, (notice all the Republican advertising? not a coincidence) the more money they make, so they can perpetrate themselves.

  183. Colorado is the Shiznit

    Just e-mailed you, and I think your e-mail account has been hacked, man. Suckage.

  184. Colorado is the Shiznit

    thread where eugene calls ’em all out. It’s a thing of beauty:


  185. sharon
  186. Colorado is the Shiznit

    LOL. LeanneB said it.

    I think I speak for pretty much everyone on this website when I say that this whole thing is fucking retarded.

  187. Colorado is the Shiznit

    MB certainly knows about the damn thing. It’s so fucking stupid; I’m not as amused as I was yesterday, when finding out I was even on the list explained SO! much.

    Now it’s rather pathetic and sad. I’ll e-mail MB about it.

  188. TMC

    I’ll have to work harder to piss them off when I get back.

    BTW, This is constitutes fucking stalking whether MB wants to admit it or not. Question…is Turkana? I will be mightily PISSED if he is and so will MB.

  189. TMC
  190. Nightprowlkitty

    You’re on other folks’ list, and you know who they are, those mighty troll hunters who could never forgive you for the crime of uprating ek when he was being ambushed by those assholes.

    Cedwyn and her crew are just a passel of creepy schoolgirl types who can’t stand someone calling them on their bullshit.  They so much need to have folks believe the facade they’ve plastered over their ignorance — and the real crime is looking past that to see what they actually are.

    Though we’re all really on that list, as they have Docudharma on it.  So do not despair!  😀

  191. davidseth
  192. Colorado is the Shiznit

    I agree with you about the stalking. I e-mailed the BMOC over there, and I’ll keep y’all posted.

  193. Nightprowlkitty

    … flap about this, but I’d like to ask you, please, not to use the word “retarded” as an insult.  My nephew is retarded, and I’ve seen that word, when used as an insult, really hurt my sister.

    So it’s purely personal with me – you haven’t done anything wrong, this is only a personal request.

    Other than that, I couldn’t agree more – don’t think you’ll find anyone here who would approve of this crap.

    At bottom, it’s just plain cowardly.

  194. Robyn

    …of writings not to miss.

  195. BobbyK

    is a badge of honor for us all.

  196. TMC

    for that crap

    I’ve met Cedwyn..your description fits.

  197. TMC

    I thought that would amuse you. i was “bored” and couldn’t sleep.  

  198. Nightprowlkitty
  199. TiaRachel

    It’s not ‘news’ because it’s not new, and Greenwald overdid the OMG Outrage! thing.

    I’m not so sure I agree about Greenwald — I think he does sometimes play to the virtual torches-and-pitchfork crowd (the online-only bunch, who think that reading or posting a comment is required (and sufficient) to fulfill the responsibilities of citizenship). But just because something is standard practice doesn’t mean it’s not also outrageous.

    I rec’d that diary because I think there are way too many people at dKos who, um, lack sufficient skepticism.  

  200. Colorado is the Shiznit

    It’s such a hold-over for me from when it was more socially acceptable.

    I’m truly sorry, Npk. I should know better.

  201. TMC

    but he is being stalked by a few. On e he has “adopted” as a “mascot”, drache. who I think is finally getting under a certain admin’s skin, too

  202. Colorado is the Shiznit

    I’d always wondered about that “mascot” thing.

  203. sharon

    i think mb underestimated the extent to which this/they would go.  he has probably received so many emails at this point that he has dismissed much of it as just personal drama. that he didn’t act in some way after the way slink was trashed in mo’s gbcw really turned my head.

  204. TMC

    you are far too vulnerable in more ways than one. Take good care

  205. ek hornbeck

    It is truly a lie to imply that there are so many troll ratings and auto banishments that it is overwhelming for even a single moderately active moderator to keep track of them on a daily basis as I personally demonstrated on numerous occassions.


  206. Shaharazade

    and it was anything but nice.  The supporters have been at it all week. Dallas Doc had to tell the to stop bickering because of Haiti.

  207. Nightprowlkitty

    … you didn’t do one thing wrong.

    This was just a personal feeling of mine, not some big social statement.  I appreciate more than I can say your willingness to understand that and try not to use the word as an insult.

    That shows me your intentions are not to harm folks, and that’s what’s important.

