Time Warner Cable Blocks Current TV

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Shorty after 8 PM EST, I was watching Current TV‘s “Viewpoint” with Eliot Spitzer when the feed was abruptly terminated and this message appeared on the screen

TWC Currrent TV

This channel is no longer available on Time Warner Cable.



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I was aware of the news that CurrentTV had been sold to Al jazeera and was under the impression that the current programming would continue for another three months. When the feed stopped, I went to Twitter and found these posts by Ryan Grim

There was brief mention in the Forbes article that TWC had not approved the deal and would drop “drop Current from its menu going forward. TWC’s 12 million  9 million households represent 20%  15% of Current’s total reach.”

But WOW in the middle of a broadcast at 8 PM..

Up Date 21:18 EST: This explains a lot, from Current TV CEO Joel Hyatt’s memo:

  ” Getting this transaction done was very difficult.  One of Current’s distributors, Time Warner Cable, did not consent to the sale to Al Jazeera.  Consequently, Current will no longer be carried on TWC.  This is unfortunate, but I am confident that Al Jazeera America will earn significant additional carriage in the months and years ahead.  In the United Kingdom, it has become the number three news network (behind the BBC and Sky News).  It did that by investing in great programming – as it intends to do in the United States.”

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  1. TMC
  2. mishima

    Al Jazeera during the Iraq war in fact attacking their offices in both Baghdad and Kabul is it any wonder that once the sale was finalize Time Warner removed Current TV. from its system.

  3. ek hornbeck

    it’s all a dispute about rates for eyeballs.

    Al Jazeera says the reason they picked it up is Current (Current!) has better distribution than AJ English and promise a new line up featuring their international content.

    This may be a good thing because many contracts (Jennifer Granholm) are up for renewal.

    All of this make me personally wonder what would have happened if Al Gore had taken Keith Olberman’s advice and invested in some production values instead of a netcam and a black sheet.

    As far as I’m concerned the only properties worth watching are Bill Press, Cenk, and Elliot.

    In the mean time for $15 a month you too can be a respected blog owner scrambling for eyeballs and content.

    But you know that already.  Love to hear what you think about the Japanese elections, the South China Sea, or Fukushima and I expect others would also.

    Congratulations on the new hardware.

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