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Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Hie thee to Economics. This stuff is not rocket science. Going Private: The Trump Administration’s Big Infrastructure Plan By Dean Baker, Truthout Monday, June 12, 2017 During his campaign, Trump had made a point of complaining about the poor state of the country’s infrastructure. He had a point, as both the federal and state and …

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Capo di Tutti

Have I mentioned I was capo di tutti? Well, I was. Right at the beginning, there was this hyper secret Executive Board training session which most incoming capos used to fête their team by buying an afternoon’s worth of booze (we do love our Chianti) and “bonding” (before we allowed women this usually consisted of …

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Schrödinger’s Tapes

We live in a quantum state, hardly a democratic one. It’s not utterly impossible that an apple shall suddenly lift off the ground and fly back to its place on the branch, it’s just highly unlikely in this universe and though space is big, really really big, and time is long, really really long, it’s …

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Abusing Bentonite- Not Quite A Rant

Just Say No! That makes me think that the Police Officer himself, that ‘”Certified Narcotics Officer”, is a moron. Wonder what the apple cheeked hate goblin is going to say on Tuesday. Of course it won’t be in public.

The People’s Summit 2017- The Political Revolution Now

The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch

Did I tell you to stop gloating yet? Did I say, “Simon Says?” There you go then. Now you may well ask yourself why I’m choosing to focus on this instead of the many other great and terrible things that are happening and the answer is I’ve been diagnosed with clinical Depression and Anxiety as …

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Joy At The Sadness Of Others

Ok, so I lied. I think gloating is very important, so much so that it should be considered one of the 4 basic food groups along with grease, salt, and chocolate. In my rise to capo di tutti I found nothing as important as poor sportsmanship except remembering to strike first without warning and kicking …

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Not Gloating

No, not me. It would be beneath my dignity. After losing her majority in an unnecessary election, Theresa May now wants ‘stability’. But we shouldn’t gloat by Mark Steel, The Independent Friday 9 June 2017 The important thing now, says Theresa May, is to enjoy a “period of stability”. This is always the tricky part …

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May Loses Majority!

According to the Washington Post exit polling indicates that the Tories will lose 16 seats to finish at 314 (down from 330 before today) and Labour will gain 34 to finish at 266 (up from 232). A governing majority is 326 leaving the Tories 12 in deficit as opposed to a 4 seat cushion. This …

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Stiglitz on Austerity

From our other Nobel Laureate. This is framed around the British Snap Elections but really it’s universally applicable. Austerity. Does. Not. Work. In the long run it doesn’t work even for the .01%ers who favor it. It is simply Puritan Morality written as Public Policy. That’s not some wild eyed Lefty redistributionist theory, that’s Samuelson …

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