Wikileaks takes out Insurance

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Wikileaks Afghan War Diary 2004-2010

It seems that Wikileaks has posted a massive (1.4 GB, 10x larger than all the other files on the page combined) heavily encrypted file on it’s dedicated “Afghan War Diary” page labeled simply “Insurance”.

Possibly in response to the harsh rhetoric issuing from the US DoD regarding Wikileak’s founder, Julian Assange (including the rumored price on his head), sometime last Sunday afternoon the new file was quietly uploaded with no explanation.

The Daily Beast is reporting the Pentagon has a manhunt currently underway for Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange.

Investigators from the Pentagon are flocking out and “are desperately searching” for the white-haired sage of openness and accountability. The US is apparently convinced that whistleblower Bradley Manning, who was arrested two weeks ago, did indeed hand over 260,000 US diplomatic cables concerning the Middle East over to Wikileaks….

The US intelligence apparatus is currently trying to figure out how to come to terms with Wikileaks. A counterintelligence report  called the site “a potential force protection, counterintelligence, operational security (OPSEC, and information security(INFOSEC) threat to the US Army”. It recommended “the identification, exposure, termination of employment, criminal prosecution, legal action against current or former insiders, leakers, or whistleblowers could potentially damage or destroy this centre of gravity and deter others considering similar actions from using the Wikileaks.org web site”.

Read more: http://www.techeye.net/interne…

As Wired puts it,

Cryptome, a separate secret-spilling site, has speculated that the new file added days later may have been posted as insurance in case something happens to the WikiLeaks website  or to the organization’s founder, Julian Assange. In either scenario, WikiLeaks volunteers, under a prearranged agreement with Assange, could send out a password or passphrase to allow anyone who has downloaded the file to open it.

It’s not known what the file contains but it could include the balance of data that U.S. Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning claimed to have leaked to Assange before he was arrested in May.

It would seem that the only way “Insurance” would work is if many many many people downloaded that particular file and saved it for a rainy day, no???



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  1. Lisa Lockwood

    their ingenious and intriguing bit of under the radar insurance.

  2. Lisa Lockwood

    and will take some time to download, even on a fast connection 😉

  3. Edger

    on my high speed cable connection. I’ll do that after 11:30 or so – I need to use the computer during an 11am phone meeting.

    Would you post this on Antemedius, Lisa?

  4. melvin

    they seek him there

    that damned elusive Pimpernel

    Odd isn’t it that Assange’s personal insurance is his very lack of anonymity, his public visibility? Adulated in Iceland, popping up at TED for a standing ovation, calling ad hoc press conferences whenever and wherever he likes, certain that they will be jam packed.

  5. melvin

    Fox News. One of their second stringers, Gregg Jarret, is calling for Assange’s execution for treason.

  6. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    with great encryption comes great responsibility.

  7. bigsurtree

    Who else can guarantee safe travel to distant provinces?

    Who else can protect you from foreigners?

    Who will uphold the empire?

    Is not Rome the center of the universe, and all its citizens priviledged?

    Spartacus will be captured and Rome triumphant. And the people will celebrate. It is ordered!


    Wikileaks posting of the “insurance” file is the equivalent of the shot heard round the world. It is very likely that this was done in response to credible threats of harm from secret state agencies willing and able to murder.

    We are witnessing the first direct struggle between a stateless global Internet organization and one or more nation states. The outcome will give us a deeper insight in to the prospects for the emergence of a Netstate and the fading into irrelevance of geostates.

    Whatever happens to Assange, he has become an historic figure, a man whose extraordinary courage is a beacon of hope in an increasingly corrupt and oppressive world.

  9. tahoebasha3

    This is pretty high tech stuff for me, so I don’t mean to seem ignorant, but do you download the page “Wikileaks Afghan War Diary 2004-2010?,” or do you have to download each link within the subjects?

    Also, once downloaded, why couln’t it be “burned” to a CD disk and then delete the hard-drive downloaded version — couldn’t it be kept that way?

