Going To The Wall For His Friends

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At least he’s going right to the wall to support his friends.

Al-Nusra in Syria funded by US/UK

US funding al qaeda in Syria

Reliable as hell. You can count on this guy.

EXCLUSIVE: Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack

Since obama was murdering innocent kids around the world with drones during his first term and this was no secret but instead was common knowledge at the time of the 2012 election, and it was no secret that he fully intended to go after social safety nets in America with his “sequester”, and it is now no secret that he is supporting and funding al qaeda in Syria, the only reasonable and honest conclusions that can be drawn after the fact are that…

  • obama is a terrorist by all definitions of the word.
  • obama is a terrorist who deserves to be in prison enjoying fairer and more humane treatment than he doles out to his victims with hellfire missiles and sarin gas and to his American torture victims like Manning.
  • obama’s response to being outed as a terrorist has been to escalate and expand his foreign terrorism to include domestic terrorism against US citizens with his sequester.
  • obama is not only sanctioning Iranians, with his sequester he is sanctioning Americans, and cowardly going after the old, the weak, and the sick in America – the people least able to withstand his assaults.
  • Back at home thousands of Medicare patients lost chemotherapy because of obama’s sequester. In one series of clinics in NY, over 5,000 Medicare chemotherapy patients were turned away because of the sequester. Multiply that nationwide.
  • obama belongs in a cell, with Bush and Cheney. He is their getaway driver.
  • Anyone who voted for obama in 2012 and is still supporting him is either consciously and intentionally a terrorist sympathizer and supporter, or is just plain stupid. Or worse…

But this guy is good. Maybe he’ll be able to fire his Tomahawks in time to destroy the evidence. But not the knowledge.

And people will cheer.


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  1. Edger

    Disgusted, too.

  2. TMC

    that this administration is so hell bent to repeat Bush’s greatest follies & more but that this has any support at all from even his sycophant followers.

  3. pfiore8

    destroy the evidence but not the knowledge…

  4. banger

    Anyone who has followed what I have written in recent years knows that I believe U.S. politicians, particularly the POTUS is a power-broker not a power-wielder. I believe Obama, like most Presidents, is faced with the reality of the War Party or the “deep state” which wants to move this war along crush one more independent state in the region.

    I don’t believe Obama is in favor of this policy–he will supervise it because he has no choice–if the power balance tilts towards the War Party then he has to act as they dictate. Obama has no independent power base in Washington so he has to go along to get along or be crushed like a bug.

    The key area in all this is the mainstream media. It has been captured lock, stock and barrel by the War Party. I was stunned watching CNN and MSNBC reporters lecture in a way that would make Goebbles proud about how the U.S. was weak and had betrayed “the Syrian People” and endless blather, particularly by Amanpour but almost matched by that hack Engle. The tone seemed almost hysterical to me. I was actually shocked at the unprofessional nature of their respective reports. Much depends on whether alternative information can seep in. We have a chance to do what we can to influence things. The G-20 should be interesting.  

  5. terryhallinan

    EXCLUSIVE: Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack

    The article above is surprisingly detailed – and less than convincing in my mind.

    It would not be difficult to dredge up articles “proving” Bosnians, rather than Serbs, were killing Bosnians and others in another gruesome war.

    Undoubtedly there were war criminal Bosnians but the main perps were the Serbians under Milosevec.

    The world is still paying a horrendous cost for long ago ethnic cleansings, many of which could have been prevented.

    Whether the U.S. should get involved is a different question than the truth of matters.


    Best,  Terry

  6. Edger

    Abe say “Man, you must be puttin’ me on”

    God say “No.” Abe say, “What?”

    God say “You can do what you want Abe, but

    The next time you see me comin’ you better run”

    obama say, “Whatever you say boss”

    “Praying for peace is not enough when God’s children are being gassed,” a leading British rabbi, Dr Jonathan Romain, said in an expression of support for military intervention in Syria, British media reported on Thursday.

    The Times of London quoted Rabbi Romain, of Maidenhead Synagogue, as saying that he felt “very strongly it is right to intervene in some way. The religious justification is clear.”

    Leaked documents reveal US sees Israel as a spying threat

    A threat. But…

    Israeli intelligence `critical’ in US case for strikes on Syria

    Most analysts appear confident that Israel would play no visible part in a possible US-led military strike on Syria. But many senior Israeli cabinet ministers are voicing strong support for direct Western military involvement in the Syrian civil war.

  7. Edger

    He’s gonna lay a “humanitarian intervention” on ’em likes of which you ain’t never seen!

    Prolly already ordered the navy to paint peace signs on the tomahawks.

    He only supports and funds al qaeda to show ’em how caring he is.

  8. TMC

    requires the “responsibility to protect.” This is not protecting anything except the war hawks egos.

  9. Edger

    We’ve “moved forward” since then.

    ”Responsibility to protect”, invoked for the war on Libya, has transmogrified into ”responsibility to attack” – just because the Obama administration says so. Forget (again) about getting the facts right about chemical or any other weaponry; the window of opportunity for war on Syria is now, before Bashar al-Assad’s forces get too much into the habit of winning.

    Obama set for holy Tomahawk war, Pepe Escobar

  10. TMC
  11. Edger

    And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,

    Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there…


  12. Compound F

    your thoughts repeatedly, even when they didn’t stay for apertifs and cigars.  In my view, Obama is “balls deep” in the general fucking of canines we see daily.  It’s also my view that many of us are also, myself included.  The problem of extrication is a very hard problem, as vast and unwieldly as industrial civilization.  You say to yourself, “OMG, I’m screwing the pooch!”  And you’d think you would stop.  

    Sadly, no.  The exits are few, to say the least.

    pardon my metaphor.

  13. banger

    Yes, of course we’re implicated but to varying degrees. Some of us are the tip of the penis others linger in cells behind the ears or in the jungle of the underarm.

    Obama is not, in my view, more than a senior manager in a branch office of the deep state. Washington is about power and power is wielded by “players” as I call them. It takes time and a lot of deals to build up your power-chips and people like Obama just don’t have that much of it. He was brought along as the bright young man with the golden voice to fill in the gaps and defuse the left which had found itself in a stronger position in the mid-2000s through the Iraq War debacle. He was nothing before then. When Kerry dutifully threw the election (yes, I really believe he took a dive) for his War Party Obama then could pick up the national security state and place it back in the catbird seat where it remains as powerful as ever with the full-throated support of the zombie left.

    But thanks for reminding us (or the one handful of readers we’re liable to have on this blog, that we are all connected–I think that’s a fact we should never forget.  

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