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Grenfell and the Failure of Unenforced Regulations

This piece from the BBC is about the Grenfell fire but as you read it I want you to think about the many instances in the United States where we have failed to hold Corporations and their officers accountable for clear violations of laws and regulations. It is virtually unheard of for any except the …

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Get Out The Vote!

Not that I’m suggesting any parallels but… HELL YES I’M SUGGESTING PARALLELS! It bears to keep in mind that Jim Messina, former Obama strategist, is the Tory darling and a complete and utter failure. How the Tory election machine fell apart by Andy Beckett, The Guardian Monday 26 June 2017 In September 2015, a few …

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More Bi-Partisan Follies

So the breaking news is that Mitch McConnell is going to have to admit defeat on his plan to steal $800 Billion from the poor, sick, and elderly to give to the wealthiest 1% as Tax Cuts since he can’t muster even 50 votes of his 52 to advance this abortion (why yes, I did …

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Zombie Tories

Brains! So the Tories have thier deal to maintain their tenuous hold on the British govenment. Two votes, 317 Conservatives plus 10 Democratic Unionists (don’t forget they’re anti-Brexit because of the Irish border) give them a bare majority (325 is a tie) How did they get it? Good old fashioned bribery (like their U.S. counterparts …

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(noun) The ability to distinguish between one muscle and an adjacent, similar muscle. Don’t let summer distract you from the fact that the news is still bad! Here’s your weekly nightmare roundup. The New York State Senate You can tell it’s European because it seems intellectual, it’s filmed in Black and White, and it makes …

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The Jimmy Kimmel Test


Lines in the Sand

So the draft Senate version of ‘Repeal and Replace’ is out and it’s every bit as horrible and disingenuous as its secretive genesis would suggest. Far from making any substantive changes to the deplorable House Bill, it endorses and reinforces its most heinous aspects. The principle goal of both Bills is to steal $800 Billion …

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Lived Experience


The Usual Suspects


This is not really mostly about Coal but to set the mood let’s listen to Florence Reece. Come all you good workers. Good news to you I’ll tell. Of how the good old union has come in here to dwell. Which side are you on boys? Which side are you on? My daddy was a …

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