trifecta (boxed)!

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Here’s what Lord Black (econ PhD & virtually universally well-liked blogger, quoted even by Kthultu) said:

Grow the damn economy and the deficit disappears. The end.

I merely add this observation to “Armando, you ignorant slut,” and “booman’s Christmas ass-kicking,” in order to drive home my point, that not all things are that simple, are they?  Nor should they be to liberals, in particular, the devotees to reality and reason.  These spiraling crises (resources, energy, & econ) are systemic.  So, quit acting like fools.  I always imagined you as smarter, but yer failin’ big.  Republican Big.

I honestly recommend Sir Stirling as a starting point for your madness.  It will help maintain your Earth’s orbit, at least.


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  1. Compound F

    Don’t worry; I’m working up a larger fur ball than these.

  2. ek hornbeck

    I hate Atrios so much I stole virtually my entire act from him (the long quotes are digby).

  3. terryhallinan

    a conservative admires a mountain as it is while a liberal wants to put his house on it.

    Time has turned the world upside down and inside out.  

    No one calling themselves a conservative today gives a damn about mountains.

    We are living in Eric Hofer’s nightmare world without signposts it seems to me.

    Limits were once for conservatives and royalists but now they are the domain of liberals, who care no more for the people than the conservatives once did.

    There is a vast uninhabited desert to the left that is not geographic but remains largely unexplored today.


    Mountains and deserts are lovely places.

    Best,  Terry

  4. banger

    The problem we ignore is we do not answer the question of “why are we alive.” There has to be a point to “growth” or we just act like addicts that want more and more junk or crank.

    There is no such thing as “the economy” except as a kind of religious idea. There is only politics and the economy is how power, privilege and so on are meted out.

    We are speaking nonsense for the most part and need to change our language a bit so that it can more faithfully express our actual situation.

  5. Compound F

    these are people I like.  It’s less than a “free-fire zone,” but it’s bigger than a breadbasket.

  6. Compound F
  7. banger

    You’ve hit upon one of the great symptoms that our system has become toxic. Normally, liberals are agents of change and conservatives agents of stability. As long as these two forces are in relative equillibrium then the sytem is robust and healthy. When conservatives become change-agents and liberals primarily interested in maintaining the status-quo we have a problem. Neither one of them does a good job at what they are best at and the system becomes perverse and a-synergetic.

  8. terryhallinan

    Mountains are always growing.


    Even when they are eroding faster than they are growing, mountains are growing.

    The idea is that mountains have roots far weightier than the mountains above.  As the mountains erode, the base rises.

    But it is in the nature of mountains and living things to grow or they are dying.  

    It is the same with freedom.

    Best,  Terry

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