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If I was in charge of the FCC which hands out “licenses” for public broadcast stations I would not renew this station for the criminal nonsense of touting TV shows as newsworthy topics.  It’s actually not news, they can’t report on real news.  I have my alternate sources of news, which makes lamestream not lamestream anymore but something far more offensive.  A programming device plus a commercialized venue designed to make you feel good.

Rather than a rehashed regurgitation of the news of about three, the wife and I counted them on “news” channel seven just this very night real news for me is.


Truth be told this particular truTV video is a summation of hours upon hours of Project Camelot’s venue which IMHO falls short or rather is/has been influenced by the sort of lamestream genre of dramatization.  Even alternate news has been compromised?   Can it be?

OK, so Barry Soetoro “won” and the gun shops are doing excellent.  More “taxes” on the rich but also far more “green carbon taxes” on everybody.  War on Iran next Tuesday and minimum wage jobs at McDonalds abound.  Hey I always aspired to be a Best Buy “customer fullfillment specialist” whatever that means.


Mr Peace Prize indeed.


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One Third, I truely believe it!


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