World Series 2016 Game 7: Cubs @ Indians

This is the 32nd deciding game in World Series history which seems remarkable only if you don’t think the 2 best teams always advance (and they don’t, another way of looking at the same statistics is that flukes and mismatches are the norm, representing almost 70% of all cases).

Baseball fans tend to be numbers fans also because there are just so many of them. They pretend it’s an indicator of rationality and predictability but these very same people will then turn their Caps inside out if their team is behind; refuse to bathe, shave, or wash their clothes; or believe in goat curses.

Honey, I hate to say it, but what you smell is you. Get a shower and brush your teeth why not. The reason they call it ‘Magical’ thinking is that there is no cause and effect that connects your ‘Good Luck Socks’ to what happens between the foul lines.

In this game however, the past is the future as each team has made some critical compromises to arrive at this point. Sure, Corey Kluber is a future Hall of Famer but is the 6th time the charm or is 30+ Innings (12 in this Series) more than enough? The Indians have a Bullpen too.

On the Cubs side Hendricks is a lot fresher, but has a lot of No Decisions and as many Losses as Wins. Sure his ERA is 0.00, but it’s based on 4 Innings and doesn’t include 6 scattered Hits. I don’t think he looks all that overpowering though the numbers say different. Chapman is the next Rivera, you heard it here first, but can he come back after last night’s work?

Well the answer is yes. He came in in the 7th but left in the 9th and he didn’t throw an unusually high number of pitches. Just another day at the Ball Park for him regardless of what the announcers say. The rest of the Bullpen ain’t much, but they have a bunch of lightly used starters who’ll be playing golf tomorrow win or lose.

So, we shall see. I won’t tell you I’m rooting for the club with the 108 year drought because of Bill Murray but it’s true enough and we shall see.


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  1. ek hornbeck

    Vent Hole

  2. ek hornbeck

    First Pitch Strike

  3. ek hornbeck

    Solo Shot. Cubs 1 – 0

  4. ek hornbeck

    Infield Single

    1. BobbyK

      Not a discouraging start!

  5. ek hornbeck

    Fly Out. 1 Gone

  6. ek hornbeck

    Another Fly. 2 Out

  7. ek hornbeck


  8. ek hornbeck

    Bottom 1st

  9. TMC

    The Game so far

    The Top of the 1st with Corey Kluber pitching for Cleveland

    The first pitch to Fowler was a strike, on pitch #4 he hit a lead off Home Run

    Kyle Scwarber singles;

    Kris Bryant flies out to right field

    Anthony Rizzo flies out to center. 2 outs

    Scwarber steals 2nd

  10. TMC

    Corey Zobrist flies out to center to retire the side

    Cubs 1 – Cleveland 0

  11. ek hornbeck

    First Pitch Fly Out

  12. TMC

    Bottom of the 1st Kyle Hendricks pitching for the Cubs

  13. ek hornbeck

    KO. Out 2

  14. ek hornbeck

    Throwing Error. 1 On

  15. ek hornbeck

    Force. Top 2nd

  16. TMC

    Carlos Santana flies out to right

    Jason Kipnis struck out 2 outs

    Francisco Lindor to first on throwing error

    Napoli grounds out to end the 1st ining

    Cubs 1 – Cleveland 0

  17. TMC

    Top of the 2nd Inning: Corey Kluber pitching for Cleveland

  18. TMC

    Addison Russell pop fly to left.