    Julian Assange is one brave human being, exposing all the “dirty laundry.”  I hope he can be safe.  Disgusting to think that there’s a price on his head for exposing the TRUTH!  Credit should also be given to whoever gets information to him.

    Thanks, again, Lisa!  

  10. dharmasyd

    …I got here late (so what else is new) as usual.  But really want to commend you for putting this forward.

  11. Lasthorseman

    You have a piece of paper which says you have X amount of dollars in your 401K.  That 401 finanaced the Chinese factory which pays the whopping sum of 86 cents per hour for Calvin Klein dress shirts that sell here for 90 bucks.

    Swine flu is the this years seasonal flu shot so I will pass.

    They say the unemployment check is in the mail but I will believe it when I see it.

    You can’t let your kids have fun by owning a trampolene

    You must have a fence to guard the now green suburban swimming pool and the fire department will come to your house and put out the fire but also point out the numerous code violations which will deny insurance coverage.  It is the Darwin Awards all over again and corporate wants to sell you the mere illusions of normalcy just so the head guy can rake in 1.78 billion or so, at your expense of course.

  12. Lisa Lockwood

    advantage, while it lasts. Strong light is a great disinfectant, and the light of the public forum shines brightly, at least for now. Transparency and the absence of corporate influence/pressure impinging on their ability to publish stories of historic magnitude has catapulted Wikileaks to global fame. Of course, the shadows hide malignant forces that would like nothing better than to silence Assange and Wikileaks for good.

  13. Lisa Lockwood

    a foreign concept deserving of death, according to Faux.

  14. Lisa Lockwood

    Cryptome happens to be another “secret spilling site” that has decided to post download and other info about the wiki insurance file. Not being a “geek”, much of it is wasted on me, but you might find it of some use.

    The file, “insurance.aes256,” is ten times the size of the seven other files combined. Appears to be encrypted with AES Crypt. Wonder if it includes the 15,000 Afghan files withheld, or the original raw files, or perhaps much more, pre-positioned for public release (“insurance”) against an attack expected to come from DoD and Justice or parties unknown. A passphrase to be distributed or published widely in case of a takedown.


  15. Lisa Lockwood

    I am Spartacus.

    Were we to take out insurance, we could all be Spartacus.

  16. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    Especially for covering this.

    Encryption wrapped in encryption allows for the leaks to be constant.  The government is powerless in preventing it and almost anybody can do it.

    Its so beautiful it brings a tear to my eye.

  17. Lisa Lockwood

    earlier diary, “What to do in case of an internet kill switch”?

    It was promoted to fp, and I commented in it so I know I wasn’t hallucinating, and now it’s “poof”…?

  18. FreeSociety

    The fact that Barack Obama does not see Bradley Manning as a true American hero here, & nbsp and instead thinks murderous War Criminals and Human Torturer thugs are somehow more “law abiding” and virtuous than a peaceful, truth teller is (trying to actually save our Country from more unnecessary death, corruption, and bankruptcy) says a whole lot about Obama.

    Obama must then have also regarded Daniel Ellsburg (Pentagon Papers) similarly as a “criminal”, and taken the side the Richard M. Nixon in tossing the truth out the window, and resorting to whatever to “plug up the leaks” in order to keep his beloved policy of mass human carnage, murder-by-bombs, and taxpayer-financed corruption going forward.


    As the ACLU recently said, Obama has taken the most barbaric, immoral, treacherous, and tyrannical policy ideas (or perversions) from the Bush-Cheney-Gates administration and enshrined and Institutionalized them now to the point of “the norm” for this Country.

    It will be quite revealing to see how the crowds will react when Obama attempts to campaign on the concept of “government transparency” in 2012, after he sentences poor Bradley Manning (a true hero of our age) to death (or even perhaps allows the CIA to kill him).


