what happens tomorrow?

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I am so tired of all the posturing on either side of the political divide. I am so tired of those taking sides, vomiting up, along with their bile, the inevitable “lesser of two evils” mantra. Obama, Boehner… whoever… I’m sick of them all.

Whether Republican or Democrat, really, haven’t we had enough of epically bad governance? No? No, apparently not… epically bad governance isn’t compelling enough. We still have to try to lessen the stupidity of one side by magnifying the screwball antics of the other.

keyrist. i am so tired of it.

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Epically bad governance and insane partisanship is the perfect cover for zero accountability of the powerful. It generates so much noise that we become lost in all the crap headed our way or that we are enduring or have endured in these last decades… and all of it is a direct DIRECT result of lack of accountability. This is due to both brand Democrats and Republicans and all those on the professional left and right, including those putrid partisan pundits of the corporate owned media.

So, what happens tomorrow? Hang onto brand Democrats? Let’s be clear about one thing: this isn’t about Obama, but Democrats (most of them anyway) and, while I hate to be partisan, ALL Republicans.

So what’s going to happen tomorrow? What will we do? Come up with innovative strategies? Figure out where to position ourselves to mitigate this mess and exert influence?

Or will we continue to have hope that somebody else is gonna take care of thing? Will we allow more blah blah and the promise of lower interest rates on student loans to keep us inert? Maybe Liz is one of the good ones… but so far, it’s a lot of things that sound great… but where’s the beef?

What’s gonna happen tomorrow? What’s our ground game? If we can crush Rush, if we can turn out voters to win elections, then why are we still losing????

What will happen tomorrow? And tomorrow and tomorrow? Will we stay stuck? Or will we decide to change the game? Spend our money differently, find citizens in communities who are interested to serve those communities and their country?

What will happen tomorrow? Before the great migration of displaced people, the destruction of our food sources, the theft of our water? What will happen tomorrow? Will we choose to stay mired and not able to act on our own behalf? Or do we get back to the ground game, the one in which all politics is trickle up?

What happens tomorrow… depends.on.us.


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  1. pfiore8

    “Anyone can slay a dragon …but try waking up every morning and loving the world all over again. That’s what takes a real hero.”

    ― Brian Andreas

  2. pfiore8
  3. banger

    We are in a phase of government standstill on the federal level. The whole system has been 98% gamed so efforts directed into that area are pretty much silly.

    As I’ve said for years, we need to focus on our local networks and try to find solidarity somewhere in a culture that, theoretically, is opposed to the idea of community and sharing. Events will, I suspect, force us to re-vitalize community because that is what we are wired for.

    As long as we’re plugged into the current system we can do nothing–we have to build something new. I’m not holding my breath but there are some promising signs.

  4. Xanthe

    tomorrow is comin soon.  

    “theft of our water” — watch Rahm Emmanuel on this one.  As Mayor of Chicago – he’s salivating with Lake Michigan right there.  

  5. tahoebasha3

    Your diaries always invoke thought and, so, drifting here and there kinda’ happens.  But, I think, discussing parts of the whole is then somewhat understandable!

    Hope you are well!

  6. Compound F

    Orlov’s latest book is exceptional.

  7. tahoebasha3

    So happens that on May 16th, 2013, Illinois HB1379 passed, all but unanimously, in both houses.  What is HB1379?  “Legislation that would allow the state’s biggest private water companies, Illinois American Water and Aqua Illinois, to fast-track takeovers of municipal water systems and automatically charge current customers higher rates to fund those conquests (being the fracking and water privatization efforts)” and it’s going to the Governor’s desk, Citizens Utility Board (CUB) warned.

    So, if fracking goes ahead in Illinois, it is we who will wind up paying for the water usage involved in fracking.  Gotta’ give the depraved credit for their depravity.  Oh, and did I tell you?  I did some investigation into the counties involved in the prospective fracking.  Turns out, many, if not all are near or border the New Madrid Seismic Zone, and/or the fault lines.  So, it is pure insanity to frack there at all.  Governor Quinn must know this.  In February of this year, he had emergency earthquake training exercises given to citizens.  

    I’m urging anyone, anywhere, it doesn’t matter, because we all need to be concerned for the environment, to sign my petition on fracking (pass it around to friends, too).  See and sign my Petition here:  http://petitions.moveon.org/si

    If you’re out of state, it does not matter.  Do you want to see fracking in Illinois, or anywhere in the United States for that matter.  

    We cannot continue to assault Mother Nature . . . in the end, she will exhibit her wrath, as she has been right down the line and . . . . . !  

  8. terryhallinan

    but who is going to pay attention to what some hick in New York thinks about fracking?

    Whether it does good or harm to your petition, at least it gives me a chance to mention plain water used to increase flow of geothermal acquifers in the new, new shallow EGS is not harmful to the environment aside from any mini-quakes that may be caused.  Increasing flow of wells has been around since at least biblical times and probably well before.

    I have seen the two concatenated into some kind of monster.

    Water is good and should be kept clean.

    Natural gas is not clean, is far more harmful to the atmosphere than coal or petroleum and should be left in underground storage no matter what your President and his cohorts say.  The chemicals used in fracking is what does the main damage to ground water.  I assume, but do not know, that the new, new firewater from kitchen water taps is because of natural gas added to ground water.

    Best,  Terry

  9. tahoebasha3

    I noted that you had signed the Petition.

    It is the methane that seeps into the ground and the waters and gets into the pipes into homes, as well as the run-offs from the water and toxic chemical concoction.

    See National Geographic Magazine, March 2013

    “The New Oil Landscape”

    The fracking frenzy in North Dakota has boosted the U.S. fuel supply-but at what cost?

    Of special concern are the hundreds of fracking components, some of which contain chemicals known to be or suspected of being carcinogenic or otherwise toxic. Increasing the likelihood of unwanted environmental effects is the so-called Halliburton loophole, named after the company that patented an early version of hydraulic fracturing. Passed during the Bush-Cheney Administration, the loophole exempts the oil and gas industry from the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act. What’s more, manufacturers and operators are not required to disclose all their ingredients, on the principle that trade secrets might be revealed. Even George P. Mitchell, the Texas wildcatter who pioneered the use of fracking, has called for more transparency and tighter regulation. In the absence of well-defined federal oversight, states are starting to assert control. In 2011 the North Dakota legislature passed a bill that said, in effect, fracking is safe, end of discussion.

    This is the worst of the worst.

    Thanks, again!

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