Liar Beats Moral Coward In First “Presidential” Debate

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I have no further commentary, no further commentary is necessary.  

Here’s some music for you . . .

Here’s some more . . .

Here’s a photo of voters heading to the polls as early voting begins . . .


And here’s T.S. Eliot with some final observations . . .

After the torch-light red on sweaty faces,

After the frosty silence in the gardens,

After the agony in stony places,

The shouting and the crying.

Prison and place and reverberation,

Of thunder of spring over distant mountains,

He who was living is now dead,

We who were living are now dying.


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  1. Rusty1776
  2. Rusty1776
  3. tahoebasha3

    This is the least wordiest I’ve ever heard from you!

  4. TMC

    for the next debate. Every time Obama agrees with Romney his supporters have to drink a shot of something at least 90 Proof. Whenever Romney lies his supporters must do the same. That should put them all into alcoholic comas for the duration of the election giving one of the 3rd party candidates a better chance of getting elected. Anyone is better than either of these two

  5. Lasthorseman

    Something from the “right” leaning side of Jesusland stuck in my mind recently.  I am talking about this “Pray the Gay away flap.  Now don’t get me wrong here because I happen to be a live and let live guy but on “the left” it is a whole mindset of proper thinking and political correctness speak which really strikes me as Clockwork Orangeishness.  

    I have spoken about the Pavlovianism that is lamestream media and I love the sheeple picture, so most here get my drift.

    I mean which globalist puppet has already been annointed.  Why keep us in suspense.

  6. polm

    franky, I was not impressed by either one of them.

  7. tahoebasha3

    A nation full of zombied drunk voters!

  8. Rusty1776
  9. RUKind

    Always vote third party. It helps them get on the next election ballot if they get some certain percent of the vote (15?).

    We need your vote. Walk the walk and make your vote something you can be proud of.

  10. Rusty1776

    I could only afford 28 this time.

    So Pink Floyd, T.S. Eliot, and some sheep helped me out, and I appreciate it.

  11. tahoebasha3

    They say it’s golden!  http://planetsmilies.net/tongue-smiley-8849.gif

  12. Rusty1776
  13. tahoebasha3
  14. Rusty1776
  15. Rusty1776
  16. tahoebasha3

    It was YOU who called him a f….. idiot, not me!  Grrrrr!

    And you couldn’t even understand why you got banned from his blog website.  I tried to explain it to you, but you didn’t GET IT!

  17. tahoebasha3

    The thing is this!  Nothing probably matters that much, except that if Romney were to get in, we would see instant evaporation of all that we have left, WE, being the upper poor.  

    So long as lobbyists from major corporations can put mega bucks into the hands of politicians; so long as the Military Industrial Complex can continue to call the shots Internationally, and even domestically, as concerns all military/war efforts, we’re NOT going to see any huge difference in terms of the direction of this country.  I would like to think otherwise, but that’s mostly pipe-dreaming.  

    And, all of this is without consideration to Citizens United, the voter suppression efforts, etc.

    Unless and until we find a means to remove money from the corporatists’ efforts to continually “influence” (mafia style) our politicians and unless and until we have real honest to goodness elections, meaning dollar limits for all candidates, equal air time/exposure, etc., eliminate the electoral college, have run-off voting, I really don’t see how you can begin to clean up this run-away corporatacry/military complex!  

  18. Rusty1776

    That doesn’t sound like something I’d say, I have immense respect for politicians.

  19. Rusty1776
  20. Rusty1776
  21. tahoebasha3

    You’re as good as Romney!

  22. Rusty1776
  23. tahoebasha3

    . . . . . not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin!!!!

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