Edward Snowden flies to Moscow

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Not the greatest source but there is some fun stuff here corroborated by others copying each other. 🙂

“The United States previously requested Hong Kong to issue a provisional arrest warrant for Mr Snowden. Because the US request failed to fully comply with the requirements under Hong Kong law, the US Department of Justice was asked to provide further information in consideration of the relevant legal conditions,” the Hong Kong government statement added.

“The failure to provide sufficient information in this case meant there was no legal basis to restrict Mr Snowden’s departure,” it said.

Previously, Mr Snowden has said both that he was willing to go through the Hong Kong legal system and that he would consider asylum elsewhere, particularly in Iceland.

Looks like Obama just hasn’t been able to hire competent lawyers.

I have very personal reasons for loving Snowden’s yearning to move to Iceland.

When I was in an Army class I was totally incompetent for, there was a very real threat of failure leading to assignment to Iceland.  At that time GI’s were caged in a very small area for a year because Icelanders had complained about their women were marrying American soldiers and leaving the country.

Iceland didn’t figure it had a lot of young women to spare.  I don’t know if the population has increased but prosperity surely has on the back of geothermal power despite the financial fiasco.

If you’re not caged inside a wire fence, I expect Iceland would be a wonderful place to live, especially if you share an interest in geothermal power that remains under dark clouds of superstition and ignorance in these United States.  Geothermal is a religion in Iceland.  The Icelanders even considered commercializing the hothouse cultivation of bananas in the country.  They are grown in demonstration sections.

Bobby Fischer was the last “traitor” that I know of to find refuge in Iceland.  

Best,  Terry

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    Geez, I hope China doesn’t invade our embassy and take everybody prisoner.

    Maybe Obama can consult with Jimmy Carter on how to handle that. 🙂

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