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On the creation of a manifesto

Before another manifesto is created and sprung on an unsuspecting public one should perform the new manifesto experiment. Had Ted Kaczynski performed this exercise before retiring to the North woods and compiling his lengthy diatribe, he could have been a free man, teaching mathematics and the sciences at one of our institutions of higher learning. Instead, he is a resident of an institution of another sort. The test is quite simple. Simply put, face into the wind (preferably of gale force or higher), piss into that wind and measure the degree to which your urine penetrates that force. More than half the piss passing through the wind barrier is a successful test.

Writing in the Raw

pfiore8 asked me to take her place this week for Writing in the Raw.  So here are some of my thoughts on poetry and a few suggestions for writing quick sketches followed by poems when I tried the exercises.

I was listening to the new American Poet Laureate, Charles Simic, last night on The News Hour as he was interviewed by Jeffery Brown and he had some interesting commentary on poetry and the writers of such.  I like to collect some of the better quotes of poets trying to explain their craft and what it means to them and society in general.  No one quote ever fits all possibilities of poetry, but there are several that resonate with me:

Poetry is just the evidence of life.  If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.  ~Leonard Cohen

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.  ~Robert Frost

Poetry is a packsack of invisible keepsakes.  ~Carl Sandburg

The poem is the point at which our strength gave out.  ~Richard Rosen

Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason.  ~Novalis

Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.  ~Carl Sandburg

Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn.  ~Thomas Gray

Audioblogging Test

Ok, so this is a test – if it doesn’t work, I’ll delete this diary.

Because I don’t know how to write music, when I do write a tune, I have to record it right away or I will forget the melody.

Wrote a tune, called “Carry On” and posted it at Gabcast, an audioblogging site.

Iraq: The Power of The Purse


Senator Chris Dodd: [T]he question is not just how you bring the troops out, but why are we there? As president of the United States, your first responsibility is to guarantee the safety and security of the American people. And so the question you must ask yourself as president: Is the continuation of our military presence enhancing that goal?

I happen to believe very strongly that this policy of ours, military involvement in Iraq, is counterproductive. We’re less safe, less secure, more vulnerable and more isolated today as a result of the policy. So I believe that we ought to begin that process of redeployment here.

I would simultaneously engage in the kind of robust diplomacy that’s been totally missing from this administration, to enhance our own interests in the region as well as to provide some additional security for Iraq. You can do this, Tim. Practically, it can be done, by military planners — can tell you — you can move a brigade to a brigade to a brigade and half, maybe even two a month out of Iraq. So the time frame we’re talking about is critical.

But Congress has an obligation here. It’s not enough that we just draft timetables. The Constitution gives the Congress of the United States a unique power, and that is the power of the purse. As long as we continue drafting these lengthy resolutions and amendments here, talking about timelines and dates, we’re not getting to the fundamental power that exists in the Congress.

And that is to terminate the funding of this effort here, give us a new direction. As everyone who’s looked at this issue over the last two or three years have concluded, there is no military solution here, and we need to do far more to protect our interests not only in that region, but throughout the world. We’re not doing it with this policy.

Call off the guns!

This is a follow up on a diary I did back in July on DK. The NRDC is urgently asking that public comments be submitted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, opposing its plan to allow the killing of wolves in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, and donations to help air this ad~

Wolf Update: NRDC vs. Bush Admin ad to hit airwaves [w/video]

An update to my essay here:

Bush Admin to Shoot Endangered Wolves

The NRDC has created the following ad that they will air to all 50 states:

More after the jump…

You can be replaced, you know

Did you ever have an employee who just wouldn’t do what he was asked to do? Who just – in spite of clear and concise instructions – never managed to accomplish what it was you hired him to do? The guy who came off great in his interviews, who tossed around an impressive-looking résumé, but once he was hired, all of a sudden became the living embodiment of the Peter Principle?

You think to yourself, cheeeez, exactly how many times do I have to tell this person what to do? I mean, what does he want – a fax, for God’s sake? A written invitation? A full-page ad in the friggin’ New York Times??

My trip to a Jewish deli

reposted from daily Kos, inspired by an article there by FinckII

I was on the Upper West Side the other day.  And I went to Artie’s Deli, a fairly new Jewish restaurant.  I had a great time, and all the people there are tremendously respectful. Everybody was very nice.

And I couldn’t get over the fact that there was no difference between Artie’s Deli and any other restaurant in New York City. I mean, it was exactly the same, even though it’s run by Jews and primarily has Jewish patronship…


Today, I made a serious mistake.

After two weeks of 16-20 hour days Blogging The Launch…..I took the day off.

This was a serious mistake because I realized that there is indeed life outside of blogging. And I like it….occasionally.

Now, I have a huge cavernous head, in which I store many many things…..including spare change from various countries, dead ferns, and random Jeopardy questions…..but I think some of the stuff we are planning to do here….and the fact that you people are all smarter than me …..and produce too many good ideas….will be to big for even MY head to try to contain it all!!!

BREAKING!!! Democrats Propose to Condemn Tooth Decay!!!

Sep 27th, 2007 | Washington, DC (BFD) In their continuing quest to demonstrate their ineptitude and irrelevance, Democrats in Congress today announced their intention to propose a resolution resolutely condemning tooth decay.

“It’s the least we could do,” said one anonymous Democratic staffer, “literally the least.”

Aides to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid would not comment, but assured our reporters that the Democratic leadership would be meeting with representatives of the sugar and dentistry lobbies, to ensure precise wording that would offend no one.

General Clark Responds to Rush…Calls for Action


First piece here and I just opened my email. After responding to the “sorry I didn’t come to class emails,” I found one from General Clark.

And boy…he’s not too happy with Rush…

Hatin’ on Mahmoud

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The reaction to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s recent visit to the United States revealed some uncomfortable truths about the servility of the “free press” to the interests of power.

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