Geothermal Power and Bad Blondes

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From an ancient post with dead links about geothermal power development in The Philippines, second only to the aging pioneer work in the U.S. for generating power from geothermal brines:

Bad Blondes

>>Local Critics Worried by GMA’s Dev’t Plan for Central RP

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s critics in Negros Occidental have a different view of her development plan for Central Philippines, with most saying it will only worsen the “already acute exploitation and oppression of the people” and the “plunder” of the region’s rich resources.

“The Visayans would naturally be mesmerized dreaming of having around more ‘RORO’ boats, fast crafts, modern ports and airports, linking bridges and mega malls, blondes, tourists in topless suits…

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i suppose.…

The theme plays out endlessly despite the huge improvement in the economies of poor countries, most spectacularly Iceland [“yeah, they are just lucky to have such a superior resource”] alongside great kindness to Mother Earth.

And now to Indonesia, former OPEC member, desperately trying to replace fast dwindling oil production with the greatest of all energy sources on earth – Mother Earth herself:

Unresolved land acquisition issues delaying Gunung Tampomas project of PT Wika Jabar Power in Sumedang, Indonesia.

“The land acquisition process is hampered due to public concerns about the impact of environmental pollution resulted from the geothermal project,” [the geothermal engineer] said.

This misconception has led to an opposition from the surrounding communities, hampering this geothermal project that is actually eco-friendly.

However, he added, the company understands that the opposition emerged because of the people’s limited understanding.…

Tell me about it.

The misunderstanding is universal outside of small pockets like Iceland.

Indonesia is widely reported to have the best geothermal resources of any country but no landmass anywhere is without splendid resources as advanced technology can generate electricity with heated geothermal brines barely sufficient for a warm cup of tea.

Sarah Palin could probably see volcanic action for real from her front porch if she lived at Chena Spa, Alaska’s record busting low temperature and low cost electricity geothermal power producer that is the only geothermal power producer in Alaska. Alaska is the state with the mostest geothermal assets of any state. Ironic that Chena keeps its ice museum frozen in summer using hot water.

Even in New Zealand, a country bearing down on Iceland for the greatest producer of renewable energy, a government corporation, Mighty River, is buying into geothermal assets all but abandoned in the U.S. because of growing opposition in New Zealand.  Geothermal was given a huge boost when a lady prime minister courageously vetoed plans to build a string of coal-burning power plants. Prophets of doom predicted disaster if they couldn’t have their coal plants.  Of course.

The huge investment in sometime wind power is a rocky detour but New Zealanders are hardly the only people on the planet fooled by the worst of the renewables, barring only solar.

Best,  Terry

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