Mishima Leaves Daily Kos On A Huffy

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Why am I leaving Daily Kos? Oh there are so many reasons one cannot even comprehend them using 10% of their Liberal minds.

You won’t recognize Anpan Man as a legitimate primary challenger to President Obama you see him as nothing but TOAST!


I can’t come to America and purchase school girls unmentionables from a vending machine. What kind of country do you live in anyway?


There is no museum dedicated to the Ramen Gods. I ask you is your country even civilized?


Where are the Damn Maid Cafes?


How I can be a part of a so “Called Liberal Blog” that doesn’t embraced these profoundly ridiculous ideas and concepts.  

So I’m leaving Daily Kos On A Huffy hopefully I won’t be to tired from all that pedaling.


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  1. Xanthe
  2. RiaD

  3. RiaD

    this has me laughing so hard!


  4. Translator

    Now tell me, how are you and your folks holding up in Japan?  

    I have seen the coverage about the “small” critical events at the stricken reactors, and know that this is bad news for the workers there.  I feel for them, and hope for a miracle for their healing.

    But I must confess that I am also concerned for you and yours.  Please let us know that you and yours are well.

    Warmest regards,


  5. cs

    … get lots of recs by posting this, but unfortunately, I seem to have come a day or so too late. So another try here (and if somebody finds the subtitled version that got pulled from Youtube somewhere, please tell me):

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