  19. ek hornbeck

    Pop. 1

  20. TMC

    Willson Contreras flies out to left. 2 outs

  21. TMC

    Jason Heyward flies out to center to retire the side

  22. ek hornbeck

    Foul. 2

  23. ek hornbeck

    Bottom 2nd

  24. TMC

    Bottom of the 2nd. Kyle Hendricks pitching for the Cubs

  25. ek hornbeck

    A Leadoff Error

  26. TMC

    Jose Ramirez singles on a line drive

  27. TMC

    Ramirez picked off at 1st

  28. TMC

    Lonnie Chisenhall singles o a liine drive to left

  29. TMC

    Rajai Davis grounded into a double play to end the 2nd inning

    Cubs – Cleveland o

  30. TMC

    Top of the 3rd. Corey Kluber pitching for Cleveland

  31. TMC

    Javier Baez flies out to left

  32. ek hornbeck

    Long Fly. 1

  33. TMC

    Dexter Fowler flies out to right. 2 out

  34. ek hornbeck

    Another. 2

  35. ek hornbeck

    Out going for 2nd. Bottom 3rd

  36. TMC

    Kyle Schwarber singles on a line to left, out at 2nd to retire the side

  37. TMC

    Bottom of the 3rd. Kyle Kendricks pitching for the Cubs

  38. TMC

    Coco Crisp lead off double

  39. ek hornbeck

    Leadoff Double

  40. TMC

    Roberto Perez bunts, out at 1st. Crisp to 3rd

  41. ek hornbeck

    Sacrifice Bunt

  42. TMC

    Carlos Santana singles to left. Crisp scores to tie the game

  43. ek hornbeck

    RBI Single. Tied at 1

  44. TMC

    Jason Kipnis singles on a ground ball, Santana safe at 2nd with 1 out

  45. ek hornbeck

    Error. 2 On 1 Out

  46. TMC

    Lindor flies out to left. Runners hold 2 outs

  47. ek hornbeck

    Big Fly Out. 2 Done

  48. ek hornbeck

    Top 4th

  49. TMC

    Napoli lines out to end the 3rd inning

    Cubs 1 – Cleveland 1

  50. TMC

    Top of the 4th inning Corey Kluber pitching for Cleveland

  51. TMC

    Kris Bryant lead of single

  52. ek hornbeck

    Single. A good start

  53. TMC

    Rizzo hit by pitch. 2 on No outs

  54. ek hornbeck


  55. ek hornbeck

    Fielder’s Choice. Corners

  56. TMC

    Zobrist singles, Rizzo out at 2nd. Bryant to 3rd

  57. ek hornbeck

    RBI Sacrifice. Cubs 2 – 1

  58. TMC

    Russell sac fly to center. Bryant scores. Zobrist to 2nd

    Cubs 2 – Cleveland 1 2 outs

  59. BobbyK

    What a slide!

  60. ek hornbeck

    RBI Double. Cubs 3 -1

  61. TMC

    Contreras doubles on a fly to center. Zobrist scores

    Cubs 3 – Cleveland 1 with 2 outs

  62. TMC

    Heyward pops out to infield to retire the side

  63. ek hornbeck

    Bottom 4th

  64. TMC

    Bottom of the 4th. Kyle Hendricks pitching fo rthe Cubs

  65. TMC

    Ramirez grounds out

  66. ek hornbeck

    Out at 1st

  67. TMC

    Chisenhall flies out to left

  68. ek hornbeck

    Fly. 2

  69. TMC

    Rajai Davis flies into right to end the 4th

    Cubs 3 – Cleveland 1

  70. ek hornbeck

    Top 5th

  71. TMC

    Top of the 5th. Corey Kluber pitching for Cleveland

  72. ek hornbeck

    Leadoff Solo Shot. Cubs 4 – 1

  73. TMC

    Baez lead off solo Home Run

    Cubs 4 – Cleveland 1

  74. ek hornbeck

    Ladies and Gentlemen… Kluber has left the building.

