Apr 15

Dr. Frankenstein Creates Kidneys

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And soon he may do hearts and lungs and other parts and pieces.

Despite liberal gospel, Dr. Frankenstein, under the alias Harald Ott with all his Igors and Igoresses under various aliases, cannot create Frankenstein tomatoes or pound sense into actual liberals, but he may be able to replace worn out parts, even some day maybe a brain that works.

Implantable, Bioengineered Rat Kidney


The baby lab rats aren’t as lucky as all that since they lost a good kidney to get a replacement of Dr. Frankenstein’s artificial kidney that don’t work real good – yet.

Around 18,000 kidney transplants are performed in the U.S. each year, but 100,000 Americans with end-stage kidney disease are still waiting for a donor organ. Even those fortunate enough to receive a transplant face a lifetime of immunosuppressive drugs, which pose many health risks and cannot totally eliminate the incidence of eventual organ rejection.

Hey wouldn’t that be swell if all the people with failing kidneys and failing hearts and failing lungs and failing brains – er, maybe not the latter – could get parts made for them that don’t have to have Igors and Igoresses robbing graves?

I never thought this dream would move this fast but science is funny that way.

We never seem to get to things that are just around the corner but stuff that is way off beyond the horizon suddenly smacks you in the face.

Why can’t we put an end to corners?

Best,  Terry