  208. dkmich

    like that.  The pictures were way too intimate and made me feel like a voyeur, peeping Tom.  I went looking to leave you a link, but I think she/pictures have been wiped out.  I’m lousy at dkos search in particular.  Is she gone again?  

  209. davidseth

    I think all of us can do very nicely without all of the internecine nonsense.

    Feeling ok??

  210. dkmich

    Reserves or sock puppet?

  211. Edger
  212. Robyn

    Need to go lay down with the cats soon…after my diary at DK scrolls off, I think.

  213. Colorado is the Shiznit

    I will. You too!

  214. dkmich

    all the inside scoop momcat knows.  Besides, BWD is back.  She apparently just keeps deleting her diaries and all of her pictures.  There is another one now.  I agree with MC, paid or volunteer staffers.  

  215. Edger

    Them. They’re obsessed with making Obama look good at any cost. They bathe in it.

    They probably choose so-called ‘food’ in the supermarket based on the pretty packaging, too. 😉

  216. Robyn

    …already on the Rec list by Nashville Fan, then waited 30 minutes until her diary was also on the rec list to apologize to NF.  “Oh, gees.  I didn’t know.”  Did not withdraw her diary.

  217. dkmich

    Phew, glad to know that.  They really are high quality, professional photos.  OK, I’ll stop regardless.  

  218. Edger

    as long as you don’t eat them. They do funny things to your brains if you do, apparently. 😉

  219. sharon
  220. AmericanRiverCanyon


    Cheetos™  Asteroids™ 100 calorie Mini Bites Cheese Flavored Snacks

    Gluten Free, Porcine Free*, Onion Free, 0 gms TransFats

    CHEETOS® Snacks are the playfully mischievous cheesy crunch that add a little lighten-up moment to any day. Proof positive, you simply can’t eat a Cheetos Snack without smiling.  The CHEETOS® brand strives to provide consumers with fun times every step of  the way.

    /*Porcine Free./  Well, there goes the Neighborhood.

  221. Edger


  222. TomP

    I may do a diary after the election.

    Many people would be surprised and turned off by this.

    The dkos public needs to know.

    Links to this diary in open threads on dkos might be useful.  

  223. AmericanRiverCanyon

    …. pfharmaswarmed™ here, not.  I wouldn’t do the direct links.  

    Are you prepared to be shut down on that site? Because that’s what they would do, quite gleefully.  

    They’re nuts.

    During 2 campaigns I voluntarily worked with Democrats, Indies, Repubs, and even some Libertarians, Greens and Naders, I’m sure, to try to get a very bad Congressperson out of office in my home district, and replaced with something better, because I believe, as so many, that Congress/Senate is just as important as who is in the Oval Office.  Sometimes we did not exactly agree with each other, but there wasn’t anything resembling this behavior I see on the so called “Democratic” blogs currently, which I attribute to the leadership of the candidate.

    I cross posted my thoughts and opinions and research and factoids everywhere because you don’t get anything done to spread positive thoughts and fighting the establishment crooks, by limiting yourself to one type of venue.

    But it’s because some of us posted on one particular Dem blog that was originally geared more towards one candidate, that they have been using this as an excuse to run a exorcism and a purge. And from what I see, the uniformity of the insults du jour, suggested that they were getting their talking points and insults from one source.  And the technique.

    Now they’re doing the same thing with people who posted on yet another blog that they couldn’t get enough of during the Bush years, especially during Plamegate, and insisting on some sort of bloggie apartheid.

    Well, bloggie apartheid is the opposite of spreading news and opinion, isn’t it?  Why so bad now when that seemed to be the good idea back in 06 and 08?

    The admins at GOS like this because it keeps their front pagers happy, and gives them a lot less competition on the right side of the page, which is mostly for the trashy meta stuff that draws the most hits and creates the most pie fights to keep ad revenues up.

    When I observed vast or subtle inconsistencies in the stories or comments that the “bury brigade,” as Andiamo calls the right wing trolls and the authoritarian wanna- bees, and pointed them out as a defense against their ratings abuse, the hyper over reaction (I love the meta GBCW followed by the Return by Popular Demand followed by another GBCW by one of these )  and the deliberate misunderstanding of my statements, and the outright nasty smears, abuse and lying, told me all I needed to know.  I then thought about how, and what, and by who, the first time they attempted to get rid of me, and thought, okay, now I get it.  My prime example would be an idiotic hide rate I would have picked up for saying “you’ve never written a diary here, have you.”  Because that’s so rude and shocking it should be hidden from the general public as too vile for Reader’s Digest, right ?

