Chris Hedges: Moving Forward

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In Part 6 of a series of interviews by Paul Jay of Real News Network, journalist and author, Chris Hedges discusses issues of corporate control, and “the grim realities” facing the economy and environment:

The more we create self-sustainable systems that are local, the more we sever ourselves from these corporate forces, the less we need them. And the less we need them-I mean, let’s remember that 70 percent of the U.S. economy is driven through consumption-the less we need them, the more we impoverish them. I mean, the goal has to be to break these corporate power, this entity that has seized control of our government, our systems of communication, our judiciary.

I mean, now we’re watching them eviscerate our systems of education. Anytime hedge fund managers walk into a city like Baltimore and propose charter schools, it’s not because they want to teach people to read and write. It’s because they know the federal government spends about $600 billion a year on education, and they want it, and they’re getting it.

So I think that building local centers that are self-sustaining and that can create forms of community that are not dependent on these corporate forces is a political act, because these corporate forces need us to continue to consume their products and rely on their services. And the less we consume and the less we are hostage, the less we need these forces, the more independent we become.

Now, that has to come with a kind of political consciousness, but I think they come hand-in-hand, that both things-I think that as people take control, once again, of their own lives, that will bring a kind of consciousness, because these corporate forces, especially if they begin to feel threatened, are going to see these acts as political acts and are going to move-as we have seen corporate farming move against organic farming, they are going to move to try and destroy these forces.

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  2. terryhallinan

    As near as I can tell, the most perfect, large-scale expression of socialism were the kibbutzim of early Israel.

    People lived in barracks and did not even own their children. They had permission to visit the kids.

    It was largely a matter of survival.  Though it was far more benign than the collective farms of the Soviet Union or China, the kibbutzes were quickly abandoned as soon as possible.

    I doubt Chris Hedges is remotely any kind of socialist.  Bernie Sanders is an even more apropos symbol of the  ludicrous claim of being a socialist.

    Unions, cooperatives, various community organizations are not inconsistent with capitalism in the way Christian religions are universally, unalterably opposed to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    What are inconsistent with capitalism are modern monopolies and cartels that proclaim themselves capitalist.

    They lie outrageously.

    Best,  Terry

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