Live Stream of Hurricane Sandy

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  1. TMC
  2. tahoebasha3

    shuts off power to part of Lower Manhattan due to Sandy!

    Con Edison shuts off power to part of Lower Manhattan 29 Oct 2012

    New York power company Consolidated Edison Inc said on Monday that it had shut off power to part of Lower Manhattan to protect company equipment and customers and to allow for quicker restoration after Hurricane Sandy passes. [Hmm. Remember when the Bush-owned ‘security’ company pulled the bomb-sniffing dogs from the WTC — and cut all power — the weekend before the 9/11 inside job? With the shutdown of bridges, tunnels and mass transit, all they need now is one big fat false flag. Call me ‘paranoid,’ but I’ve seen USociopaths in action numerous times and there is nothing they would not do for control and profit. –LRP]

    I’m not saying I specifically agree with CLG, but it does kinda’ cause some concern, particularly, since our elections are just a week away.

  3. Shaharazade

    Momcat. I believe you live in NYC and probably don’t have power and won’t be reading this anytime soon but still stay safe and see you later.  

  4. TMC

    in the ER near my home, tonight and through until tomorrow morning . We are all safe. ek  has no power and doesn’t know when it will be back on. Most of Staten Island is without power & the hospitals are on generators.

    The storm has somewhat subsided so has the flow of wet people who really don’t need to be in an ER, just in some dry clothes. A good portion of South, Midland & the Eastern shore is under several feet of water. The main hospital ER in Ocean Breeze is only accessible through the back of the hospital or by boat. Yes, they are bringing them in by boat.

    They put me in charge of this disaster at our “little hospital by the sea” because I handle them so well. This is a walk on the park after Haiti. To some extent amusing because it was all avoidable if people had just left for the night. This started getting worse late this afternoon and at high tide around 8:30. I have little sympathy for fools who have money and privilege who think that the police, fire & EMS should be there at their whim but look down on those who have far less.

    The last couple that arrived by EMS, wrapped in blankets had driven head long into a flooded road way after steering around a floating Clothing Contribution container and an ambulance with its lights on. There were already several cars partially submerged that the occupants had just been rescued. Since all the other emergency crews had left, it was the EMS Medics & some civilians who risked their safety to rescue this clueless duo. after all that could this pair say thank you? No, they were pissed because the crew didn’t take them home. Seriously. They are now in the lobby getting coffee & sandwiches from the Red Cross.

    Stupid should be more painful.

  5. tahoebasha3

    last night, as well as a few other sites . . ..  what tremendous force and consequent damage.

    I had momentarily forgotten, TMC, that you live in New York (not sure which part).  It’s good to know that you are O.K. and that others in your area are faring O.K.  It’s a shame there’s so little gratitude coming from those in your ER that had sought help, received it and still weren’t satisfied . . . . . . and couldn’t muster up even a “thank you.”  Why do such people feel as though they’re entitled to so much????

  6. tahoebasha3

    October 30, 2013

    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A massive transformer explosion rocked a Con Edison plant Monday night as Superstorm Sandy raged.

    The explosion occurred just before 8:30 p.m. at the plant at 14th Street and the Franklin D. Roosevelt East River Drive. It was blamed for knocking out power to much of Manhattan. Power was down from 39th Street south all the way to the southern tip of Manhattan.

    Con Ed said it could take up to a week for repairs to be made, and for power to be restored to the tens of thousands of customers left in the dark.

    It was not immediately learned whether the explosion was directly related to the storm. It happened as Con Ed intentionally cut power to 65,000 customers in Lower Manhattan in an effort to protect equipment and allow for quicker restoration.

    Another power loss occurred at Con Ed’s Central Command Station at about the same time, but that explosion has since been repaired.

    As of early Tuesday, a total of about 4.1 million customers served by Con Edison, LIPA, PSEG, JCP&L, Connecticut Light and Power, Orange & Rockland, and NYSEG were without power. A customer is defined by a power meter, meaning that far more than 3,570,000 people were in the dark. . . . . .(emphasis mine)

    “Con Ed said it could take up to a week for repairs to be made . . . .”  That means there will probably be quite a lot of problems for some people to get to the polls . . . . !

  7. TMC

    who only care about their own needs and comforts.

    We have had our share of tragedy. We have a woman who was critically injured when a huge wave struck her house. Her 13 year old daughter was killed and her husband is still missing. We transferred her today to the main hospital’s trauma unit.

    ek is most likely still without power & internet. I can only imagine his boredom. I try to call him tonight when cell service is less spotty.

    All my neighbors have only generator power. I have solar with generator back up. Con Ed is telling everyone 4 to 10 days before full service is restored. They work on the areas with the most customers out first, with individual outages last. I’m good as long as the sun comes up in the morning. :-)

  8. tahoebasha3

    the Ayn Rands of our society?  Whatever!

    One never wishes to bury one’s young . . . . very sad story and still not told.  The injuries/death are probably mostly caused by freakish events in these circumstances . . . . such that is inimaginable, unless a witness . . . . !

    ek?  He will epitomize the freak of Halloween, no doubt, by his sheer boredom.  Apart from his power and Internet outage, he is lucky that boredom is ALL he has to contend with, nonetheless!

    It’s good that you and your neighbors have generator power.  Yes, having solar and generator back up can only be a, hopefully, real plus.  So, we’ll just pray pour le soleil chaque jour

    Wishing the best outcome for you and all those severely afflicted in New York, New Jersey, and elsewhere!  So many heartbreaking stories across the eastern coast!

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