    The shark’s been jumped so hard, he’s died from the resulting underwater sonic boom waves.  

    I think pointing out, and making it common knowledge that the site is moderated, and not community moderated, and there’s a sadistic element to it, while there are still daily lectures on “niceness,” is enough.    

  224. sharon

    publishing the post by cedwyn, yes.  but links to dd i’m not so sure about.  do we need the ugliness to come over here?

  225. Colorado is the Shiznit

    the comments m.o. had when she GBCWed. Do you, by chance, have a link? Or maybe slink does …

  226. sharon

    slink may.  it got unbelievably ugly – beyond anything i have seen, but then again i am not in every diary….

  227. sharon

    susang and mb have been around for a very long time, mcjoan agrees with us, and i don’t see david waldman sticking around if the place was rigged.  

  228. Colorado is the Shiznit

    Let’s not get all uppity about those GBCWers.

  229. sharon

    csa started the larger one.  she comments at the top of the comments on catilinus’ hysterical diary.  i didn’t read very deep into the comments in the diary so don’t know if there is more.  

  230. Heather


  231. TomP

    not the DD diary that is important.

    Perhaps Wednesday.  

  232. Rusty1776

    it was an outhouse, a ballistic one, until the guidance system failed and it plummeted earthward, scoring a direct hit on Max Baucus’ ranch in Montana . . .

    crater Pictures, Images and Photos

    Now there’s nothing left of it but a few splinters of scorched wood at the bottom of that crater.

  233. Rusty1776

    into the search box on Photobucket.


    18,000 pics.    

  234. Colorado is the Shiznit

    I’ll ask her about it – I said my goodbyes to m.o. and left the diary.

  235. Colorado is the Shiznit

    Wow. This just gets more and more stupid by the hour.

  236. Colorado is the Shiznit

    Going …

  237. Lady Libertine

    I have great respect for you and your very valid voice.

    I have to strongly urge you to reconsider doing that. For a number of reasons. But primarily, my question to you is … to what end?

    It would essentially be an all out declaration of War and I dont see where it will really serve to resolve anything or remedy the situation.

    1. Are you aware that MB already has seen it and commented? He stated “And hypocrisy isn’t against … the rules either.” I copied his remarks already above.

    2. This is just my feeling, but… the “community” at large wishes this shit would just go away. The two “camps” supposedly want to battle it out, (thats the pereption, but I dont believe thats really accurate) but everybody else, an awful lot of people, there would rather focus (I think) on the MA election or whathaveyou and they ignore the pie fights other than whatever entertainment value it may have. iow, you’re not going to ‘score points’ or win anyone over (some neutral party) with this expose.

    3. Its not you or yours alone to do. There will be repercussions, fallout, on many people, not just you.

    At least discuss it with buhdy and others here at DD before you proceed. Think it through and determine if thats really the best course of action.

  238. buhdydharma

    You raise some valid concerns LL, but I am not going to restrict or encourage anyone to do anything.

    My stuff is…as always…free for people to use as they want.

  239. Colorado is the Shiznit

    I’ve been asking myself that for the past 2 days, since I helped get the ball rolling on this thing. But honestly, LL, I really don’t think I could stop the force of this, even if I wanted to now. This has completely enraged SO many folks that it’s going to come bursting out, whether we want it to or not.

    I don’t think Tom anticipates, nor do any of us, that the one who eventually writes the diary, or makes the first in-your-face comment after Tuesday’s election, will be without back-up. Having “bouncers”, having back-up, is absolutely essential there now, especially to those of us on the troll list.

    Which brings me to my next point, and probably the most important one. If I weren’t on the list, I would most likely defer to those on it. Ya know, “What do you think we should do?” and all that. But I’m on it, and we’re ALL motherfucking pissed. (Actually, we seem to be amused, disgusted, and relieved all at the same time. Weird feeling.) Of course, I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but that’s just my perception.

