Burns Like a Red Coal Carpet

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Ronald Reagan . . .

I’ve spoken of the Shining City On a Hill all my political life, but I don’t know if I ever quite communicated what I saw when I said it. But in my mind it’s a tall proud city built on rocks stronger than oceans, wind-swept, God-blessed, and teeming with people of all kinds living in harmony and peace, a city with free ports that hummed with commerce and creativity,

Well . . . he got wind-swept right.

Everything got blown away except the illusions.  They’re still here.

This used to be the Department of Justice . . .

Ionic columns on the Department of Justice building (Photo 2)

It’s the Department of Complicity now.  

Everyone there knows damn well that the rule of law is long gone, it got buried ten-feet-deep under the amber waves of grain by the politicians, profit-chasers, and hypocrites of the corporate media machine, who are all either directly involved in systemic fraud and abuses of power or are complicit in the ongoing cover ups that have been concocted in order to keep covering up the cover ups of all the earlier cover ups.

In a rare moment of candor, George H. W. Bush explained why the political, economic, and media elites are so fond of this perpetual, bipartisan, across-the-board, you cover my ass and I’ll cover yours partnership they’ve forged with one another . . .

“If the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us.”

We have a BINGO. Thank you for playing, Poppy.

I don’t know how much longer that crime syndicate you all call a government will last, but the Clusterfuck Meter has been redlining for 30 years, the warning sirens are wailing in the control rooms of Karma, the Clock of Justice is still ticking on the Websites of Truth, and you are going to be held accountable. For your wars and your torture, for your CIA and NSA and TSA, for those pig circuses you call elections and felons you call candidates, for that propaganda machine you call the media and shining junkyard on a hill you call an economy.

The vigilant guardians of freedom at the Department of Homeland Security have concluded that prudent measures may need to be taken soon because of the inability of millions of Americans to fully appreciate the wisdom of their leaders, the inspiring accomplishments of Congress, and the awesomeness of Wall Street.  

OpEdNews . . .

The Feds have ordered over 1 billion rounds of ammo in 2012 alone. They received 750,000,000 in March and are awaiting another 450,000,000 arriving soon. All in conjunction with large-scale orders for riot gear, bulletproof checkpoint outposts with red and green stoplights, human-shaped paper practice targets, and other crowd control and containment equipment.

What?  No subhuman-shaped paper practice targets?  

The concerns of the DHS stem from their belief in an impending collapse of the U.S. dollar as the world’s primary reserve currency, and their fear that a significant portion of the population is already armed and will rise up over the crash of our monetary system. Hagmann’s sources confirmed the ongoing fear of a U.S. dollar collapse at the hands of the Chinese and possibly the Russians in retaliation for aggressive U.S. foreign policy initiatives against Chinese and Russian strategic allies like Iran and Syria.

I don’t know if the dollar will collapse, I don’t know if there’ll be blood in the streets, but I know government corruption is burning like a red coal carpet, that mad bull has lost its way.


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  1. Rusty1776

    H/t to Tahoe for the OpEdNews article.

  2. tahoebasha3

    that the Feds were well aware of the havoc they were wreaking and realize they had to make sure they were ready for whatever repercussions that may have been or might become forthcoming?  Actually, these notions ALL started with Bush, et al. It began with things like the National Emergency Act (which, I believe, is now referred to as the NDAA). That Act was pretty inclusive, too.  It contemplated national emergencies, in which event, the Feds would take over.  Medical information was to be made available to the Feds about all persons, i.e., illnesses, diseases, disabilities, etc.  (Doctors’ offices are now paying some $300,000 for the software that the Feds sell them to input information about every patient.)  Just a small aspect of the reality.

    A worse reality is that it is WE who are paying for all these purchases made by the Feds, as quoted above:

    The Feds have ordered over 1 billion rounds of ammo in 2012 alone. They received 750,000,000 in March and are awaiting another 450,000,000 arriving soon. All in conjunction with large-scale orders for riot gear, bulletproof checkpoint outposts with red and green stoplights, human-shaped paper practice targets, and other crowd control and containment equipment.

