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Hi All,

I haven’t been around for a period of time, largely as a result of how things have ended up at my favorite (and only group I’ve ever joined) blog. Thank you, MomCat for keeping this alive.

My thought is re President Carter. This guy was a true visionary. His concerns with respect to energy and climate change, had they been taken seriously, would surely have left our country and the world in a better place. Further, when he spoke of true shared sacrifice, then Gov Raegan, ridiculed the idea that Americans had a responsibility not only to ourselves but to the rest of the planet as well. “there you go again”.

I ask those of you who are wiser than myself, to help me understand how our political discourse has become so shallow and self serving.

President Romney? That thought is nothing less than terrifying.

Thanks for your ear(s).



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  1. ek hornbeck

    Jimmy as a past-President has certainly worked his faith.

    This is the result of this particular site and I’d hope it would be among everyone’s favorites because it is primarily a product of your contributions of content.

    TheMomCat and I simply provide a framework.

    How has our discourse become so shallow and self serving?  I blame myself, I’m a mile wide and an inch deep.

    But I do it for free.

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  2. crossroads

    You were absolutely correct re postings and when they might appear. That coupled with my half-baked internet connection, leaves me as embarrassed as I’ve ever been .

    Sincerest and heart felt apologises for my jumping to incorrect conclusions. Hope you’re able to accept my humble request for your understanding.

  3. banger

    Because the American people and American culture is shallow. American citizens do not want to look at reality but prefer fantasies and that is what they get. Politicians skew the fantasies to the gullible with aid from the mainstream media’s ability to frame issues into a narrow band of allowable discourse that just happens to benefit the plutocrats.

    I see no hope of any sane political or economic ideas ever coming out of the  mainstream culture. I’ve seen a myriad of great ideas about every single collective issue we face from great minds, scholars, scientists and so on that are utterly ignored by the mainstream media so as to keep the people in ignorance. This is deliberate and political.

    Americans are confused and stupified by too much entertainment, too many games, too many toys, too much sports, too much celebrity gossip, too much “reality” TV and a stunningly degrading view of human beings as “consumers” and so on.

  4. terryhallinan

    Obviously Jimmy Carter is a great, great ex-president but I do not think he was a great president.

    It is most bizarre.  Carter was elected as a reaction to Nixon, one of two liberal administrations of the 20th Century.  The other was Wilson’s.

    Both Nixon and Wilson were hated for very good reason despite the good they did.  Both were antisemitic hate mongers that spoiled their otherwise sterling accomplishments.

    I skipped over the interregnum by the sort of genius that fought inflation with WIN (Whip Inflation Now) buttons.

    Carter turned the clock back on Nixon’s newly discovered Keynesiasm, decreed the government was bad, bad, bad, etc., etc.

    I have no wish to go on because I admire your obvious earnestness and applaud your hero post-presidency.

    The best men do not always make the best leaders somehow.

    All JMO.

    Best,  Terry

  5. crossroads

    Thank for your reply, Ek. I’d hoped my first essay (shallow as it is) would generate more dialog. You’re correct, I suppose, about blaming ourselves to some extent but the divisiveness and hate in the air benefit none of us and (if I was religious), would pray for an end to the self serving antics of those who were chosen to represent our interests.

  6. ek hornbeck

    so it can take a while for things to develop and I see nothing in your essay that infringes on my trademark vapidity and self serving antics.

    So, you know, like drop by whenever.  We don’t bite.


  7. crossroads

    In the only other exchange you and I have ever engaged in, you chose to belittle my attempt to lighten the tone of an otherwise intense conversation. For whatever reason, you’ve decided  to treat this endeavor likewise. I’ve been quite humbled by by journey and would ask you’d consider saving your ‘bad assed’approach to those around you till you’ve walked in their shoes. I’ve offered nothing offensive, yet you’ve given me goose eggs and what seems to be ridicule.

    I won’t intrude upon this site further. If this isn’t worthy of ‘hidden comments’, I can’t imagine what is.

    Notwithstanding any of this, I offer best regards,Bill  

  8. terryhallinan

    I don’t subscribe to the notion that Americans are notably more shallow than others.

    The first great genocide of the 20th Century was that of the Armenians by the Turks.  A book I read on the subject too many years ago than I would care to remember was probably of the “historical novel” genre but I have very personal acquaintance with such a novel that was more true to facts than any history I ever read, perhaps any ever written.  Even the names remained unchanged.

    There was a scene with the leaders of two factions discussing submission or revolt that was much like the cliche of primitives with tribal chiefs arguing for war or peace at a campfire.  The result was the peaceniks separated from the warriors and were imprisoned and slaughtered.  The warmongers fought – and were slaughtered.

    A momentous decision was decided democratically in an informal election.  

    Further decisions were also arrived at by informal democracy among those fighting for their very survival and mostly hindered the fight.  It seemed maintaining personal property and autonomy was often far more important than the good of the war effort for survival.

    “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others.” – Winston Churchill

    Best,  Terry

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