    Now. I guess it’ll all come together (or not) how it’s supposed to, and I tend to process stuff like this slowly, but with some insight as I go. There is no slowness for me this time. This broke my dam. NO ONE deserves this fucking bullshit high school crap, and they need to be called out on it. There is no way in hell I am letting this go, because the entire issue deserves attention: it’s simply the right thing to do. I feel it. I know it. It’s just the right thing to do.

    They’ve been laying low since eugene confronted them, but please do not mistake that for withdrawl. I bet they’ve been at least e-mailing each other all day, with another window open on DD, chatting about how they’re going to handle the confrontation.

    If I get banned, so be it. I’ve been through the wringer at that place but, oh, Lady Lib! Do you have any clue how CLEAR I feel now? Everything makes so much sense! This put the last pieces of the puzzle together for me.

    All that being said, if other folks want to bow out and leave it alone, I completely, 100% understand. I don’t want anyone else to suffer because of our collective action. That’s just not right.

    And I personally think Tom, joanne, or Npk should write it, because y’all know how I am when I get pissed. :) They’re all very thoughtful and deliberate. I will be there to back whoever up, though.

    Or maybe slink could write it. That could be cool, too.


  240. joanneleon

    My kids are probably wondering what the heck is going on, and flipping the channel upstairs to see if Stewart or Colbert is on.

  241. Lady Libertine

    I just hope my boots arrive in time. damn. Shoulda ordered the hip highs.


  242. sharon

    i’m laughing with you. :)

    (when signing up at dd i decided to use my real name because at the time i was involved in impeachment activism and it just felt weird to be writing under a different name.  conchita is my dog and since she runs my life, back when i registered at dk, it just felt right to use her voice.  there isn’t much that separates the two of us.)

  243. AmericanRiverCanyon

    … for a shorter version of comments in a really long horrible meta diary, it’s easier to just click on the writer’s comments that have drawn a lot of replies,  like a tip jar with 15 or more and a lot of subthreads, and see how the tone is.  Then select another comment made more towards the end, with a lot of replies, because that is when the insults will usually be getting worse.

    But really, why bother, with that particular diary anyone familiar with the author knew exactly how it was going to go without bothering to read all the comments.  Suck in the targets and trash ’em.  Waste people’s time and take away any study or discussion of the actual legislation and process. Giant navel gazing. Oxygen sucking. Designed to create negative energy.  Even the user name was goddess of destruction.

    They had another flipflop troll in nyceve’s latest diary. Exact same nasty, abusive tone of voice, its past few diaries and comments indicate it says whatever it thinks sounds good a the moment,  and then it sh*ts all over the diarist with the moderator’s blessings.  

    Look, the site admins don’t give a flying **** and they probably think it’s amusing, because each pie fight generates more advertising revenue and allows them to cull out more people.  Look at the advertisers on the site during this summer, fall, and winter.  The DOD and the DOD contractors aka The Mercenary Armies of Profit are very, very pleased with their job security during this administration.  And it’s not that they shouldn’t have job security, it’s what they are doing to the taxpayers and to the public and to other people (aka the collateral damage of dead civilians) in other countries in order to get it.  

    If you go to Republican websites and sources like the PR firms, neocon Repub think tanks and large donors, you can see that this is all just a giant power struggle for manipulating public opinion so as to continue how we as a nation conduct ourselves.   But if you’re busy reading a shape shifter’s friend’s insults to a health care reform advocate in a blog diary, and not bothering to recommend real content and leaving it up to the so called rescue squad, then it’s mission accomplished for the status quo.

  244. AmericanRiverCanyon

    …  but after watching the antics of one of the occasional FP’s and another one, cooperating with the last set who had a publicly accessible site where they were rejoicing in their junior high antics, I know it.  

    Nasty, nasty stuff.  Saw it, read it, experienced it.  Yeah, we get it, they’re all smarter than us, which I don’t have any problem admitting to, they know people, and they’re paid for it.   Whatever.  It’s all about social networking.

  245. willibro

    Shit, this is worse than the disappointment with Clinton in his second year. First time as tragedy, second time as farce.

  246. Nada Lemming

    today: http://www.dailykos.com/commen

    Apparently they don’t like us mentioning their secret group.  Or suggesting they wear capes while blogging in their parent’s basement.  

