Wireless Comes to the Mountain

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Hey Y’all, it’s been awhile!

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  1. BruceMcF

    I’m not here anymore, though, so how am I commenting here. A mystery, that is.

  2. TMC

    The lights are still on, as I promised, with a lot of help from some really good people.

    For starters Obama is turning the US into East Germany and anyone who participated in #OWS is now listed as an “urban terrorist.” Care to join the party?

    Other than that, it’s the same shit with different players.

  3. Compound F

    I wuz just thinking of writing a post of grave insult to you (for nostalgic fun, of course).

    Isn’t that funny?

    You ducked out of politics at about the right time, the right time equaling hopelessness.  I was admittedly slower on the uptake, but I’m on a totally new bus at this point.  I promise to send pictures.

    I don’t have much time to blog these days, but I read y’all as much as time permits.

    EK and MomKatz have been seamless, but remember, bro, you broke the thread.  All we can ever have with you from here on out is a knot in the string, at best.

    Jus’ sayin’.  Jus’ Kidd’n’.  good to hear from you.

  4. terryhallinan

    for being an embarrassment to the House on Grayson’s way out?

    How times change!

    Welcome back.

    Best,  Terry

  5. b3citizen

    So good to see you here!

    I’m still lurking, enjoying the show.

    Take care.

  6. tahoebasha3

    in from the hinterlands, eh?

    How’ve you been?  Have you recuperated from all those days of long, long rants?  

    Well, you know, things continue to worsen and there’s no want of rants!

    Nice of you to come by and say “hello.”  Maybe, even give us one of your infamous rants, huh?

    Nice to see you, buhdy!

  7. terryhallinan

    Hard to say whether you should be wildly enthused or scared – er – spitless, Wireless.

    A new prototype phone from Nokia is able to power and recharge itself with nothing more than ambient radio waves

    Beats the hell out of solar power anyway.

    Best,  Terry

  8. Robyn

    ..no see.

  9. lotlizard

    So glad you dropped by.

  10. buhdydharma

    You are only commenting here while being not here because I didn’t post this diary!

    Re yer opening…low and happy my friend, low and happy.


  11. Compound F
  12. Compound F

    while I’m not not around much these days as a contributor, I’ll try to step up to any fundraisers at the DD empire, the cancer upon the world buhdy wrought.  Say the word, and my mind reflects upon maintaining Buhdy’s hellscape, at least as close as we can.  My mind reflects on a lot these days, but decent commentary ranks high enough.

    Believe me, I have a shite-load to write about, and zero time.

    I’d hate to see this place drop off the map.

  13. buhdydharma

    Doing VERY well, thanks. Hope you are doing the same.

    Thanks for being the Lightkeeper!

    And thanks to all the good helpers.

    I have no idea what my plans are re being buhdy again and only stopped by to grab some of my old stuff out of storage to show someone. Again, thanks.

    But I am getting ‘back in the game’ in some form or other and it feels fun and exciting. Will keep y’all informed as seems appropriate.

    After all, we can’t let these bastards get away with this shit! Whoever the current bastards are and whatever they are trying to get away with now!

    Anyways it is fun to check in and see the old farmstead and say hi to the homeys, lol!

  14. buhdydharma

    As am I and I hope you as well.

    Yeah it was a good time to get out. Went back and read my Swan Song (linked in the ‘essay’) and I had gotten pretty fuckin dark, lol. So I wasn’t bringing much Light, and so what was I doing. Nicely recharged now and it will be fun to see how this current iteration of me translates back into the blogosphere.

    Good to see you old buddy!

  15. buhdydharma

    Now that you mention it I have to think back a looong ways to find any good old days in politics, lol!

    Maybe it is time to make some new good old days!

  16. buhdydharma

    have you figured it out yet? Is it a sitcom or a soap opera?

    You take care to!

  17. buhdydharma

    yes the healing is nearly complete, lol and I am curious to find out what a rant from this new healed person would be like! At the moment though I am feeling about as far from ranting as you can get, Thank The Goddess!

    Heck right now I even love the lovely mosquitoes here on the Mountain, lol. Well, MOST of the time, anyway!

    As I hone in on what the Next Phase is though, maybe something will come up!

    Hey if you still have my old Gmail address shoot me a mail, if not, let me know where I can reach you, ok?

  18. tahoebasha3

    I think I still have that old one, T!!!!  I’ll give that one a try! *

    “As I hone in on what the Next Phase is though, maybe something will come up!”

    Hey, mon, do da’ limbo!  LOL!

    *also, see [ tahoebasha3 ]

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