  19. Lisa Lockwood


    “There can be no doubt that the Obama administration inherited a legal and moral morass, and that in important respects it has endeavored to restore the nation’s historic commitment to the rule of law,” the report concludes. “But if the Obama administration does not effect a fundamental break with the Bush administration’s policies on detention, accountability, and other issues, but instead creates a lasting legal architecture in support of those policies, then it will have ratified, rather than rejected, the dangerous notion that America is in a permanent state of emergency and that core liberties must be surrendered forever.”

    Bolded. Italicized. Emphasis added by commenter. Agree totally.

    They are fucking walking on very thin ice have joined the dark side here.

    (ACLU card carrying member since 1985).

  20. Edger

    it’s here…

  21. Lisa Lockwood

    I could no longer see the diary on the front page, where it was posted earlier today. Weird. Doesn’t show in the rec’d diaries, either, where it was visable earlier.

    Dooo Dooo doo doo, Dooo Dooo doo doo…. Welcome to the Twilight Zone.  

  22. Edger

    I don’t know… maybe NPK knows…

  23. Edger

    close to 1000 people read your post at Antemedius. That’s a pretty good hourly rate considering it’s been there less  than two hours… 😉

  24. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    maybe the Rec List?  

    Because that’s all I got, I screamed and bitched about getting FP’ed and nobody would do it.

    Ah well, I’ll see you guys in the internet “Bomb Shelter”


  25. Lisa Lockwood

    download (if you dare) that Insurance file and save it to your hard drive, or to an external hard drive with encryption software to protect yourself and the file from prying ‘eyes’.

    Safehouse is a great encryption/invisible file storage program. It creates a hidden virtual drive for whatever files you choose to save to it, in an “Invisible” and password protected encrypted drive, creating another, virtual and invisable “drive” on your existing hard drive, that saves whatever data you choose to an invisible file (which you can name and designate to be stored on whatever portion/partition on your hard drive), and that only you can access, or even see, with a password.

  26. Knucklehead

    “We are witnessing the first direct struggle between a stateless global Internet organization and one or more nation states. The outcome will give us a deeper insight in to the prospects for the emergence of a Netstate and the fading into irrelevance of geostates.”

    We`ll all be Terranists.

    I`m making T-shirts.

    Great statement.

  27. Lisa Lockwood

    the better. Thanks.

  28. Edger

    way to go!

  29. Lisa Lockwood

    So glad more people can see this and undertake the “I am Spartacus Insurance policy download!

  30. Lisa Lockwood

    promoted by Buhdy, I believe.

  31. FreeSociety

    Remember when George H. W. Bush mocked Governor Mike Dukakis during the 1988 Campaign for being a “card carrying member” of the ACLU (as though this was some kind of evil institution)?

    At the time I thought that was a very strange (totally) non-issue to ever be basing a Campaign around.  But now that we all know the Bush-crime syndicate/dynasty on a much deeper level, it’s clear what was going on.  

    This was political code speak for encouraging the Elites to lineup all their ducks behind Bush, otherwise things like the certain CIA operations, covert Central America violence, and generally having a Foreign Policy based on worldwide human rights atrocities, etc. .. just might be in some jeopardy with this ACLU advocate in such a key position of power. That’s why he said it.

    “Poppy Bush” did the same thing once again in 1992, when while debating Bill Clinton (and Perot), totally out of context .. he inexpicably said right in the middle of the debate: “I’m not going to get into this ‘who shot John’“.  Bush, who had been a CIA “Bay of Pigs” clandestine operative and supervisor in 1963 (running the CIA front company “Zapata Oil”), had been abruptly appointed to CIA Director during the very time when the House Committee had been reinvestigating John Kennedy’s assassination. Warren Commission liar (member) Gerald Ford had placed him there (after firing William Colby for cooperating too much with the commission), in order to cut off anymore CIA revelations, and to starve out the investigation. Bush’s message to the Elites again here was, …lineup behind me boys, because this Clinton guy might not be so trustworthy with our dirty secrets (but unfortunately Clinton was no paragon of virtue himself).

    Anyway, wear your ACLU card as a badge of honor, with the full knowledge that George H.W. Bush doesn’t like it!

