Open Thread New Rule: All subject lines must now begin with….heh

You may now start slowly and subtly spreading the word… If you have one or two people you want to invite…go ahead!

I am going ‘off the air’ on Saturday afternoon in prep for the move, but if all goes well I will be back on on Monday. Since I won’t be on Dkos much either, I am going to soon change my sig line to Shhhhh….with a link to DD.

20 mg prednisone side effects ADVISORY! My absence means that neither OTB or I will be around….she gets back on the third. For this reason I AM leery of getting a whole bunch of people here…if for no other reason than only ek will be around to handle any problems. So please do keep it to just a few people that you trust….and hints and rumors!


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    • srkp23 on August 31, 2007 at 9:26 pm

    good luck with the move, bd. I will begin by just inviting some of my other personalities that feel particularly skittish at teh Orange.

  1. If you have questions that can’t be resolved transparently, try the welcome_new_users at yahoo email listed in my dK profile.

    I’ll try and check in each morning, but I’m not exactly a morning person (who knew?).  Then again at least twice a day and once more before I go to bed (around 3 am Eastern).

    I’m hoping I can get a new scheduling diary with your current commitments up and running by tomorrow and open threads and news as traffic and developments warrant.

    • Robyn on August 31, 2007 at 9:52 pm

    I’ve tentatively entitled it get link Between the Rock and the Hard Streets.  I thinks it’s ready but first I have to make something to eat. 🙂

  2. as a form of assholery.  just sayin’.

    anyheh, blessings on your further travels, and ill be where i am if you need anything. 

  3. I was just getting itchy for something new, a few recent events have left me frustruated and there is a calico on my lap right now, a sure sign of approval.

  4. 1. When should ‘Four at Four’ run? I can do anytime between 4 EDT and 4 PDT.

    2. How does the publish “On this Date” work? What do I need to get a diary to fire then instead of being published right away?

    3. Are there draft diaries? If so, how do I get those to work.

    I’m just more than a little confused.

  5. there is no such thing as free tacos in Mexico.

    1. i guess im gonna need some boots….

  6. I gotta do some whoring
    I could use y’all to vote my blog up….go here
    t3h k357r3l thanks you
    it’s been a slow week, and asswipe rightwingers are rating me down….:( I think…..

  7. it closes at night!!

    it would have had to be howard…..nobody else even cares about our small selves, and our paltry electoral votes.  not even biden, and he’s from here!! 

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