The Judge Nullified Florida Law To Free Zimmerman

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Zimmerman Juror: Self-Defense Laws Should Be Changed After Trayvon Martin  Killing…

Yes, this is the sweetie pie juror whose book will never be written but surprisingly she does have a case that the law the jurors were instructed in omitted a crucial first aggressor clause.  I have little doubt that a juror who thinks a man with a gun was screaming for help instead of the teenager he was about to shoot through the heart would have come to the same conclusion had she known the law as it is but was suppressed by the judge.…

Well you can read about it at the link or elsewhere but I wonder if even Jimmy Carter cares.  After all it wasn’t one of his kind of kid that was killed.  Racist America divides people by skin color that is often completely imaginary.

As a believer in jury nullification it is most unlikely I would ever get on a jury for a case like this but I had never ever thought all that much about jurist nullification before.

Best,  Terry

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  1. In a trial in my childhood area, an Irishman was tried for assault and whatever.

    The jury was hung 11-1.

    Just coincidentally there was one Irishman on the jury.

    “Those were eleven of the most stubborn men I ever met,” said the Irishman.  

    My father Pat understood quite well but for once held his tongue.

    Many long years later, my father was livid when another Irishman followed the judge’s order of a directed verdict in Dad’s civil trial for a similar offense.

    “We came to America on the same boat and after all I did for him,” said Dad.

    I murmured something about the dirty blackguard having no choice at all but it was not something worth pursuing.

    Best,  Terry

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