How About A Good Cancer Joke?

(4 pm. – promoted by ek hornbeck)

This is an actual preview of a cancer post on a stock message board site:

#### Cancer

Advaxis Requests Orphan Drug Designation for Treatment of HPV-Associated #### Cancer

Even links get the censor treatment if the %$^*^%$ cancer site is mentioned.

And copied research abstracts and papers lose something with certain words included.

The [censored] cancer is anal cancer that is al lowable on this unexpurgated libertarian site.

For certain there is reason to consider “anal cancer” an expletive but I wonder if asshole cancer would pass muster.  It might.  

This is a horrible, horrible cancer but no worse perhaps than pancreatic or brain or melanoma or bone cancer.

The idiot censors are a very bad joke but it is not easy to tell jokes about cancer.  Worse even than patent jokes.

I suspect my keyword “cancer jokes” will be very lonely.

Best,  Terry


  1. TMC

    gets it, that’s when the lid will come off, like Michael Douglas’ HPV related throat cancer.

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