Obama Tells CIA to Kill US Citizen

The Obama administration has lowered another legal barrier shielding  Americans from extrajudicial punitive action by their own  government, in this case authorizing the CIA to kill a US citizen suspected of  having ties to al-Qaeda in Yemen and links to two attacks inside the United  States last year.

Anwar al-Awlaki, a Muslim cleric born in New Mexico but now living in Yemen, may  be the first US citizen targeted for  assassination by the CIA under a counter-terror policy established by  President George W. Bush and since embraced by President Barack Obama.

Awlaki was previously  viewed simply as an Islamic preacher  espousing a radical religious viewpoint, but the reassessment of his status  began last year when it was disclosed that Army Maj. Nidal Hassan had been communicating with  Awlaki via e-mail before the Army psychiatrist allegedly shot and  killed 12 soldiers and one civilian at Fort Hood in Texas last November.

A month later, on Christmas Day, a  young Nigerian man, Umar  Farouk Abdulmutallab, tried to blow up a  Northwest Airlines jetliner over  Detroit, and US intelligence  officials revealed that Abdulmutallab  had been a student of Awlaki’s in Yemen. Though Awlaki denied ordering the attack, word began to spread that the CIA was adding Awlaki to a list of about  two dozen  people targeted for assassination.

Multiple press reports now indicate  that Awlaki has been put  on the death list, a move that the Obama  administration justifies by claiming  to have information that Awlaki  has shifted from denouncing the United  States to plotting violent acts against Americans.

Read all of it here:

Obama Administration Authorizes CIA to Kill US Citizen

by Jason Leopold, April 7, 2010


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  1. Edger
  2. annapaxis

    He had links to the 9/11 hijackers, Nidal Malik Hassan, and the underwear bomber, and who knows who else. He has a PhD and spent a lot of time in the DC area. He is being used by the CIA to some extent. Not necessarily on the CIA payroll, but as a key target for signal intercepts, a “honey pot.” It was made pretty clear that Hassan had had contact with Awlaki, and the the CIA was listening, monitoring all his communications. I think they’ve let him sit out there to attract the flies, and now want to get rid of him. Pretty standard stuff.

  3. AmericanRiverCanyon

    …. other extremists and incite more of them. Yes, the US govt really is out to get him and martyr him.   Wonder if they thought of that part.  

  4. TMC

    No evidence, no jury, no trial.

    What Constitution?

    What International Laws?

    Just target him. I essayed that here

    Thank you for keeping Obama’s disregard for the law in our consciousness.

  5. dharmasyd

    …He has been infected with the virus of U.S Imperialism, a disease which is highly infectious and ultimately fatal.

    Obama is ill.  I shall pray for him, and for all of us who will be killed by his mistaken policies.

  6. terryhallinan

    That quoute, of course, is attributed to Stalin.

    Is a serial killer worse than a mass murderer?

    Could well be.  There is no answer to such a question.  

    I ask that we slow down a bit – just a bit – and consider some questions without answers.  I disclaim any intention of being an apologist for Obama, who I think is a horrible president – worse than Bush, Jr., in at least some ways.

    When President Roosevelt ordered American forces in the South Pacific to take no prisoners, was he not perforce a mass murderer?

    I don’t even know for a fact that Roosevelt did that.  That’s what Uncle John claimed.  Uncle John was a terrible liar.  One could have spent a lifetime refuting all Uncle John’s many lies.  We veterans are allowed to lie outrageously but Uncle John pushed even that limit.

    The facts are that Uncle John was a soldier in Guadalcanal and Christmas Island and wherever and was lost behind enemy lines for weeks and was wounded and suffered the rest of his life from malaria and jungle rot and those around him had to suffer from his lies.

    So I don’t know for a fact that Uncle John was telling the truth for a change when he said that Roosevelt ordered American forces in the South Pacific to take no prisoners but I do know that President Roosevelt helped Stalin add to his statistics.

    So is it worse to target identifiable individuals than anonymous masses of people?

    Could well be.  I am not the answer man. I just ask questions.

    I do think it’s not nice to call Obama a thug.  

    Even more than hoping we get Obama out of the White House at the earliest, I hope he will survive.  The very last thing we need is a martyr and a new crusade.  We had decades of that with another – ahh, umm – charismatic thug.

    Just some thoughts for you from one who has gotten dirty in the trenches unlike the big desk and sanitary conditions around all presidents who can kill casually and remorselessly.

    Best,  Terry

  7. Diane G

    moving toward this decree for weeks…. I had hoped that perhaps the droves of lawyers in his admin might make him reconsider; for I know by now his CONSCIENCE wouldn’t.

    God fucking damn him.

    Edger, this fucker is just a shiny face on the beast… its time we ALL woke up to it.

  8. rjones2818

    The great experiment is on the ash heap of history (not that it hasn’t been critical since the JFK assassination).  If you want to know where we’re headed, look to China.  We’re no longer safe from our own government (not that we haven’t been for quite a while).  The Teabaggers will probably turn out to be the Brown Shirts.  The right won’t save us, the center has it’s head buried in the sand (much like the general population in Germany during the Third Reich) and the left (what there is of it) is being marginalized even worse than it has before.

  9. Lisa Lockwood
  10. wilberforce

    that the CIA was adding Awlaki to a list of about  two dozen  people targeted for assassination.

    Is there any reason that his being a US citizen is more interesting or important than the other 2 dozen on the list ???

    Just asking.

  11. Edger

    Assassination Tango – No Due Process

    by Georgianna Darcy, Wed Apr 07, 2010 at 07:49:05 PM PDT

    I can’t believe people here are actually rationalizing this.

    If Bush had ordered the assassination of an American citizen, people here would be howling for his head.

