2012 Presidential Debate 1

I’m sure you’re all looking forward to this with the same breathless anticipation I am.  Stop holding your breath, you’ll turn blue and pass out.  What about…

The Hypnotoad

"Television is a vast wasteland"

Jon hosts Rand Paul, Stephen has Kenny Rogers.  More programming at Zap2it.

I’m thinking Red Sox/Yankees last day of the season pre-play-off Baseball followed by How Booze Built America, so we can certainly chat about that.  Of course if you want to talk politics I’ll ask you to step to the back of the bar and try not to disturb the other customers.

This is a respectable joint.

Oh, so you want to talk politics.

Romney is done and has been since April or May.  Perhaps we have finally reached the nadir (that’s a terribly bad pun) of what the Republican Party can offer, remember the reason he’s the nominee is that like John Kerry he has “electability”.

History is not kind to Massachusetts candidates.

For more effective evil you have the ‘Hey, we’re not as crazy as those guys’ Party who proudly parade around as if their ‘D’ Belly hides the fact that they are just as corrupt only sneakier.

Watch live streaming video from democracynow at livestream.com

DemocracyNow is hosting special debate coverage including responses by Jill Stein of the Green Party and Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party which I’m hopeful TheMomCat will be able to embed for you.


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  1. Talking about you Jim.

  2. Economy- Jobs

  3. No shit.

  4. As if the plays were sent in from the side.

  5. No shit.

  6. Indeed.

  7. Admits he’s only talking about 3%.

  8. Which is true.

  9. In case you’re keeping time.

  10. Squirrels!

  11. But regulation bad.

  12. of this debate.

    What I did catch was that Romney was, in essence, continually “talking down” to Pres. Obama — wonder if anyone else noted that as well.

    Romney made all kinds of promises as to what he would do in relation to so many issues, but not one explanation as to how he would do it!  He continually berated Obama for that which he had not done, particularly, in the economic scene, glossing over all the obstruction Obama has faced with respect to his efforts to continually improve the economic prospects.  Romney came up with a “lotta’ stuff he hadn’t heretofore mentioned” re healthcare and a sundry of issues, taxes, etc., with unrealistic solutions or such offered.

    The bottom line is:  Are any of us the wiser for having heard/seen these debates?  

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