Accounting Was Never So Much Fun Since Charles Bronson Played A Serial Killer

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Why Client No. 9 Can Seek Office No. 3

I think I speak for a lot of New Yorkers when I ask this question: Is Eliot Spitzer the best we can do?

Seriously, we can’t find another candidate who hasn’t shamed public office with what he admits was “horrendous” behavior in which he “lied?”

It’s not that Mr. Spitzer isn’t gifted. His work as New York attorney general from 1999 to 2006 was one of the most dynamic in the history of the job. He took on Wall Street’s questionable dealings, was a true maverick and thumbed his nose at Washington regulators who had become inured to Wall Street practices.

When the public interest aligns with Mr. Spitzer’s political ambition, the results can be spectacular.

But does Mr. Spitzer, who earned the nickname “Client No. 9” in a humiliating prostitution scandal, deserve a second political life?

Why would anyone ask such a question since Bill Clinton made a sex scandal a badge of honor?

Consider Mr. Stringer. On the one hand, he has been a relatively faithful city politician. He championed the Second Avenue subway, bike lanes and women’s rights. He took a controversial stand against hydraulic fracking. His scandals have been garden variety: use of taxpayer funds for travel and the like.

But Mr. Stringer doesn’t produce much in the way of headlines. Many New Yorkers probably don’t know who he is.


This New Yorker is looking forward to hearing more about gardening.

many may be tempted to vote for Kristin Davis, the Wall Street madam who is running and was accused of supplying Mr. Spitzer with his trysts.


When my sister and her husband owned a motel [no, not at all the kind of motel rented by the hour], I was more than a little fascinated to learn the aging spinster-looking lady talking business with my sister was the local madam.

Not since Charles Bronson played a serial killer accountant has there even been remotely such fun in accounting.

Best,  Terry


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  1. terryhallinan

    My sister owned the Canyon River Motel in Oroville, CA, where I worked summers on construction of a dam on the Feather River.

    Mary told me “spinster,” who owned the Feather River Inn, got a letter for me misaddressed to the Feather River Motel from my stepmother.

    I picked up the letter at the bar – and became instantly famous on the construction crew for days.

    The Feather River Inn did rent rooms by the hour.  “Hey, is that the guy who picks up his mail at…?”

    Fame is so fleeting.  I might have been elected Governor of California if Bill Clinton hadn’t been so late.

    Best,  Terry

  2. tahoebasha3

    When Spitzer was Governor, he was high on the trail of Wall Street and the criminal banksters. Recall that Spitzer was a New York Attorney General prior to becoming Governor of the State.  It was this article that he wrote and that which was published in the Washington Post that brought “doom” upon him.  

    Predatory Lenders’ Partner in Crime

    By Eliot Spitzer,February 14, 2008

    Several years ago, state attorneys general and others involved in consumer protection began to notice a marked increase in a range of predatory lending practices by mortgage lenders. Some were misrepresenting the terms of loans, making loans without regard to consumers’ ability to repay, making loans with deceptive “teaser” rates that later ballooned astronomically, packing loans with undisclosed charges and fees, or even paying illegal kickbacks. These and other practices, we noticed, were having a devastating effect on home buyers. In addition, the widespread nature of these practices, if left unchecked, threatened our financial markets.

    Even though predatory lending was becoming a national problem, the Bush administration looked the other way and did nothing to protect American homeowners. In fact, the government chose instead to align itself with the banks that were victimizing consumers.. . . .

    And I’m sure it was not that article alone that started the Republican pursuit of him — you know the way they’re most famous for bringing a person down — why, of course, find a premise of sexual imperfection in the person’s background, and voila, it’s a done deal.  How many times has that tactic been practiced, most often, by the Republicans.  The intent, of course, is to thoroughly destroy the individual’s character, such that he will simply crawl away into the woodwork.

    Me, I am not the least bit interested in what a person, public figure or not, does privately in his marital or non-marital life.  That is, first, none of my business and I’m not remotely interested period.  Secondly, it is his/or her personal relationship that is affected and for him/or her to deal with — not the public’s affair, as far as I’m concerned.

    What we, as adults, should concern ourselves with is what kind of job is this person doing in the position of a public servant?  THAT should be our concern period.  Any representative in our government that has been the least bit effective in progressively countering a wrong(s) is sought to be gotten rid of one way or another.  Think Russ Feingold, Alan Grayson, Dennis Kucinich and others we may not even be aware of. I think the only reason Sen. Sanders has been able to stay his way is because he’s an Independent.

    I don’t hold out much hope for a true maturation, particularly, as concerns our government and those in it.  Rather, the modas operandi is, apparently, to continue warring in other nations that have nothing to us, nurturing and festering fear-mongering, hatred, greed, “war” on the less fortunate citizens, torture, incarceration of those with the most minor of offenses and immigrants (money for privatized prisons/detention centers,you know). And on and on and on!