    This is hypocrisy of the highest order.


    Close your eyes and imagine what your reaction would be if it were Bush doing this exact thing.

    Close your eyes and imagine another President – an unknown quantity. Perhaps John McCain; or, god help us, the woman who succeeded him after he succumbed to a fatal bout with carcinoma or a gargantuan stroke. Imagine that monument to banality and venality, issuing a standing kill order against a “domestic terrorist” of her choosing: the last remaining provider of late term abortions, after they’re finally outlawed?

    Now react accordingly to Obama’s behavior.

  12. taoskier

    …that I now see a thug.

    Yes he has a good sense of humor, gives great speech etc, but a basic part of his political character is that of a thug.

  13. Edger

    has shifted to plotting violent acts against Americans…

  14. TMC

    I can’t watch him

  15. taoskier

    Standard stuff, yes. I wonder what the actual reason they want him sleeping with the fishes, nothing we will find in the NYT.

  16. Shahryar

    so these villains read 1984 and instead of being horrified and shocked into behaving, they decided to use it as a textbook.

  17. Shaharazade

    it seems they must have a reason to belligerently announce that they are going to murder some low level nut case terroist. If they want him dead wouldn’t the CIA just have him killed?  Why and why now? A show to strike fear? Or is the normal chest thumping for the benefit of the other thugs? Anyway lately every move Obama makes is frightening in the sense that he is capable of abusing the power he is stock piling, his rationale like Bush’s is not plausible, and he isn’t even trying to cover it with his rhetoric or charm no soft sell bamboozle anymore.    

  18. annapaxis
  19. Edger

    They seem to want to do everything they can do the keep the global war on terror contingency operations going forever. They’ll have to keep making as many ‘terrorists’ as they can make to be able to do that, no?

  20. TMC

    After reading the entirety of Greenwald’s article and the links, I see worse than Bush

  21. dharmasyd

    …worse because he has a degree of consciousness.

    Bush’s evil was the sin of ignorance, the sin of unconsciousness.

  22. taoskier

    I see worse than Bush

  23. annapaxis

    today, but really who gives a fuck?” This is the kind of violence that bothers me the most, and is somehow….legal?

    Whatever, how many people have we killed in Iraq and Afghanistan?






    No one even knows, and we’ll never know, we don’t count or even give a fuck. And that bothers me so much more than this.

  24. TMC

    apples and oranges. WW2 was a declared war with men going into combat. There were no Geneva Conventions, Nuremberg Principles. The US treated prisoners of war humanely (for the most part), even if we didn’t treat our own citizens the same way, re: Japanese Internment.

    This a authorization to assassinate a US citizen without due process. I suggest you read Greenwald carefully.

    I will say that Obama has gone even further than Bush in this pursuit, See my diary.

    You don’t have to get dirty in the trenches to recognize a violations of the US Constitution.

  25. Shaharazade

    with a nation state and an army not a vague act. Terrorists, and terrorism cannot be called a war. who decides who is a terrorist or an insurgent which is even more vague. The president should not be able to decide to kill spomeone who might incite terrorism. He ought to put out a hit on Russ Limbaugh if this is the criteria for murdering American citizens. A thug is a thug, even if they are president. Bush was a criminal and so is this one.    

  26. terryhallinan

    Wars may be justified or unjustified.

    Killing may be justified or unjustified.

    But the justest wars have unjustified killing – and the reverse.

    A major whose job it was to go through casualty reports in WWII to find candidates for medals came across a rather special case that made his day.

    A sergeant in Italy had stolen a jeep to go into a nearby village to find wimmin or booze.

    In the town square a sniper started firing at the sergeant.  The sergeant crouched down on the floor of jeep.  Unfortunately his butt stuck up and a bullet penetrated both cheeks.

    The major handed the report to his clerk and ordered, “Write that up for a silver star and a purple heart.”

    Heroism has many dimensions.

    The battlefield is pretty much the same in all wars.  So are the soldiers.

    Best,  Terry

  27. Wom Bat

    and can prove what he’d tell. You know, The Noriega-Saddam Offense.

  28. AmericanRiverCanyon

    …. the civilians in both this country and those others in the mid east and africa.

  29. Edger



  30. Edger

    maybe it will get more Americans starting to look more closely at extrajudicial (i.e. flat out criminal) acts by the president… no, not really.

  31. AmericanRiverCanyon

    …. they’re intending to apply the punishment for the crime  without the old fashioned, quaint stuff that goes on before, like the warrant, the arrest, the prosecutor, judge, jury, trial, ….  

    is he an enemy combatant in this war ? they ought to say so.  

  32. Knucklehead

    Not that it matters morally, but does anyone know if there are other US citizens slated for slaughter in the list of over two dozen?

  33. annapaxis

    not just citizens. Meaning that all these killings are bad, wrong, unlawful.  

  34. taoskier

    ….other than a few, most of the comments had little outrage or sadness or…

    …most of the comments confirmed the diarists main point.

  35. AmericanRiverCanyon

    … can you imagine Michele Malkin whispering in Palin’s ear ?  Or Fred Phelps ? Eric Prince ?  Howard Ahmanson ? Dick or Liz Cheney?

  36. Edger

    and one or two others who sound  just like rabid Bush supporters used to…

  37. annapaxis

    They actually tried to kill him a few months ago with a drone strike in Yemen. He was presumed dead. Or so the story goes.

    If he is some kind of asset (again, maybe just as a “honeypot”) then maybe they want to bolster his credibility, as it would flush even more people out and/or have the effect of creating a new “legitimate” demon out there.

    Again, it’s complicated, especially since, they already tried to assassinate him.  

  38. BobbyK

    He’s pushing the – I’m stronger than Bush on terror – story.

  39. annapaxis

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