Can America Survive the Canons of Dort?

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Thanks to Bill Black via ek hornbeck and Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism, I fell off my horse and saw the light after hitting my head.  

Bill Black, the author of The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One and an associate professor of economics and law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Jointly posted with Benzinga

We are in the midst of the blame game about the “Sequester.” I wrote last year about the fact that President Obama had twice blocked Republican efforts to remove the Sequester. President Obama went so far as to issue a veto threat to block the second effort. I found contemporaneous reportage on the President’s efforts to preserve the Sequester – and the articles were not critical of those efforts. I found no contemporaneous rebuttal by the administration of these reports.

In fairness, the Republicans did “start it” by threatening to cause the U.S. to default on its debts in 2011. Their actions were grotesquely irresponsible and anti-American. It is also true that the Republicans often supported the Sequester.

The point I was making was not who should be blamed for the insanity of the Sequester. The answer was always both political parties. I raised the President’s efforts to save the Sequester because they revealed his real preferences.


It wasn’t much like the time I was kicked off a real horse when I was about 8.  Had Eleanor, a cranky little mare who was intelligent enough to hate everything and everybody, connected a mite lower I would have been a girl instead of a boy.  Truth be told, Eleanor was aiming at my horse but her aim was as horrendous as when Bill Clinton  shot a missile at the House Judiciary Committee and hit an aspirin factory in The Sudan.  All I learned that time was that Eleanor probably was part Shetland as rumored, that I didn’t want to be a girl and to watch out for girls even though they appear smaller and weaker.

This time I saw the ancient Canons of Dort still firing from ancient times as I had known from my own childhood they still do but from an unexpected source.

You see my mother was a Lutheran like my wife.  Neither were ever good Lutherans, praise the Lord [snark], but the mark of understanding how the heretical Arminians could differ from Calvinists, even though never voiced, would never occur naturally to one raised in the faith of the Whore of Babylon (Catholics).

A man is visiting from the old country [Finland], our mother told us young ‘uns, and you should be very careful not to raise your voices or run and jump and laugh and smile.  He is a real Lutheran and thinks people must only look grim and think about their sins.

Irish Catholics spend an enormous time thinking and talking about their sins but seldom grimly.

From the handy but often inaccurate Wikipedia, here are the Five Points of Calvinism fired by the Canons of Dort:


Read them if it gives you pleasure but simply stated the elite (the rich and middle classes in today’s parlance) only for whom the Redeemer died are allowed because they are instruments of the Lord while the working classes are sinners who must be forever controlled and punished.

Thus it is absolutely mandatory that Obama must leave as his legacy the path to final destruction of the primary elements of the safety net (Social Security and Medicare). Who knew Obama was a true Calvinist like the Republicans.

The sequester is a fine start and was the Obama Administration’s idea despite denials.

Best,  Terry


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  1. banger

    That’s the Obama’s administration’s focus–to make a political point. He may as well increase political tensions now rather than make happy sounds towards the Rs–demographics are working for the fake left. The Rs want war and have always wanted a take-no-prisoners Machiavellian stance. Obama feels he has the cover early this year to call them out into the field of battle. From the Democratic point of view there is no virtue in compromise right now.

    My hope, long-term, is for people to grasp that underlying all this hooha are real cultural differences between red and blue areas of the country that need to be addressed somehow. I have no idea how–but all this stuff is just stiffening opposition and eventual civil war. There’s a lot of angry and armed white guys around (I live in the South) who are stockpiling guns and ammo in expectation that Obama and his henchmen will try to take their guns–really, they actually believe that and that threat is immanent. BTW, I sympathize with some of that sentiment but people are getting really almost psychotically paranoid.

  2. terryhallinan

    The country that I come from is not the South but Eastern Oregon was once a hotbed of KKK activity and has probably gotten as loony as any gun totting region in the South on the subject.

    Even here in rural Upstate New York the guns of October used to drive our brave German Shepherd to hide under my desk when I was there.

    Our current Black German Shepherd would be more inclined to having his own gun like this spitting image :-)


    Frankly guns even yet are not nearly as strong an issue with me as the radical right turn taken by what seems the whole damn country.

    I am of the opinion that Obama following in the footsteps of Clinton may be a more dangerous threat than the looniest of the Tea Partiers.  Obama is leading us into a theocratic Calvinistic hell and few object.

    “How many times must I be right?” – Paul Krugman

    Matters not a whit, Paul.  Ain’t nobody hardly listening.

    Best,  Terry

  3. banger

    And unlikely to grow. It is older, it remembers the age of sexual and racial superiority and misses it. As they age the movement will dwindle in numbers.

    Part of the reason I don’t see it going very far is that I think there is a developing centrist consensus now and the Democratic Party has parked itself solidly in the center and the center-right leaving the extreme right to the Republicans and the rich–is that enough to win elections? No, in my view.  

  4. terryhallinan

    There are some small stirrings on the fringes of what’s left of the left but the center is way to the right.

    Still I agree with some movement in a good direction.  Signs that a few are not happy with Obama’s willingness to start shredding what’s left of a safety net is hopeful.

    The election of a certain “Cherokee Indian” in Massachusetts was very heart-warming to this person who is married to a lady with some of the same genetic heritage.

    Best,  Terry

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