  75. TMC

    Cleveland pitching change: Andrew Miller in for Kluber

  76. TMC

    Fowler singles on a ground ball to left

  77. ek hornbeck

    And a Single. No Out

  78. ek hornbeck

    Double Play

  79. TMC

    Scwarber grounds into a double play. 2 outs

  80. TMC

    Bryant walked with 2 outs

  81. ek hornbeck

    2 Out Walk

  82. TMC

    Rizzo RBI double

    Cubs 5 – Cleveland 1 with 2 outs

  83. ek hornbeck

    RBI Double. Cubs 5 – 1

  84. TMC

    Zobrist flies out far left center to retire the side

  85. ek hornbeck

    Bottom 5th

  86. TMC

    Bottom of the 5th. Kyle Hendricks pitching for the Cubs

  87. TMC

    Crisp grounds out

  88. TMC

    Perez struck out. 2 outs

  89. ek hornbeck

    Ground Out 1

  90. ek hornbeck

    KO. 2

  91. TMC

    Santana walked

  92. ek hornbeck

    2 Out Walk.

  93. TMC

    Cubs pitching change Jon Lester in for Hendricks

  94. ek hornbeck

    Error. 2nd and 3rd

  95. TMC

    Kipnis grounds into a double. Santana tp 3rd with 2 outs

  96. TMC

    Wild pitch. 2 RBI’s

  97. ek hornbeck

    Wild Pitch. 2 Runs Score. Cubs 5 – 3

  98. TMC

    Cubs 5 – Cleveland 3

  99. ek hornbeck

    Top 6th

  100. TMC

    Lindor struck out to end the 5th innng

    Cubs 5 _ Cleveland 3

  101. TMC

    Top of the 6th Andrew Miller pitching for Cleveland

  102. TMC

    Russell fouls out

  103. ek hornbeck

    Pop Foul. 1

  104. TMC

    David Ross Home Run in his final game.

    Cubs 6 – Cleveland 3

  105. ek hornbeck

    Solo Shot. Cubs 6 – 3

  106. TMC

    Heyward grounds out. 2 outs

  107. ek hornbeck

    Out at 1st. 2 Out

  108. TMC

    Baez struck out to retire the side

  109. ek hornbeck

    Bottom 6th

  110. TMC

    Bottom of the 6th. Jon Lester pitching for the Cubs

  111. ek hornbeck

    Leadoff KO. Good for him.

  112. TMC

    Napoli Struck out

  113. TMC

    Ramirez grounds out . 2 outs

  114. ek hornbeck

    Gunned down at 1st. 2

  115. TMC

    Brandon Guyer, hitting for Chisenhall, singles on a ground ball to left

  116. ek hornbeck

    Top 7th

  117. TMC

    Davis grounds out into a fielder’s choice to end the 6th inning

    Cubs 6 – Cleveland 3

  118. TMC

    Top of the 7th. Andrew Miller pitching for Cleveland

  119. TMC

    Fowler with a leaf off single

  120. ek hornbeck

    Leadoff Single

  121. BobbyK

    Nice start to the 7th

  122. TMC

    Schwarber flies out to left. Fowler holds at 1st. 1 out

  123. TMC

    Cleveland pitching change: CodyAllen in for Miller

  124. ek hornbeck

    Line Out

  125. TMC

    Allen obsessed with trying to pick off Fowler.

  126. ek hornbeck

    Strike Out/Throw Out Double Play. Bottom 7th

  127. TMC

    Bryant out on swinging strike Fowler caught stealing 2nd for qa double play to retire the side

    Cubs 6 – Cleveland 3

  128. TMC

    Bottom of the 7th.Jon Lester pitching for the Cubs

  129. TMC

    Crisp flies out to left

  130. ek hornbeck

    8 Left

  131. TMC

    Perez walked with 1out

  132. ek hornbeck

    1 Out Walk

  133. TMC

    Naquin in running for Perez

  134. ek hornbeck


  135. TMC

    Santana grounds out Naquin to 2nd

  136. TMC

    Kipnis struck out to end the 7th inning

    Cubs 6 – Cleveland 3

  137. ek hornbeck

    Top 8th

  138. TMC

    Top of the 8th. Cody Allen pitching for Cleveland

  139. TMC

    Rizzo out at 1st on a wild pitch

  140. TMC

    Zobrist grounds out. 2 outs

  141. TMC

    Russell pop fly to retire the side

  142. TMC

    Bottom of the 8th. Jon Lester pitching for the Cubs

  143. ek hornbeck

    Bottom 8th

  144. TMC

    Lindor grounds out

  145. ek hornbeck

    5 Left

  146. BobbyK

    1 down 5 to go.

  147. TMC

    Napoli struck out. 2 outs

  148. ek hornbeck

    4 left

  149. TMC

    Ramirez singles on a ground ball

  150. ek hornbeck

    Another fucking Error. 1 On 2 Out

  151. TMC

    Cubs pitching change: Aroldis Chapman in for Lester for the last 4 outs

  152. ek hornbeck

    Chapman In

  153. TMC

    Guyer RBI doubles to right center field. Ramirez scores

    Cubs 6- Cleveland 4

  154. ek hornbeck

    RBI Double. Cubs 6 – 4

  155. BobbyK


  156. ek hornbeck

    2 RBI HR. Tied at 6

  157. TMC

    Davis RBI Home Run to tie the game

  158. TMC

    Crisp singles

  159. BobbyK

    Can they bring Lester back?