  32. Edger

    in 2 1/2 hours on a small site – I can imagine how many people are downloading a making copies of that insurance file by now. Assange is being smart. 😉

  33. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    Duuuude, that’s fucked up.

  34. Lisa Lockwood

    After all, the more people that download and safeguard that file, ultimately, the safe Wikileaks will be.

    Oh, and how does one see the number of readers who viewed the post on Antemdius? Is there a link? Cuz frankly, I couldn’t even find the story there….my bad 😉

  35. Edger

    The counter though is only visible to admins – to me 😉 But you see the stats by clicking the sitemeter icon at the bottom of the page there.

    Here’s the link:


  36. Edger
  37. Lisa Lockwood

    to edit content to suit site or site purpose, eh?

    Thanks! :-0

  38. Edger

    I won’t change it. It’s a good post! I have links to it posted on buzzflash, facebook, and reddit, so they are bringing lots of readers, and I see commenters on reddit saying they are downloading the file, too…

    At the rate it’s going you’ll probably get more than 10,000 readers before it starts to settle down, I’d bet…


  39. Lisa Lockwood

    Awesome! Excellent! Profound!

    That was kinda the point, after all 😉

    THanks for getting the eyeballs there. That public court of appeals that judges based on merit and usefulness may just decide that we’re all “Spartacus” this week.

  40. Knucklehead

    Why can I not read the comments at your house.

    I can only see two.

  41. Edger

    I”m going to sleep now, but I’ll let you know what the count is tomorrow, ok?

  42. Jack's Smirking Revenge

    we good yo 😉

  43. Edger

    You made the front page of memeorandum.com

    22,207 readers of your post, so far… with no let up in sight. Already the second most read post at Antemedius in the year and a half it’s been running. 😉

  44. FreeSociety






  45. Edger

    We don’t get many comments there. The comments I referred to are at reddit where I posted a link to Lisa’s post. There are almost 400 there now, and Lisa’s post has been read 12,053 times so far, with no sign of any slowing of the clicks to it from reddit and buzzflash and other places.

  46. ANKOSS

    The state security assassins can hunt down and kill Assange. They can infiltrate the Wikileaks organization and arrest, torture, and kill all of the members. But they can’t murder the Wikileaks meme. No amount of killing, torture, and terror can stop the formation of the next Wikileaks, and the one after that. Wikileaks is an invincible meme, and that makes the world’s predators very afraid.

    Every criminal gang in the world now lives in fear that its dirtiest secrets will be exposed to the world. Every crooked politician now lives in fear that his corruption will be revealed. Every war criminal now lives in fear that his crimes will be prosecuted.

    Long live Wikileaks!

  47. Lisa Lockwood

    you’ll see a link marked “Insurance”. It links to their dedicated Afghan War Diary download page. Yes, I believe you could easily burn the file to a CD.

  48. tahoebasha3

    one more question, please.  

    Would there be any particular “preference” as to how the file is saved, i.e., to the hard drive or to a disc?

    Also, you note that the file cannot be seen, as it has a non-defineable ending, for example .exe, etc.  Of course, I understand this is deliberate, but are we to view it, or is it simply that maintain “proof?” I’m slightly confused on this!

    Thanks again, Lisa.

  49. Lisa Lockwood

    in black helicopters? 😉

  50. Edger

    I think ( I hope ) they have more important things to worry about than me. Like examining themselves and re going after the real war criminals in Washington that Assange is exposing. But then… they’d have to arrest themselves, I suppose. 😉

    There are quite a few people in the 700 comments at reddit who say they have been downloading the file…

    You’re now up to 25700 readers of your post. This will pass the so far most read post by Pluto (32326) probably in the next few hours and become the all time most read post at Antemedius.

    You can see the list by clicking the Most Read tab in the front page sidebar there…

  51. tahoebasha3

    Thanks for your efforts on this — super!

  52. Lisa Lockwood
  53. Lisa Lockwood

    long after something interesting happens 😉

    I’ve been known to post answers, ask questions, and give ponies weeks after diaries have disappeared down the memory hole.

