Dirty Hippies vs. Geeks – Football on a different plane

(7:30 pm.  Coverage starts @ 8 pm on ABC. – promoted by ek hornbeck)

Yeah, yeah, I know that Arabs and Jews are savaging each other while Arabs are doing even worser to each other, the .1 percenters continue looting us 99.9 percenters while another Great Dying like that 250 million years ago may finish the job this time.

But there are more immediate concerns.

When did you ever hear of a more classy football game than hippies vs. geeks except for the football game between heaven and hell.  [“What are you laughing at, Devil?” asked St. Peter. “We have all the great coaches and great players of the past.”  Satan could not contain his laughter.  “We have all the referees.”]

Every literate person knows Stanford is an Ivy League-class school but I am not sure how many know that Eugene, Oregon where the Oregon Ducks waddle around when they aren’t flying to the goal line is hippie heaven.

Oregon is #1 rated in the nation by all but the high-speed idiots and a three-touchdown favorite by the gambling sort but is a wounded duck despite its hyper-accelerated offense.  Freshmen were taken from their warm benches for defense last week and about all that were left were the cheerleaders to fill in.  Oregon has even been discussing using one of  its superstar receivers (in lieu of cheerleaders or waterboys or watergirls) to contain the scholars.  Hey, we might have triple digit scores on both sides.  

Football may never be the same with a budding Greek tragedy in view.


   An ancient school where morality and philosophy were taught.


   [from ACADEME] A modern school where football is taught.

– The Devil’s Dictionary

Best,  Terry


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  1. terryhallinan
  2. ek hornbeck

    As near as I can tell.  I don’t follow College Throwball much.

  3. ek hornbeck
  4. ek hornbeck
  5. ek hornbeck

    Oregon penalized 15 for protesting illegal lineman downfield.

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  14. ek hornbeck

    95 yard scoring drive.

  15. ek hornbeck
  16. ek hornbeck
  17. Robyn

    …think are no academic slouches.  Just so you know.

    Go Ducks.

  18. ek hornbeck
  19. ek hornbeck
  20. ek hornbeck

    Will a tie stand?  Don’t know.

  21. ek hornbeck
  22. ek hornbeck

    Announcers talking like OT is possible.

  23. ek hornbeck

    Possessions start at opponent’s 25.

  24. ek hornbeck
  25. ek hornbeck

    Why this is significant I don’t know.

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  28. ek hornbeck

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