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The Big Fail

So Skinny goes down, 51 – 49. Murkowski, Collins, and surprisingly McCain. Is it dead yet? Because I am naturally cautious and have experienced too many Zombie Resurrections I’m not quite ready to declare Trumpcare staked, decapitated with a mouthful of garlic, pumped with a clip of silver bullets, dissolved in a vat of Holy …

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The Trumpcare Play

Remember, our sites deal in only the most scurrilous rumors and speculation. By necessity this post is kind of sketchy because at this point there is no Bill. Now the grand plan is transparent- bulldoze through whatever will pass and toss it to the House/Senate Conference Committee so that they can, in secret, produce something …

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Rattle Shaking Shamen

This particular piece by the inestimable Dean Baker is about Economics but could just as easily apply to any other form of Academic Credentialism. How about a little accountability for economists when they mess up? Dean Baker, The Guardian Thursday 27 July 2017 Suppose our fire department was staffed with out-of-shape incompetents who didn’t know …

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About That Recess Appointment

Maybe not so much. While in Robert’s Rules a “Motion to Adjourn” is always in order (meaning it can be brought forward at any time), is undebatable, and requires a mere majority, the Senate Rules are different and, technically, we’re talking about a recess, not adjournment which would effectively end the current session of Congress …

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So I know this guy who actually owns a modestly large network of stores (I also know his IT guy who, in the context I’m about to discuss, is a much bigger deal but not relevant). He was my boss one year in this rather large but temporary project I was involved with annually for …

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Show the respect, will ya?

  And Balding High Forehead Spice doesn’t even get the quality time at Kennebunkport.

The Legend Of El Campeador

Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar was a Castilian nobleman and military leader in medieval Spain. … He rose to become the commander and royal standard-bearer (armiger regis) of Castile upon Sancho’s ascension in 1065. Rodrigo went on to lead the Castilian military campaigns against Sancho’s brothers, Alfonso VI of León and García II of Galicia, as …

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Trading Ground For Time

The problem is that people see patterns in randomness. What we commonly call “intelligence” mostly registers pattern recognition and indeed the very way our brains process their primary source of information, vision, is based on it. My Therapist and psychologically aware friends call this “mind racing” and view it as a symptom since obsessive speculation …

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Yellen! Where Is My Inflation!

Ok, that may be a little obscure. At Teutoburgwald Varus, a Roman General of limited skill and immense gullibility, was wiped out in a surprise attack by Germans and lost 3 whole Legions as in- no survivors. For the rest of his reign Emperor Octavius was observed at random shouting to nobody in particular, “Varus! …

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So I had to go to Chattanooga for a meeting and because of my capo di tutti awesomeness I was not only sentenced to an extra week (I’ll note in passing that I’ve never had food delivered to the table as I ordered it in the State of Tennessee, they’re nice people and very polite …

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