  247. TMC

    I’m doing a lot of admin work and hanging out waiting for answers. This was a bit of a distraction. I’ve been posting the press releases from MSF, too

  248. AmericanRiverCanyon

    … at the airport is delaying things, and how half your portable hospital ended up in the Dominican Republic. (eye roll)

    Those press releases help, maybe they can motivate SOMEBODY “in charge” (since the US controls the airport) to get stuff like antibiotics and water OUT to where it is so urgently needed.  

    Even Dr Nancy Snyderman on MSNBC is starting to bitch indirectly at the admin because of this.

    But it is just so large to have a million people in such desperation, as to be uncomprehensible to most.

    Please take care.  

  249. TMC

    and Hillary and the UN Secretary General Ban. They are FINALLY doing airdrops to the remote villages that have been destroyed and are unreachable.

    This is beyond being frustrating.  

  250. soilyeti

    if you can’t get a good photo op or two?


  251. AmericanRiverCanyon

    …. before going anywhere.  For anything.

    the brown peeps are waving machetes! Looting riots! was the initial slur the wing nut Fox Faux News types were pushing from the day after the earthquake.

    I think the arsewhipes have been watching too many damned Mandingo movies.


  252. TMC

    Let their planes land in DR and let them drive in so the humanitarian flights can land. Egotistical assholes.

  253. Lady Libertine

    posted an item or two today over in jimstaro’s haiti essay.   Hi TMC.  😉

  254. soilyeti

    You really have your priorities all mixed up, don’t you?


  255. TMC

    Opinion: Doctors Without Borders plane diverted for second time in Haiti

    For the second day in a row a plane with Doctors Without Borders carrying much needed medical supplies to aid those in Haiti has been diverted to the Dominican Republic. These diversions mean multiple lives lost as trucks have to travel across the nation.

    CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta questioned Monday night why planes taking out orphans that were not in dire situations were allowed to land and take off at the airport in Port-au-Prince while Doctors Without Borders had to divert a flight carrying medical supplies.

    Any bets that this plane lands before the ones that are most needed?

    Group sending solar powered bibles to Haiti

  256. AmericanRiverCanyon

    Here is the story on this (notice how the orig story is not American…)


    Called the “Proclaimer,” the audio Bible delivers “digital quality” and is designed for “poor and illiterate people”, the Faith Comes By Hearing group said.

    According to their website, the Proclaimer is “self-powered and can play the Bible in the jungle, desert or … even on the moon!”

    The Albuquerque-based organisation said 600 of the devices were already on their way to Haiti.

    It said it was responding to the Haitian crisis by “providing faith, hope and love through God’s Word in audio”.

    Here’s the “Partners” page for this  Faith Comes by Hearing group from Albuquerque, NM


    Faith Comes by Hearing

    Featured Partners

    American Bible Society

    Campus Crusade for Christ International

    Biblica (formerly International Bible Society)

    JESUS Film Harvest Partners

    Military Ministry

    Scripture Union International

    The Seed Company

    Trans World Radio

    United Bible Societies

    Wycliffe Bible Translators

    Here’s the link to “Military Ministry”  which is an offshoot of Campus Crusade for Christ


    Lead story.

    New Year New Hope  by Cynthia Odom

    2010 a year of new opportunities, new challenges and renewed hope in Jesus Christ.

    Caring for the spiritual well-being of our troops and their families has never been more important. Everyone can make a difference in the lives of those who risk their lives for your freedom by simply bringing what they have – labor, influence, finances, expertise, prayer, and encouragement. There are many ways for you to minister to the military in your community.

    Pray for our troops, their families & Military Ministry.

    Spread the word about Miltary Ministry

    Get hands on volunteer or join our staff

    Join the spiritual battle against PTSD

    Give to Military Ministry

    Support our international ministries

    We are equipping leaders in more than 20 countries to build indigenous military outreach ministries. Learn more and join this important international effort.

    On behalf of our troops and their families who have, and will continue to find hope and healing through our ministry, thank you!  Your partnership will go a long way to help heal our nation’s heroes.

    “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

    So, forgive me for being crude, rude, crass, and cynical, but are they planning to do post mortal baptisms of the dead ?  

    Because the last I checked, people die if they go a week without drinking water and if they have an infected crush wound with no antibiotic treatment they don’t last much longer once the infection sets in.

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