Let There Be Peace On Earth


  1. Happy Christmas TMC, ek, BobbyK, and whoever else comes around here.

    I’m reporting from Ventura CA, on the edge of that biggest fire in state history, which is thankfully not too close any more. The fire crews are here though. There’s a command post in the beach parking lot where the surfers should be. (though neither a long walk nor weak surf deters them. they have the day off and will surf).

    downtown Ventura is a very narrow strip between ocean and hillside, and the fire burned pretty much down to the back door of City Hall. That was the first day, 3 weeks ago. The most serious impact was the first couple days, damaging the inland towns of Ojai and Santa Paula. My brother took in some friends that had to evacuate. Then last week Santa Barbara was threatened but mostly this fire has burned barely accessible wilderness.

    I probably shouldn’t bring war into your peace on earth story, but you’re the one who brought it up in this morning’s history. Anyway, this is comedy war.

  2. trying again with that video of Washington Crossing the Delaware


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