Civil Disobedience. NSA & Lesser Evilism.

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If you are ever traveling on route 9 east through the New Hampshire border town of Chesterfield, and you’re not stuck behind some slow poke (me), watch your speed.  The limit changes from 35 to 45 then to 55 and back again to 35 just about every quarter mile or so. The local police have a ball targeting vehicles with out of state tags.

Whenever I’m traveling in the area, the way I fight back is by consistently traveling 5 miles an hour UNDER the speed limit. They can’t give me a speeding ticket. AND they can’t give anyone traveling behind me a ticket either.

Screw You Chesterfield cops!

On a similar note:

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I encourage everyone to support Operation: Everyone Talk Like A Terrorist All The Time. You may think I’m just kidding. But I am kidding on the square.

Like the video says:

During an election candidates pretend not to be assholes, then when they get the job they reveal they’ve actually been a complete assholes the entire time. Just look at the people we’re expected to choose from in 2016. Do we NOT think that they are all going to be giant assholes?…

The only way to fight back against our country’s excessive wire tapping & data mining is to make it irrelevant.

Phone calls. Emails. Text messages as routine as grocery lists.

Think of it as Talk like a Pirate Day. Only replace Pirate with Terrorist and Day with All The Time.


  1. BobbyK
  2. terryhallinan

    One fellow was on the borderline of having his driving license suspended for

    a) Exceeding the speed limit by as little as a mile or two an hour


    b) For blocking traffic by driving too slow (at the speed limit).

    You can’t win but I admire your willingness to try.

    Best,  Terry

  3. BobbyK

    It depends on how you define “Win”.  The Chesterfield Police still give out plenty of speeding tickets. So far they haven’t given me a slowing ticket. And every time I drive through one of their speed traps with a line of cars behind me I feel joy. Score another nonviolent activist point for me… Now if I can just get everyone to do it.

    And if two people, two people do it, in harmony…And three people do it, three, can you imagine, three people …They may think it’s an organization.  And can you, can you imagine fifty people a day…friends they may thinks it’s a movement.

    When I teased my old jr. high school buddy about his 2nd amendment fetish, I reminded him that the Government has considerably more resources. Asking him if he really thought his semi auto collection would make any sort of a difference? He replied, “well I don’t have to make it too easy for them anyway”.  (Between you and me, I think he’s actually all bark and no bite.)

    But that statement did remind me of an experience he and I shared in our youth. In our Jr High band the 9th graders had a tradition of hazing the 7th graders. Usually involving a wedgie resulting in your waist band being raised up the flag pole. My friend got the full experience. When it was my turn to be harassed I spazzed out, red faced and fists flailing all over the place. Not exactly what they expected from the smallest kid in the class. The 9th graders decided I was going to be too much work, left me alone and moved on to harass someone else.  

    In a sense, my old buddy has a point on how to deal with would be tormentors. Who says you have to make it too easy for them anyway?

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