Three Things On The Internet

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Each night during his evening show All In host Chris Hayes highlights three things from the internet that his viewers have tweeted to him. These were his choices for Friday’s “Click 3

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford takes down Hulk Hogan

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford defied the odds to beat wrestling icon Hulk Hogan in an arm-wrestling match at Toronto’s Fan Expo this morning.

“I own this town, man!” Ford yelled as he beat the 14-time pro wrestling champ.

The Hulk was scheduled to hold an “uncensored” presser after the match. I’ll let you know if I find the video for that.

11 Untranslatable Words From Other Cultures

The relationship between words and their meaning is a fascinating one, and linguists have spent countless years deconstructing it, taking it apart letter by letter, and trying to figure out why there are so many feelings and ideas that we cannot even put words to, and that our languages cannot identify.

#BATFLECK BACKLASH: On the Web, does Batman’s studio hear you scream?

Indeed, and one most passionately forged by the actor Richard Dreyfuss. Looking closer, we can see his engraving reads: “You read for a part, you feel good about it, you feel confident, then they cast Ben Affleck.

Zing. By the ghost of “Gigli,” that stings.

Warner Bros. announced shortly before 9:30 p.m. Thursday that Ben Affleck is our new big-screen Batman. Within minutes, Dreyfuss – true to his own trained and brash and passionate style as an Oscar-winning actor – tweeted his artful thrust-and-parry, drawing first blood as the Internet responded to the casting fury that rapidly went by the handy hashtag #Batfleck.

One shakes ones head.


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  1. TMC
  2. terryhallinan

    English-speaking people tell children to “be good,” my translation: “obey.”

    French speakers tell children to “have reason,” my translation: “think.”

    Somehow the French mostly seemed to say things better overall despite how hard they were to get along with. :-)

    Best,  Terry

  3. TMC
  4. terryhallinan

    You couldn’t have heard Charles de Gaulle speaking his sissy language. :-)

    In Vietnam, cowboy films with dubbed in French were extremely popular back when. Cow boi has even become a Vietnmese word with a different meaning – roughly “thug.”

    The Lone Ranger was hilarious to us. [“Hiyo, Silvaire, parti”]  

    That annoyed the hell out of the Vietnamese who had paid a large sum for them for the family to watch.  

    All languages have special attributes and words that seem impossible to duplicate.  Even our bastard English has such words.  One that is peculiarly useful for both common meaning and technical/scientific jargon is “eccentric.”

    But overall I agree with you though I have lost all command of French over decades of non-use.

    Best,  Terry

  5. TMC

    when I lived in Europe from ’66 to ’69.

    I was in VN twice partly because of my fluent French and charm. 😉

    BTW, I am a French citizen.

  6. terryhallinan

    The French used to come down and loudly jeer our basketball team, such as it was.

    A colonel watching one game got perturbed, noting we were not there to build badwill.

    At least the French didn’t throw bombs like the Vietnamese later started to do.

    Intriguing people the French, like their language.

    By comparison the claimed differences with the mysterious Orient are vastly overrated though their languages are nearly as incomprehensible as English.

    Best,  Terry

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