  160. TMC

    Yan Gomes struck out to end the inning

    Cubs 6 – Cleveland 6

  161. ek hornbeck

    A Single

  162. ek hornbeck

    Top 9th

  163. ek hornbeck

    O-Ren Ishii: You didn’t think it was gonna be that easy, did you?
    The Bride: You know, for a second there, yeah, I kinda did.

  164. TMC

    Top of the 9th. Cody Allen pitching for Cleveland

  165. TMC

    Ross lead off walk

  166. ek hornbeck

  167. ek hornbeck

    And a Walk to Leadoff

  168. TMC

    Chris Coghlan running for Ross.

  169. ek hornbeck

    Force. 1 Down

  170. TMC

    Heyward to first on a ground ball. Coghlan out at 2nd. 1 out

  171. TMC

    Cleveland pitching change: Bryan Shaw in for Allen.

  172. ek hornbeck

    Stolen Base. Error. Runner on 3rd.

  173. TMC

    Heyward steals 2nd advances to 3rd on a throwing error

  174. ek hornbeck

    KO. 2 Down

  175. TMC

    Baez out on a foul bunt

  176. ek hornbeck

    Bottom 9th

  177. TMC

    Fowler fouls out to retire the side

  178. BobbyK

    I can’t believe they are sending Chapman back out there.

  179. TMC

    Bottom of the 9th. Aroldis Chapman pitching for the Cubs

  180. TMC

    Santana flies out to center on a full count

  181. TMC

    Kipnis struck out. 2 outs

  182. TMC

    Lindor flies out to right to end the 9th inning.

    On to the 10th

    Cubs 6 – Cleveland 6

  183. BobbyK

    And the season goes into extra innings.

  184. TMC

    Top of the 10th. Bryan Shaw pitching for Cleveland

  185. TMC

    Rain delay.

  186. ek hornbeck

    Top 10th

  187. ek hornbeck

    Extra Inning Single

  188. TMC

    With Shaw pitching for Cleveland. Schwarber with a lead off single

  189. TMC

    Bryant sac fly to center. Schwarber to 2nd

  190. ek hornbeck

    Sacrifice. Runner to 2nd

  191. TMC

    Rizzo intentionally walkedRizzo intentionally walked

  192. ek hornbeck

    Intentional Pass

  193. ek hornbeck

    RBI Double. Cubs 7 – 6

  194. TMC

    Zobrist RBI double to take the lead. Alamora running for Schwarber scores. Rizzo to 3rd

  195. ek hornbeck

    Another Intentional Walk

  196. TMC

    Russell intentionally walked bases loaded with 1 out

  197. ek hornbeck

    RBI Single. Cubs 8 – 6

  198. TMC

    Motero singles Rizzo scores

    Cubs 8 – Cleveland 6

  199. TMC

    Cleveland pitching change: Trevor Bauer for Shaw

  200. TMC

    Heyward struck out 2 outs

  201. ek hornbeck

    KO for 2

  202. TMC

    Baez flies out to retire the side

    Cubs 8 – Cleveland 6

  203. ek hornbeck

    So… Indians need 2 in 3 Outs.

  204. TMC

    Bottom of the 10th Carl Edwards pitching for the Cubs

  205. BobbyK

    Far too exciting.

  206. TMC

    Napoli struck out. 1 out

  207. ek hornbeck

    2 Left

  208. TMC

    Ramirez grounds out. 2 outs

  209. TMC

    Guyer walked

  210. ek hornbeck

    And… A Walk

  211. TMC

    Davis RBi single

    Cubs 8 – Cleveland 7

  212. ek hornbeck

    RBI Single. Cubs 8 – 7

  213. TMC

    Cubs pitching change: Mike Montgomery in for Edwards

  214. TMC

    Michael Martinez grounds out to end the game

    The Cubs Win!!!!

  215. BobbyK

    How about that!

  216. ek hornbeck

    108 Years of Futility- Gone. Cubs 8 – 7 Final.

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