Sep 26

Who needs infrastructure?

Sagging pavement closes Interstate 43 bridge over Fox River in Green Bay


September 25, 2013 – 5:31 pm EDT

The dip is 400 feet long and 20 inches deep, and goes across all four lanes of the interstate. That portion of the bridge was last inspected in August 2012. Cracks were found in the piers, but were determined to be normal wear.

Crews completed work on the bridge earlier this year as part of a nearly $17 million project to improve several miles of Interstate 43. The project included resurfacing the bridge’s span, replacing joints and repainting its steel support girders.

Federal data indicate the bridge deck, superstructure and substructure were rated as good to satisfactory in a 2012 inventory.

The dip was caused by a support pier settling about 2 feet.  There is no estimate on how long it could take to repair.

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