Lies Your Government Tells You – And How They Do It

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During the Deep Water Horizon spill, Obama put BP in charge of hiding the huge extent of the destruction, they poured in this toxic corexit stuff, and that made the spill much much worse.

This year alone 10% of the manatees in the Gulf have died.

People in the area are having skin lesions and other problems.

Other parts of his body, however, seem to be in perpetual disrepair. Dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, bloody stools and cognitive issues surface intermittently, painful reminders of the toxic assault he and untold others endured following the April 2010 explosion on the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig.

From Huffpo


Several government agencies and BP together hired a public relations firm together to tell lies about the spill to the public, and that same firm – then call Pier System, now  called Witt O’Brians, has been put in charge of lying about the Arkansas tar sands spill.

The criminals are firmly in charge.  


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  1. tahoebasha3

    I’ve seen those lovely commercials showing how beautiful the Gulf is, how wonderful the food is, it’s just glorious, sponsored by BP.  

    The people still suffer and all kinds of mammals have been dying, dolphins, fish, now, manatees, the plankton, etc.  Shrimp have been showing up with one eye only in a mutated form.  The Gulf is and has been dying ever since the BP spill and how could it not?  How much toxins can any species endure?

  2. banger

    Are regional outlets also not covering the story?

    I know that the national mainstream press is the PR arm of the system but sometimes local papers and TV station do get out the news–though mainly they do not.

    Just a side note, Americans are conditioned to “forget” anything that happened last week so once activists gave Obama the benefit of the doubt (yet again) the issue became invisible as are the issues of climate change. If only there were a left-wing movement these issues might have center stage but there is only the right and the center.  

  3. wilberforce

    I haven’t had a chance (or heart) to look at much of it…  

  4. polm

    It’s disgraceful that our government, even now, has allowed this shit to happen.  Our Government doesn’t want people to see the real truth about what’s happening, and, what’s worse is that lots and lots of ordinary, everyday, average people think that’s just fine and dandy.  They’d just as soon not see or hear the facts.  It’s beyond unfortunate.

  5. tahoebasha3

    But, on cursory reads over time, the Gulf is “dead.”  Nobody wants to look at the realities of anything, period!

  6. wilberforce

    in the US media.

  7. wilberforce

    in the US media.

  8. tahoebasha3

    You don’t know what’s going on?  Well, frankly, if you were to turn on the TV to the MSM, you won’t find much difference between one and another, although, MSNBC, attempts to be a little different, and FOX, is off the wall.  But, essentially, there’s nothing to cut your teeth into . . . and they can’t even keep the minutest of details straight from one station to another, so you wind up with up with pretty much a blather of what has been presented to sort through and just throw a brick at the TV (I don’t watch TV, very little), and it’s one pretty announcer and a male cohort after another, with all the same make-up, clothing, gestures from station to station —– ad nauseum!  (I don’t know if you can access these TV stations, but you might try:  Free Speech TV; Current (Al Gore’s TV station); Al Jazeera; Real News Network; RT (Russia Today) — worth trying to find.  

    I got a bug in me over this and did some research.  I’ll just list some links here for those who might wish to peruse them (may not be in good order . . just pick).

    2 Years After the BP Spill: Oceana Says It’s Not If Another Oil Spill Will Happen, But When

    Guest / Energy / Energy Disasters/ April 20, 2012

    How Does the BP Oil Spill Impact Wildlife and Habitat?

    Rosner and Markowitz: Your Body Is a Corporate Test Tube

    Corexit, Oil Dispersant Used By BP, Is Destroying Gulf Marine Life, Scientists Say

    Gulf seafood deformities alarm scientists

    The BP Corexit Japanese Connection – Why Toxic Solvents Were Used & Covered Up

    And, of course, must look at the profit side:

    Time for Investors to Turn their Attention to the Gulf of Mexico [You see, they just don’t care!!]

    By Dan Dicker | Sat, 27 April 2013 00:00

    And, finally, a couple of videos that you may want to watch:

    (One is a local one in Mississippi, lengthy, but she gets her point across, and you note the heartbreak.)

    STORIES FROM THE GULF: Living with the Oil Disaster

    3 Year BP Disaster Anniversary

  9. tahoebasha3

    The longer folks hide their head in the sand and refuse to look at the realities of what is REALLY going on, the worse things will become unfortunately!  Obviously, some of the realities are frightening, in many respects, so, some folks would rather run and hide, than deal with them.  This is one of the reasons why we have a great deal of problems making any kind of gains against the current malevolence (understatement) of our actions!

  10. tahoebasha3

    response a bit up above — it’s in the wrong place and was meant for here.  I meant to respond to both entries, etc.

  11. polm

    Playing the politics of the Ostrich (inotherwords, burying their head(s) in the sand) has been deeply ingrained into American politics forever.  That’s especially apparent right now,  especially after the election of Barack Obama;  so many people who voted for him, again, have refused to face facts, if one gets the drift.  It was true when people voted for Nixon, for Reagan, Carter, Clinton, as well as the Bushes, and it’s true now, too.

    Dissent has been so heavily suppressed in some arenas that almost no possibility for discussion exists, and that’s what helping to create the problems that you’ve mentioned, tahoebasha3.

  12. wilberforce

    I doubt I’ll ever go back.

    I don’t think anything better is going to happen there, until the place goes bankrupt like the old USSR. It’s it’s no given that things will improve then either.  

  13. tahoebasha3

    and I kinda’ envy you, too.

    There is no peace.  Everytime you turn around, it’s something dire again, over and over and over.

    We’re headed for 3rd world status.  Global warming is at our backs and that’s the least considered issue.

  14. polm

    We’re headed for 3rd world status.

    Frankly, tahoebasha3, I think we’re already there!

  15. polm

    You don’t always want to know, either, for that matter.

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