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The Russian Connection: Deeper Than Was Thought

Another document has emerged that link the Russian government to the charges of hacking the 2016 election. The Intercept posted documents that were given to them anonymously and were verified that show the Russian military hackers attempted a cyberattack on at least one U.S. voting software supplier and sent spear-phishing emails to more than 100 …

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The Russian Connection: “Moscow On The Potomac”

Things have slowed down a little in the continuing saga of “Moscow on the Potomac” as Charlie Pierce has dubbed Trump’s Russian woes but it’s not going away. Trump had hoped that his “Ugly American” tour of the Middle east and Europe would distract the media. It didn’t. Even while he was on foreign soil, …

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We’re Melting

This afternoon Donald will announce his decision whether to stay in the Paris Climate Accord. Withdrawal from the pact would be disastrous for our climate but we are currently governed by a man who is not only ignorant and uninformed but determined to dismantle the Obama administration legacy. A few months back, John Oliver, host …

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The Russian Connection: Friday Night News Dump

It’s getting really hard to keep up with all the news that keeps pouring out of this investigation into the Trump campaign collusion with Russia. It’s beginning to look like more than just tampering with the election. The evidence is just piling up and there are more questions, hopefully, to be soon followed by some …

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Trump at NATO: Power Shakes and Shoves

Everyone was wondering how long Donald Trump would be on his good boy behavior. he managed to be at least somewhat unoffensive, with only a few gaffs, during his visits in Saudi Arabia and Israel and his audience with Pope Francis. His good boy act ended with his arrival in Brussels for the NATO Summit …

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The Russian Connection: Getting Close To Home

President Donald Trump has put son-in-law Jared Kushner in charge of several very important initiatives, including bringing peace to the Middle East, ending the opioid crisis, and completely reorganizing the entire executive branch of the federal government. Jared of all trades, so to speak but he is no under the microscope of the FBI for …

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The Rumble In Montana

Update 5/26/2017 01:00 ET Greg Gianforte (R) has been declared the winner of the Montana at-large House seat. Update 20:55 ET: The polls on Montana closed at 10 PM ET. Early results have a very close race with Gianforte with a slight lead 48.3% t0 46% for Quist. Keep in mind most of these votes …

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Court Upholds Ban Against Travel Ban

There are two cases in the federal appellate courts regarding the ban on Trump’s executive order blocking travel from six mostly Muslim countries. This afternoon one of those cases was decided. Federal appeals court largely maintains freeze of Trump’s travel ban By Ann E. Marimow, Washington Post The ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals …

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The Russian Connection: It Just Keeps Coming

Everyday there is something else reported on Trump’s Russian connections. Yesterday these were the top stories: Top Russian Officials Discussed How to Influence Trump Aides Last Summer By Matthew Rosenberg, Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo, New York Times American spies collected information last summer revealing that senior Russian intelligence and political officials were discussing how …

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Is An End To This War In Sight?

I’m not talking about Afghanistan or Iraq, although it would be nice if we had a president that could keep his word about ending these conflicts. No, I speak of the War Between the States, the US Civil War that is still raging on in many states one hundred fifty two years after General Robert …

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