Oct 29

Live Stream of Hurricane Sandy

(8 pm. – promoted by ek hornbeck)


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    • TMC on October 29, 2012 at 7:09 am
  1. shuts off power to part of Lower Manhattan due to Sandy!

    Con Edison shuts off power to part of Lower Manhattan 29 Oct 2012

    New York power company Consolidated Edison Inc said on Monday that it had shut off power to part of Lower Manhattan to protect company equipment and customers and to allow for quicker restoration after Hurricane Sandy passes. [Hmm. Remember when the Bush-owned ‘security’ company pulled the bomb-sniffing dogs from the WTC — and cut all power — the weekend before the 9/11 inside job? With the shutdown of bridges, tunnels and mass transit, all they need now is one big fat false flag. Call me ‘paranoid,’ but I’ve seen USociopaths in action numerous times and there is nothing they would not do for control and profit. –LRP]

    I’m not saying I specifically agree with CLG, but it does kinda’ cause some concern, particularly, since our elections are just a week away.

  2. Momcat. I believe you live in NYC and probably don’t have power and won’t be reading this anytime soon but still stay safe and see you later.  

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