Google Winners in Children’s Art Contest

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I’ve been following the Google Art winners — Google asked school children around US to submit art showing “Google” logo.  There were many imaginative, worthy entries.  Summery, full of fun animals – fun kid stuff – but also some savvy artwork from the older students.  Really – look it up.  Great stuff – makes you proud.

And the winner is (wait for it) … a military theme:  a young daughter running to her soldier dad coming home.  One of the least imaginative works I’ve seen.  But let’s not forget it’s military, thus Americana I guess.  The first prize was a generous college scholarship.  I’m touched.  btw, it was the only military theme I saw, though maybe I missed one or two.

But Xanthe, what kind of beeach takes issue with a little girl running to her dad just home from war.  Considering the other art I’ve seen and the other themes available – well, me for one.

If you go to Google home page you’ll see the winning artwork and can follow through to see some of the rest of the work submitted.  Really awesome stuff from our students.  

Of course, good luck to the young person who won but really – supposedly this was voted in by google users which makes me even sadder than if Google chose the winner.  


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  1. Xanthe
  2. Xanthe
  3. TMC

    Google Doodle Winner 2013 photo 0520-doodle4google-art_full_600_zps4f168038.jpg

    Click on image to enlarge

  4. polm

    Hi, Xanthe!  Those drawings are amazing!  Thanks for posting them and sharing them with us, Xanthe!

    Good to see you posting here again, btw.  Welcome back, Xanthe.

  5. tahoebasha3

    you to cough up the appropriate link that we might use to view the sundry art work by children on Google?  

    A child wins on a “military theme?”  How sad can it be!

  6. tahoebasha3

    Nobody gets it!  What can I tell you?

  7. ek hornbeck
  8. Xanthe

    yeah, you have to come to Berwyn.

  9. TMC
  10. Xanthe

    I voted for a summer fishing scene some young person painted – with the google logo cleverly done.  What is so clever about the google logo here.

  11. tahoebasha3

    You vant I should come to Berwyn?

    Can’t we meet half way somewhere, like Chicago?

  12. Xanthe
  13. tahoebasha3

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