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Can and do parse my comments and diaries for content which does now echo the feel good propaganda distrationary nature of feel good lamestream commmercial for profit/propaganda/what/how you “vill” think news.

Am I that disgusted by the current plight of the human sheeple condition?   Yes I am.  Do I see solutions?  Well yeah but the message gets lost in the din that is the world is gonna end like tomorrow.

Oh, look, it’s a cute kitty.

WTF can’t you people focus on this end of the world shit or not.

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that, much like lamestream TV the very internet itself is useless to the advancement of what I think I might like to do this late in my life.  It is useful in trying to sell shit, trying to learn shit yet it is also much like the technological distractions of the self checkouts, those recorded conversations which your credit card banking assholians or the save money on your car insurance emails you click on and they scare the living crap out of you by parroting back your entire life history.

Did you/do you have a work history as a “certified” fork truck driver when I used to be a senior engineer for a global company.  Yeah, well I did have/ might be able to find my fork lift drivers license from 1982. Oh, but that is not considered current as it has expired.  Will you submit to a drug test.  yeah I don’t do drugs and I am not prescriptionally on something you ask your doctor for, as such I have been outside of the medical surveillance complex for several years now which does make me perhaps medically uninsurable and as such unemployable.  I never get flu shots, I have never seen a single episode of Dancing with the Stars, I can document multiple supposedly independent media outlets promoting Faux News and Dancing with the Stars in “news” stories, I might not get along with the retarded sheeple you tend to employ nor do I speak Spanish.  I am conversational in German, I can wire,plumb a house manage horses,weld things, maintain laser systems, interpret MSDS toxic chemicals, call bullshit on asshole politicians,wire and program your home security system, fix/build computers, create a business plan yet I am unemployed which means the current socialist collectivism of today is totally wasting it’s fucking resources due to the simple fact that all of them have their heads embedded in their assholes.


  1. Lasthorseman

    I do have that knowledge about a world which was not so fucked up one generation ago.  As such I have become unemployable in my skill set.  If you are not in “health care” it will happen to you too.  Oh, and even if you are in health care your future life will suck if you are lower than a doctor

  2. terryhallinan

    It’s just a question with no trap or guile or evil intent.  I ask only because I do not understand your desire or whatever blacklist you may be on or all kinds of things.

    I met a lady in San Francisco working at the San Francisco Zoo who is surviving on disability pay.  I don’t know what she did previously nor do I recall the nature of the disability but she performs vital functions at the zoo.  

    She was still conversing with the female gorilla I believe.  She could tell of the storm of protest through angry calls when the Siberian tiger killed a teenager.  The vast majority of callers were extremely upset the tiger had been killed.  Her knowledge of the condition of certain captive and wild animals is encyclopedic and she showed me some of the deep research she is involved in.

    A new Very Important Asshole hired by a newly elected city administration raised holy hell when he found an unpaid volunteer with so much authority and a storm brewed at City Hall – and I guess blew over.

    I have to believe the zoo volunteer could probably have found some work at the level of a WalMart greeter if standing were not a problem for instance.  But surely the world is a better place with the lady doing vital work though WalMart shoppers may be missing a grunted greeting from an unhappy worker in chains.

    I am not suggesting in any way that you, LH, or I or anyone retired, voluntarily or involuntarily, should aspire to climb somehow to a pinnacle like the zoo lady has.  It is to me more stunning than the most incredible feat at any Olympics – except maybe that downhill skier many years ago. :-)

    I will tell you that should Obama finally agree oh so reluctantly to starve us all, I would not take a job requiring me to watch Dancing With The Stars for pay to avoid starvation.  

    I would rather be a WalMart greeter and I wouldn’t take that job either.

    Best,  Terry

  3. Lasthorseman

    I am subsidizing a horse farm our clients absolutely love, it will however never be profitable enough to sustain what our families used to have in the lower class suburban American lifestyle we used to idyllically enjoy.

    OK, so if America is going socialist they are intentionally fucking it up as I have exponential talents in multiple fields that they are not taking advantage of.  My contributions towards the greater collective good are not being used simply because sociopaths in the MyersBriggs assholianism quadrant happen to currently be popular and in vogue.

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