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Surreal America

Read some of the live blogging here at DocuDharma and at Daily Kos.  As I told her, 73rd Virgin won the prize with her characterization of Petraeus as a “shiny, shiny hero!”  That ought to be our new catchphrase, I think.

But it doesn’t matter to me, the hearings, what the shiny, shiny hero said.  Nor does it matter to me what our elected Democratic representatives in the House and Senate said.  It’s all too surreal for me, all too surreal.

I think I’ve gotten to the point where rhetoric has become meaningless to me, be it in the media or from our government.  All I focus on now is what they do — what they say is so predictable as to be … well … surreal.

Mister Bush and his gang of crooks are utterly predictable.  We all know what they are going to do — try to continue the War in Iraq as long as they can, make it so the next President has a mess on his/her hands.  They can’t change their ways any more and they wouldn’t even if they could.

And from our own side we’ll hear about the investigations, find more and more muck to rake, hear more and more speeches, some so good they’ll be plastered all over the blogosphere in print or video, some so bad they’ll be plastered all over the blogosphere in print or video (plus snarky insults and outraged insults).

Always Praise The Shoes of the Universe!


This is todays lesson for us all.

Yesterday I threatened the Universe, and got no result. Today I praised its shoes….and it worked! (does this prove that the Universe is a woman? Or just that it appreciates fine footwear in general?)

I am sitting in mi casa with electricity And Internet….thought the intertoobz so far are slow and cloggy, I will, I trust, soon blow out the rust. Right now…I am just stunned! Getting electricity was a shock, so to speak….but then calling the satellite guy and having him say “we will be right over” totally toasted my tootsies! The big news of course….

Profiles in Literature: Jorge Luis Borges

Greetings, literature-loving Dharmiacs! (or whatever you’re called)  Last week we danced with the Dame of Amherst and found that she had a few crafty tricks up her embroidered sleeve.  This week we’ll continue with our theme of mind-twisting literature, but we’ll first relocate to a slightly warmer climate:

The setting is Buenos Aires, the time is the 20th century.  A blind seer is guiding us around the labyrinthine National Library, spinning yarns on everything from gauchos to Gargantua.  But how much of it is true, and how much of it is a devilish game?  Have we been wandering around a library with no exit?…

Follow me below through the twisted paths of Argentina’s most famous fabulist.

Pony Party… horsing around some

Some horse sense from a kid:

If you want a kitten, start out by asking for a horse. – Naomi, 15 Advice from Kids

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