  3. terryhallinan

    Please understand, Tahoe, I know I am going far beyond the extreme edge of your message but there are no real guidelines in this jungle.  I certainly intend no personal attack.

    I have no idea what percentage of today’s slave trade is devoted to procuring prostitutes, willing or not, but it is not inconsiderable.  Even in the Mariana Islands sweatshops, an attraction for politicians was prostitution of indentured servants:

    Forced Abortions & Sweatshops: A Look at Jack Abramoff’s Ties to the South Pacific Island of Saipan & How Tom DeLay Became An Advocate for Sweatshop Factory Owners

    We speak with ABC News’ Brian Ross who exposed in 1998 the horrific labor conditions in the U.S. territory of Saipan. At the time, Jack Abramoff was Saipan’s hired gun on K Street and Tom DeLay was one of the island’s chief advocates on Capitol Hill. DeLay backed the sweatshop owners even though it was exposed that the factory was forcing women to have abortion


    IMHO today’s horrendous attacks on abortion clinics and the War on Women more generally is very much motivated by sexual predation. I am not inclined to avoid disgust with electing sexual predators.

    That said, I might very well vote for an Eliot Spitzer over some given political hack.

    There are no easy choices in this life.

    Best,  Terry

  4. tahoebasha3

    I understand thoroughly what you are saying, however, I don’t think I agree that the “War on Women” is “very much motivated by “sexual predators.”  To me, prostitution has been on-going for eons and eons — I’m not sure it will ever die out.  If an adult choose to have a sexual liaison with and adult prostitute, does that constitute “sexual predation?” I know that may seem that I condone prostitution — I don’t, but, realistically, it exists and will continue to exist.  Sexual predation would be appropriate if it involved children, of course.  Take, for example, there are over 2,000,000 Iraqi refugees that fled Iraq to neighboring countries and they can’t find work.  Many of the children have taken to prostitution in order to make money . . . .. that is a very sad, hard fact.  On the other side of the coin, let’s take the war between France and Algeria.  The French transported with them an entire unit made up of very healthy (checked healthwise once a month) prostitutes.  (I know this for a fact from a Frenchman that I knew very well, who, in fact, served time in that war.  But, realistically, do you think it would have been better for the French to “partake” of local women, leaving them pregnant, or diseased?  or, to “partake” of healthy prostitutes provided them?  

    It so happens that JFK was notorious for sexual dalliances.

    I am just posing these questions to you for your ponderence.


  5. terryhallinan

    If an adult choose to have a sexual liaison with and adult prostitute, does that constitute “sexual predation?”

    I don’t know – and don’t really want to know – the facts about Eliot Spitzer’s rough sex that purportedly had many refusing the ordeal.  I guess if it was acceptable to some then that was their business.

    I would legalize – or more apropos – decriminalize prostitution.

    Where I grew up, the only man or boy in town who didn’t know where the iron gates of Irene’s were was the famed “Sheriff Without a Gun.” Somehow he managed to put more in the bank than he earned in salary some years.

    And that’s the problem as I see it.

    Take care, my friend.


  6. tahoebasha3

    Spitzer’s “rough sex.”  Personally, I take a dim few of a man for visiting a prostitute.  But, to go into all the reasons why some men do visit them, would be long and speculative.  However, I repeat, whatever the case, it should not be made public period.  That’s a problem to be dealt with within the family and not the public.

    I concur with you that prostitution should be legalized, or decriminalized.  As to why a person gets into prostitution, there, again, to go into would be long and speculative.  Poverty is probably the reason more often than not.  Yet, there are those women who make lots of money at the profession, and even enjoy it . . . . .!

    Whatever the case, suppose you had known about Spitzer’s visits to prostitutes, how would you view his abilities?  Unfortunately, I think some of the behavior has to do with power.  How many politicians probably indulge in some form of sexual play outside of marriage.  Worse, what about old man Bush and George W. Bush and their fun days in Bohemian Grove and their toy boys?  

  7. terryhallinan

    suppose you had known about Spitzer’s visits to prostitutes, how would you view his abilities?

    Precisely the same as before I knew.

    Biographies of Thomas Jefferson were wont to deny he took a slave as his mistress.  The matter was subject to heated discussion when Jefferson was president. Jefferson clearly lied when he denied the truth. Today’s DNA technology has determined the facts for all but those who blindly deny with a very slight bow to the realization that all human knowledge is subject to something less than epistemological truth.

    In Jefferson’s case, the truth of matters is particularly galling considering Jefferson’s perverted racism even for his time.

    Despite that, the Declaration of Independence is a beacon of light to rebels of all sorts around the world against the tyranny of despots.

    All men have feet of clay.

    Women too. :-)

    Best,  Terry  

  8. tahoebasha3

    “suppose you had NOT known about Spitzer’s visits to prostitutes, how would you view his abilities?”

    I suppose your reference to Jefferson is a form of agreement to what I said????

  9. terryhallinan

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