    Kinda’ reminiscent of a time in history when detainees were ordered to dig their own graves . . . . . .  !

    As to whether or not the dollar will collapse, well, it could most definitely happen.  Since we are so indebted to China, it could, realisticly, happen if we ire China sufficiently . . . . they could simply pull the rug out from under us and . . . . . !

    Thanks for this, Rusty!


  3. Rusty1776
  4. Rusty1776
  5. we are stardust

    I retired from Home, but can still be found at my Posterous.


    Great post.  ;o)

  6. Rusty1776

    In fact we’re paying for everything, and most of it is being used against us.

    Other than that, things are going really well.

    Thanks again for the articles, Tahoe.  

  7. tahoebasha3

    But I think you and I have been trailing the realities for quite some time now . . . . just seeing it in words helps, if nothing else, to confirm that we are not yet insane!

    Damn straight, we’re paying for everything!  Two unfunded wars, to say nothing of our little excursions here and there, i.e, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, South Africa, etc. Bush Tax Cuts, which cost us a heap.  Bailouts for those who committed crimes against us — basically, out and out theft of us, the costs of private prisons, etc.  It goes on and on AT OUR EXPENSE.  Meantime, everything and anything is being done to assure that 99% of the people are left with virtually nothing:  not education, not healthcare, not decent jobs, you just name it.  The goal?  Of course, a 3rd world status . . . only then, and then, only, would GE, et al. consider coming back to this country, so they could continue a unilateral position here instead of there.  I say, fork ’em.  We need to create new companies here on our own and snuff the big ones out!  And, mind you, there are just such people here in this country trying to do just that, but are met with incredible bureaucracy.

  8. Rusty1776

    Paris skyline

  9. tahoebasha3

    I would not mind that one bit —  unfortunately, Paris is very, very expensive, but Europeans’ wages have been much greater than ours for a long time, plus they have healthcare, paid for vacations, many benefits that Americans have never had!

    A number of years ago, because I have a French passport, I had decided that’s where I wanted to go (it was still early enough to be able to get in on some of the benefits, as well as those I had earned here).  Unfortunately, “life” had other plans for me — illness, financial stress because of the illness, job problems (you don’t want to know why). . . . all prevented me from pursuing that which I really wanted to do.  (Finances suffered because of the illness, etc.)  So, I had to dig my way out of all that, in order to just survive . . . .  etc. etc., etc.

  10. Rusty1776

  11. tahoebasha3

    home sweet shack of a home!

    Or, this:   Dimensions:

    8 WIDE, X 15 LENGTH, X 13 HIGH

    What’s a little claustrophobia????

  12. Rusty1776
  13. banger

    this on cnn: http://www.cnn.com/2012/09/21/

    We will have to downsize no matter what scenario we face. As it is the houses we live in are, generally, too big and are big almost solely for status needs.  

  14. Rusty1776
  15. tahoebasha3

    or an unreal one! It might be just a passing fad, too!

    Whatever the case may be.  

    Can’t you just see/imagine the “elite” musing to themselves to see people living in “pea pods?,” while they live in mansion splendor?  

    On the other side of the coin, for those who are more than willing to re-adjust their living standards to that of a “pea pod,” they logic that they are chucking the life that imposed on their very beings, i.e., the bloodsucking jobs, their creativity, etc.  They have found the means to live and work as they TRULY want to — to have more time for their real “loves,” and bound by very little in terms of utlities, property taxes, etc.  

    Myself, although I find the idea of little “pea pods” to live in an alluring idea/ideal, I probably wouldn’t last long — suffer tremendous claustrophobia — I mean “big time.”  O.K., so, I might be able to do 500 sq. ft. (maybe).  

    So, I guess that big fallen down barn of Rusty’s will have to be it for me — space, man, space.  Maybe, it could be fixed up a little!  LOL!  (Or a lot!)  

  16. Rusty1776
  17. Rusty1776
  18. tahoebasha3
  19. Rusty1776
  20. tahoebasha3
  21. Rusty1776

    She recced the diary, so I know she came by, so I thanked her for dropping by and reading my diary.

  22. Rusty1776

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