    I still try to get over here frequently to read, even if I don’t participate. Had back surgery a few months ago, so sitting for more than a few minutes at a time is easier now. Thanks so much for your encouraging words!  

  54. Lisa Lockwood

    Wikileaks and Amnesty International are two of my favorite orgs. They deserve our support.

  55. Knucklehead


  56. tahoebasha3

    CCR (Center for Constitutional Rights), Physicians for Human Rights and the ACLU — there are some good ones out there.  

  57. tahoebasha3

    blocked comment again — we would ultimately be “informed” if need be [hopefully, that never comes to pass].  Sorry, for oversight!

  58. tahoebasha3

    question, Lisa, forgive!  I’ve downloaded the info. to a DVD, directly from the Ins.  Question:  Have I defeated the purpose by doing it that way?  How would they know, in such a dreadful thought or event, who to send info. to?  So, do I, perhaps, need to first download to hard drive, then to DVD, so they would have my info., or can or could they have it the way I’ve done it?  Sorry, my ignorance is such!  :)

  59. Lisa Lockwood

    as well 😉

    How will they know who’s downloaded the file? Don’t know. Maybe someone with some tech savvy can answer that one.

    Jack??? You around?

    I guess (and this is only a guess) Wikileaks may have a way to discern your individual IP address when you download the file … but beyond that, how they will release a password to “us” I just don’t know. Maybe it’s up to us to keep our eyes on Wikileaks in the weeks and months ahead to see if that password is forthcoming. Hopefully, it never will be needed.

  60. Lisa Lockwood

    comes with no guarantees, but having ‘insurance’ if you believe a hard rain’s gonna fall isn’t a bad idea 😉

  61. tahoebasha3

    After I had posted above comment, I mused to myself, “Lisa, why do I think you have all the answers?”  

    I’m sure that with “their expertness,” they probably can discern a means of your “addy” via a download.  But what I meant is that I went 3rd party way, so to speak, didn’t download to my hard-drive (what’s left of it) and downloaded directly to a DVD, avoiding my hard-drive.  So, I’m thinking I must’ve defeated the purpose.  So, I’ll probably just reinvent the wheel so as to be sure.  

    And, as I’ve said and you say, “hopefully, it will never be needed.” Hopefully, never, ever!

  62. tahoebasha3

    I had often wondered where you went to.  I’m sorry that you’ve had back problems and the surgery, which has probably incapacitated you beyond words.  I’ve known people with chronic back problems (related to disc displacements, etc. and it’s awful, because they were/are  never free of pain).  Sorry for your experience. I hope your surgery is one of success and, gradually, you will be free of pain.  

  63. dharmasyd

    …but you truly have come back with a real flasher.

    Glad to see/hear you.  We need to keep working now more than ever.  But when your back gets tired, just think and dream for that will manifest in more goodness.

  64. Lisa Lockwood

    The surgery went really really well, so the pain I was having is almost gone. No more numbness and fireants crawling along my arms. Yay!

    My neurosurgeon urged me to limit my sitting/typing/computer time for a while to help the healing process, since it’s my second go round with disc removal and spinal fusion.

    So far, so good. I really appreciate your comment. Didn’t think my absence was even a blip on the radar… so thanks for noticing 😉

  65. dharmasyd

    …especially due to my chronic blog tardiness.

  66. tahoebasha3

    So glad it’s going well for you!

    Life is certainly hard enough, just as it is, but with constant physical or mental pain, it’s sooo much harder.

    I hope, with the time, exercise, will be a part of your curriculum.  I’ve had a number of health issues — but, I’ve been exercising.  Really helps!  Cheers!  :)

    The thing here, on this site, it seems that people come and they go, but, more often than not, they invariably show up again — at some point!  

  67. wolverine06

    some just lurk in the background waiting to “pounce” on whatever feels good.  

    Can you believe I got my DL back?

  68. tahoebasha3

    I am so glad for you — one less stress!

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