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I’ve been blah-ging a lot about health care.  I’m outraged at knowing what happens in the board rooms, in patients’ rooms, in the operating rooms and in the emergency rooms.

But I also try to help people empower themselves so that they have the tools and skills they need in order to make the best decisions about their health for themselves, their families, their communities and our country.

This evening’s offering is simply an introduction, of sorts.  Share a little about your own health questions, your questions, and your needs.  As a community, it’s important that we identify what’s needed, and then figure out how and where our own talents can support each other and move our agenda forward.

on Armando and civility

The topic has been rehashed to death already, but these diaries, written over the past 2 years, are still pretty much relevant:

Armando is a kind, gentle, caring person
Ultimate meta: civility, dKos ecology and the reclist
Meta: How to discuss constructively with a smart brash kossack

Beyond the text below, I’d like to note one thing: there is nothing that will frustrate a bully more than unflailing civility in the face of continuous aggressivity. Civility actually is very satisfying in fights.

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