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Mar 19

Marlon Bundo

Unsurprisingly John Oliver, who brought down the FCC website with his call for comments on Net Neutrality (Ajit Pai has provided absolutely no evidence of his mysterious because it didn’t happen DDoS attack), is #1 on Amazon today for the children’s book written and illustrated by some of his staff which he promoted on his …

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Mar 19

Doing Whatever They Want

Bad News, Worse News, and (Yay!) Good News Despicable Human Beings Who Pretend To Be Democrats Prosecutors

Mar 18

Just a thought.

Inspired by this. So how hard could it be to put a Stingray near Trump and shut off his Twits?

Mar 16

What “Yes” Is

Crap. I don’t do “Breaking” and I have more than enough to do to get my Basketball pieces up on time but I happen to be up and this was just on- As they say, the important bit is at the end. “Was she threatened in any way?” “Yes.” “Was she threatened physical harm?” “Yes.” …

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Mar 12


Fundamentally no more valuable than Tulips, Gold, Oil, or Bananas (say goodbye to the Cavendish you’re used to) it has a certain utility as a medium of exchange provided you can find a market that accepts it. Federal Reserve Notes (look in your wallet) are mandated by the United States Government with all the power …

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Mar 12

The Rant Is Due

Ladies and Gentlemen (I’m being terribly optimistic today) Lewis Black. Give it a chance, it takes a while to ramp up. From yesterday as near as I can determine.

Mar 11

Mostly Movies

The Mueller Unsafe Sex This is U.S. That’s why they call it ‘acting’ Oscars More Music The Cutting Room Floor More Movies (by the way it’s Big Hero Six, just saying) Jack Links Weekend Update

Mar 10

How Is This Still A Thing?

Let me tell you what it’s like to have seasonal affective disorder on top of an underlying bed of depression and anxiety. The depression tells you that you’re unworthy and every positive interaction you have is the result of the fundamental lie that you’re an acceptable human being when the truth is you bring misery …

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Mar 09

What “Is” Is

The precedent that Presidents are required to testify for Prosecutors and Grand Juries that insist on it is well established by the results of numerous cases involving Dick Nixon and Bill Clinton. Now I personally think Bill did a masterful job in his testimony by questioning the definition of a critical term and, receiving no …

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Mar 09

Join Scientology!

C’mon NRA members, join Scientology! It has all the cult-like money wasting opportunities you seem to enjoy and is less dangerous for the rest of us. Thoughts and Prayers “Most Mass Murderers are not mentally ill. Only about 22% of us are.” There is a high likelihood that should you meet me on the street …

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Mar 08

“Free” Speech And Its Discontents

Having been banished from dK twice, once for calling those who supported Obama’s decision to suppress the photographic evidence of officially sanctioned Torture by United States Military Personnel at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq “Good Germans” (they are) and once for saying Denise Oliver is a rapist apologist (she is), and in general making myself …

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Mar 07

Just Another Day

I want to remind people that it’s only Wednesday, and early afternoon at that. Things don’t seem to pop until 4 pm. But still… Been a busy week and it’s only half through.

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