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Feb 18

Among other things I have done.

If you’ve been a careful reader you’ll remember my original intention was not to be capo di tutti myself but instead my buddy’s consigliere. Though it was a job I later held myself one of his posts was Chief Training Officer (of course I held a lieutenancy while he served). This included running motivational seminars …

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Dec 31

Now, This Is Funny

Sometimes I feel the need to scrape off the ick. Who better to turn to than John Oliver? Regifting Revised Resolutions An All Dog Version Of The Blue Man Group Lost Graphics Lost Graphics Part 2

Sep 23

Crap. I have to write another piece?

  For weeks now I’ve been deferring my obligations and chores in the firm conviction that the coming Rapture and End of Times would make such mundane activities unnecessary (I don’t even want to talk about laundry). You may not understand the impending doom to be visited on humanity when Planet Nibiru (or Wormwood or …

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Sep 05

Not Funny

Never said I was. Obnoxious, that was more like it.

Dec 27


Dec 26

Mon accent Parisien est parfait!

Dec 23


Dec 21


Dec 20


Dec 19


Dec 18


Dec 16


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