Oct 23

Massive Stretches of Oil Found by Fisherman

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Yes, by god it looks all gone to me.

Thank you for your help, Mr Obama.  


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    • Edger on October 24, 2010 at 12:09 am

    Fisherman’s been out on the water all alone too long.  

    The oil’s all gone, dontcha know? Just ask BP, I mean Obama… 😉

  1. with more pix.

    Will the rest of the MSM pick it up?  Don’t hold your breath.  

  2. Everything but everything is a matter of “cache” this or that!

    BP has, as you know, since about July, 2010, onward, disallowed anyone and everyone (journalists, scientists, et al. [except their own hired scientists for legal purposes] anywhere remotely close to their operations in the Gulf.  Obviously, the EPA, Energy Dept. and whoever, approve of this “closed circuit.”

    On September 19, 2010, to Oceana and its petition, I responded as follows:

    I learned the very same day of the “removal of the ban on deepwater drilling” that it was announced and I was STUNNED!

    BP has continued its use of the toxic Coexit to this very day and sea life in the columns die resultantly.  Coastal residents and workers continue to suffer the insufferable vapors of oil mixed with Coexit and there is no way to assess the extent of the ecological and “food chain” damage that has been caused by BP’s criminal negligence.  

    Apparently, we are a nation that JUST CAN’T GET IT!  The sea waters and life are at risk and the phytoplankton has decreased by 40% since 1950, and global warming was increased by the BP disaster, to say nothing of our criminal wars — the biggest polluters of all.  But the point is — WE are destroying our planet and not so gradually either.  What does it take to get the government to understand that we cannot, cannot afford another BP like disaster ANYWHERE period!  What does it take to get us to turn to energy alternatives and away from the insatiable GREED of oil people, at the expense of “nature” and all forms of life?

    What does it take to wake this country up?


  3. or an artifact of the optics. Everyone knows the unaccounted for oil is on the seabed… or on it’s way to Ireland.

  4. Not one.  

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